Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 677

Chapter 677 - Solomons Sword

Inside the Frost Prison, after Shi Feng announced the start of the auction, a heated competition began between every member of the team.

They even fought fiercely over the Dark Gold Set pieces, much less the Epic ranked Divine Frost Armor. The bids continuously increased by 1,000 GCP increments.

Zero Wings GCP was not cheap. Each point was roughly the equivalent of 30 Copper.

In other words, 1,000 GCPs were worth roughly 3 Gold.

To the majority of independent players, 3 Gold Coins was an astronomical price. Normally, these players would only have several Silver Coins in their pockets, maybe 10 or 20 Silver if they were slightly stronger.

However, in the hands of Zero Wings main force members, that amount of money was practically nothing.

After a brief moment of bidding, the price for the Tier 1 Two-handed Saber, Tempests Breath, had reached 50,000 GCPs. If converted to Coins, that would be 150 Gold. However, the true value of a Tier 1 Weapon was far more than 150 Gold as it could last until Level 50. It would only start to lose its value after players attained their Tier 2 class.

Meanwhile, among the Berserkers current weapons, Rampant Blades Bluefire Double-edged Sword was the strongest. However, it was slightly weaker than the Tier 1 Tempests Breath. Hence, the Berserkers desperately fought to outbid each other. Some even sought to loan GCPs from their friends.

Rampant, you lost out big time this time. After spending nearly all of your GCPs on the Bluefire Double-edged Sword, you couldnt compete for the Tempests Breath even if you wanted to, Turtledove could not help but tease the Berserker as she smiled at the anxious Rampant Blade.

What are you gloating for? If not for Big Brother Cola and Boss Wumian having Tier 1 Sets, Guild Leader would not have given you the Divine Frost Armor. Rampant Blade rolled his eyes at the female Guardian Knight.

Although the effects of a complete Tier 1 Set Equipment were frightening, the Attributes on the Divine Frost Armor were simply too good. It was only slightly inferior to a Tier 1 Set Equipment. In terms of combat, the Divine Frost Armor might even be better.

Ignoring Rampant Blades words, Turtledove hugged the Divine Frost Armor to her chest, smiling gleefully.

Although she owed the Guild a large number of Contribution Points after obtaining the Frost Armor, with it, she could earn GCPs much faster than before. Moreover, with the Frost Armor, her combat power instantly rose to the same level Cola and Ye Wumian, making her one of the top three MTs in the Guild.

While Turtledove joyfully celebrated her prize, Shadow Sword spent 85,000 GCPs to gain the Tempests Breath.

Minor Wind, one of the Five Demon Generals, purchased the Tier 1 Weapon, Windchaser, for 92,000 GCPs.

Both Shadow Sword and Minor Wind were Zero Wings core combatants. Although they were not as strong as Fire Dance and Violet Cloud, they had still passed the fifth floor of the Trial Tower, making them both experts who had reached the sixth floor. Now that they both had a Tier 1 Weapon, their combat power had improved significantly.

After the auction was over, seeing as it was relatively late in Gods Domain, everyone logged out to rest. Only a few people, such as Shadow Sword and Minor Wind, continued to play. They intended to test out their new weapons. Hence, they all went to the Divine Colosseum to train.

Just as Shi Feng was about to leave the Frost Prison, the sound of a system notification suddenly reached his ears.

System: There is a strange image engraved on the Elemental Core left behind after the Frost Giants death. Do you wish to investigate it?

Strange image? Shi Feng turned to the massive, resplendent gemstone that he had previously ignored.

The blue gemstone was as tall as he was. If not for the system notification, he would not have noticed the palm-sized image engraved on the gemstones exterior.

Why havent I encounter this notification in the past? Shi Feng walked up to the gemstone and inspected the image carefully. He discovered that it was an extraordinarily complex magic array. It was, by far, one of the most complex magic arrays he had ever seen. It was as intricate as an electronic instrument.

When Shi Feng touched the image, the Elemental Core suddenly began to shrink. From the size of an adult human, the massive gemstone shrank to the size of a fist in the blink of an eye.

System: Quest Solomons Treasure activated.

Quest details: An immensely powerful magic array has been carved into the Elemental Core along with Solomons symbol. You might gain an unexpected bounty if you take this Elemental Core to a Great Mage.

Quest rewards: Unknown.

Is this a bonus quest for obtaining the First Clear of Hell Mode? Shi Feng involuntarily shuddered when he heard the name Solomon.

There were countless weapons in Gods Domain. However, while Epic Weapons were exceedingly rare, Legendary Weapons were as rare as a phoenixs feather.

Among the ten most famous Legendary Weapons in the past, one of them had been Solomons Sword.

Although Shi Feng did not know how Solomons Treasure and Solomons Sword were related, even the faintest of connections was amazing. It was enough to make every melee class in Gods Domain mad with greed.

Legendary items were powerful enough to allow a person to challenge opponents of a higher tier. The Ten Great Legendary Weapons, however, stood out from the crowd.

Shi Feng had heard many deeds involving the Ten Great Legendary Weapons in the past.

To put it in another way, not a single player in Gods Domain would ignore one of these weapons.

One of the most sensational occurrences had been a Tier 3 players provocation of a Tier 5 player. In the end, the two fought each other with everything they had. However, when everyone had believed that the Tier 3 player was finished, that Tier 3 player had actually managed to escape their opponent.

In Gods Domain, the difference between Tiers was massive. A Tier 5 player could massacre a group of Tier 3 players effortlessly. Hence, it was practically a miracle that the Tier 3 player had managed to escape. The incident had shocked Gods Domain as that person had broken one of the games iron rules.

Afterward, that Tier 3 player reached Tier 4, and when he encountered the Tier 5 player again, he only took a few seconds to finish his opponent off. After the incident, the various large Guilds investigated the mysterious player, hoping to find the cause for such an upheaval.

In the end, they discovered that the Tier 3 players weapon had been one of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons. Afterward, that person went on to become a Tier 6 God-ranked player. He had also been a member of the famous Midnight Tea Party, known as the Mage God Gaia.

Although Gaia had only begun playing Gods Domain during the middle-stage of the game, both his talent and luck were far beyond that of the ordinary person. He quickly became a Tier 6 God-ranked player, becoming a massive headache for Super Guilds.

Now that he had a clue that could possibly lead towards one of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons, even Shi Feng was shocked senseless.

Although he currently had the Abyssal Blade, at the end of the day, a Magic Weapon was only a Magic Weapon. It was significantly inferior to a Legendary Weapon, not to mention one of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons. Such an item was almost a myth, even in Gods Domain.

Shi Feng carefully stored the Elemental Core and with trembling hands, took out a Return Scroll.

Calm down! Calm down! Shi Feng told himself repeatedly. However, he could not keep his thoughts from wandering towards Solomons Sword. I should meet with Weissman for now.

Although there were quite a number of Tier 3 Great Mages in White River City, there was only one Tier 4 Great WizardWeissman.

Shi Feng did not believe that ordinary Great Mages would know much about Solomon. Only those old fellows who had lived for over a hundred years would have detailed information.

Ordinary players had no chance of gaining an audience with Weissman. Fortunately, Shi Feng was a Count of White River City. He was a true, major noble. Even Weissman would not dismiss him casually. Furthermore, the two were familiar with each other.

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