Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 683

Chapter 683 - Cooperation?

Although Aqua Rose had been trying to explain, Glorious Echo acted as if he had not heard a word. With an unsmiling expression, Glorious Echo said coldly, The conditions I offered are quite generous. You should know that, if not for your family, we would never offer the chance to become a Guild Elder. We also wouldnt offer triple the price to purchase your shares of Zero Wing in addition to some of Twilight Echos shares!

Or are you telling me that you can afford the severance fee?

As a veteran first-rate Guild, Twilight Echo had very few loopholes in its management.

In the past, Aqua Rose had been an Honorary Elder of Twilight Echo. With a considerably high position in the Guild, it had only been natural to require her to sign a contract with the Guild. She was no exception to this rule even though her family sat on Twilight Echos Board of Directors.

Now that Aqua Rose had left Twilight Echo and joined another Guild, she was in severe violation of her contract.

If it were Aqua Rose of the past, the severance fee would not have been an issue with her familys backing. Now, however, since Aqua Roses family hoped that she would agree to Glorious Echos conditions, they would not assist with the severance fee.

Since the Divine Colosseum had launched, the price of Magic Crystals continued to climb by the day. In contrast, however, the increased availability was insignificant.

As a Regional Dungeon that produced Magic Crystals, various Guilds throughout Gods Domain targeted the Stoneclaw Mountains.

However, the travel costs for Guilds outside of Star-Moon Kingdom were ridiculously high. Moreover, without a foothold in the area, these Guilds, at most, would be left with table scraps.

As the nearest town to the Stoneclaw Mountains, setting aside Stone Forest Towns geographical advantage, the Coins and Magic Crystals it could earn each day was enough to make the various Guilds drool. Only, Level 150 guards patrolled the town, protecting the Guild that owned it. At the same time, there were also the NPC guards that Zero Wings members had recruited. Even a Super Guild had to stand by and watch, helpless against Zero Wings defense.

From Twilight Echos perspective, Aqua Rose was the only reason Zero Wing had any power today. Otherwise, it was impossible for a Guild without any background, financial strength, or nurturing methods to grow to such a scale within such a short amount of time.

Aqua Rose had initially been an Honorary Elder of Twilight Echo. She was well-known in the virtual gaming world, yet she had suddenly joined a nameless and powerless Guild. This Guild must have offered a relatively high price to recruit her. In addition, with Aqua Roses current importance to Zero Wing, she would undoubtedly wield a massive amount of authority.

Even giving away 90% of the towns lands would be well within her authority, much less allowing Twilight Echo to establish a Guild Residence in Stone Forest Town.

As long as Twilight Echo obtained Stone Forest Town, the Guild would have the capital to rise in Gods Domain.

A veteran first-rate Guild had an abundance of manpower. Twilight Echo was no exception, with an army of elite players held in reserve. However, it was not easy to nurture a Gods Domain expert. This process required a large amount of Magic Crystals. If Twilight Echo could claim Stone Forest Town, then it could farm Magic Crystals, which would then allow them to nurture a large number of experts. At that time, Twilight Echo would have much higher chances of emerging victorious in the competition over the Storm Empire.

Hence, it was a must for Twilight Echo to secure Stone Forest Town.

Listening up to this point, Aqua Rose fell silent.

She had already had enough when her family had forced a marriage upon her. She had joined Zero Wing and wholeheartedly focused on managing the Guild, watching it grow slowly, because she wanted to prove her talents to her family and gain their approval. However, rather than gaining recognition, she was still treated like a tool.

Glorious Echo, if you have nothing else to say, you can leave now. You are not welcome here! Aqua Rose no longer bothered addressing Glorious Echo as Guild Leader, but referred to him by his character name instead. She made sure they knew how furious she was.

Since she had joined Zero Wing, she had been very happy. Her time here was completely different from her time in Twilight Echo. She had learned many things during her time in the Guild. Counter to others beliefs, it was Zero Wing that had made her stronger, not the other way around.

And they want her to sell out Zero Wing? Not in this lifetime!

Seeing Aqua Roses determination, Glorious Echos somber expression darkened.

Right, Ive forgotten to introduce this young lady beside me, Glorious Echos expression suddenly changed. With a smile, he proceeded with the introduction, This is Miss Exemplary Willow. She represents Open Source Corporation and is responsible for the Corporations affairs relating to Gods Domain.

Exemplary Willow, who wore a purple robe, only smiled in response. She did not bother to offer a single word. It was as if she looked down on Aqua Rose.

Why is someone from Open Source Corporation here?! Aqua Roses shock was obvious.

Open Source Corporation was a Global 500 company. Moreover, it ranked very close to the top. To the Corporation, Twilight Echo was like an ant that it could squeeze to death at any given moment. They were from completely different worlds.

You might not realize this, but Open Source Corporation has already invested in Twilight Echo, becoming the Guilds largest shareholder. Although your parents were strongly opposed to the plan, their efforts were useless, Glorious Echo sneered. If our talks for cooperation fail today, I believe that Miss Willow will be quite disappointed. If Miss Willow is unhappy, Open Source Corporation might accidentally take everything from you and your family. So, I think you should consider your options carefully before you speak.

So, thats their game. Aqua Rose immediately came to a realization, a self-deprecating smile appearing on her face.

It was no wonder why her family had not opposed the Guilds decision.

It would be childs play for Open Source Corporation to suppress her familys business. Facing such a monstrosity, her family would have no choice but to lower their heads.

This is your best and only option. Why must you make life difficult for yourself? Glorious Echo advised softly. Besides, were not just taking Stone Forest Towns land for granted. We are offering your Guild Leader a satisfactory price. If you can persuade him to hand over Stone Forest Town, then I assure you that, not only will you become a Director of Twilight Echo, but Black Flame will also receive shares of the Guild and become a Director with you. With OSCs investment, Zero Wing will quickly become the number one Guild in Star-Moon Kingdom. Wouldnt this be a better result?

Taking a deep breath, Aqua Rose said resolutely, Glorious Echo, stop dreaming. I will never agree to your offer.

She would never betray the Guild.

Although she felt sorry for her family, she believed that, by relying on her own abilities, even if her familys business went under, she could help her family flourish even more than before.

Good, very good! Glorious Echo applauded. However, his expression while doing so was exceptionally grim. With a chilling tone, he said, Since you do not know whats good for you, Ill move this discussion to your Guild Leader. I believe he will be far more understanding. You better not regret your decision.

No Guild could ignore the temptation of receiving OSCs investments. As long as Black Flame was a reasonable man, he would beg to have Open Source Corporation become the major shareholder of Zero Wing.

Are you looking for me?

At this moment, Shi Feng pushed open the doors, smirking wickedly as he slowly entered the room.

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