Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 684

Chapter 684 - You Are Not Qualified

Guild Leader.

Startled, Aqua Rose turned to Shi Feng; guilt and embarrassment were written across her face.

Glorious Echo was also momentarily stunned. He had never expected Zero Wings Guild Leader to actually appear. He quickly recovered, smiled, and introduced himself, Good day, Guild Leader Black Flame. I am Twilight Echos Guild Leader, Glorious Echo. This is Miss Exemplary Willow, Open Source Corporations Gods Domain Representative.

Having been unprepared for Shi Fengs sudden appearances, Glorious Echo intended to use Exemplary Willows identity to frighten Shi Feng a little.

Meanwhile, Exemplary Willow only glanced at Shi Feng indifferently. It was obvious that she was not interested in a conversation between ants. Rather, her interest in Aqua Rose grew.

Without much effort, one could predict this conversations outcome.

OSC was a major, international corporation. It was also a giant in New Energy trading. Its industries covered the entire world. Now that the corporation was moving on Gods Domain, there were countless people desperately trying to show off, vying for the corporations attention.

An upstart Guild like Zero Wing would definitely react in the same way.

Only, Aqua Roses decision had surprised her slightly.

Facing such pressure and temptation, Aqua Rose remain unmoved. Having an assistant like Aqua Rose by her side could be quite valuable.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng was unaffected by Glorious Echos introduction. Calmly, he asked, May I know what business Guild Leader Glorious has with me?

Regarding OSCs financing of Twilight Echo, Shi Feng had expected this due to his memories of his previous life.

He was not at all surprised by this revelation.

He even knew plenty of major secrets that OSC had yet to discover.

Shi Fengs cool reaction unsettled Glorious Echo a little.

Upon hearing the name Open Source Corporation, any Guild in Gods Domain would introduce themselves carefully to win Exemplary Willows favor. Yet, without offering a single greeting, Shi Feng forged ahead and asked for the reason behind his visit

Does he not know about OSC? Glorious Echo was inwardly stunned. Immediately, he said, Guild Leader Black Flame, Open Source Corporation is a major, international corporation. The Corporation has both funding and connections in abundance. Currently, the Corporation has taken a liking to Stone Forest Town and wishes to purchase it. Hence, weve sought out Aqua to discuss the conditions of the purchase. Since Guild Leader Black Flame has made a personal appearance, our negotiations will be much simpler.

Guild Leader Black Flame, state your price. As long as it is appropriate, I believe that OSC will agree to your terms.

Exemplary Willow nodded in conjunction with Glorious Echos words.

Although she had just come into contact with Gods Domain, she already had a relatively good understanding of Stone Forest Towns importance. She had to admit that it was surprising that a mere upstart Guild had obtained such a town.

I see, Shi Feng laughed. He then looked at Glorious Echo, saying, Then, Guild Leader Glorious, you may leave now.

Huh? Glorious Echo was momentarily stunned. What do you mean, Guild Leader Black Flame?

Isnt OSC looking for me to discuss Stone Forest Town? Shi Feng countered with a question. Then, why are you still here, Guild Leader Glorious?

Glorious Echo sputtered, utterly speechless.

From the side, Aqua Rose could not help but giggle.

To her family, OSC was the largest source of pressure, not Glorious Echo. If she could settle a deal with the Corporation, she could relieve that pressure on her family.

Miss Willow has only recently been introduced to virtual reality games, and there are still many things she does not understand. As the Leader of the Guild under the Corporations management and someone who possesses a wealth of experience regarding the virtual gaming world, it is my responsibility to help Miss Willow with the negotiations, Glorious Echo explained coldly.

Since that is the case, Ill just tell you my price for Stone Forest Town, Shi Feng laughed. Raising his index finger, he said, Ill take a little loss on this trade and settle for 10% of Open Source Corporations shares.

As Shi Fengs words fell, the room became utterly silent.

Aqua Roses little mouth hung open as she stared at Shi Feng.

His demand had gone beyond greedy. This was outright insane!

Meanwhile, Glorious Echo as well had thought he had misheard for a moment.

As for Exemplary Willow, she snapped her frosty gaze towards Shi Feng.

Guild Leader Black Flame, your joke is not funny at all, Glorious Echo said in a somber tone.

Even 1% of Open Source Corporations shares could purchase multiple Zero Wings, much less 10%.

Why do you say that, Guild Leader Glorious? Pointing at Stone Forest Town through the window, Shi Feng said earnestly, Stone Forest Town is the nearest town to the Stoneclaw Mountains. Meanwhile, the Stoneclaw Mountains is a Dungeon rich with Magic Crystals. I dont believe I need to inform you of this items importance. Since you wish to purchase Stone Forest Town, this would be equivalent to cutting off Zero Wings path of development. I only want a few Open Source Corporations shares, so how is that excessive?

Since Guild Leader Glorious doesnt qualify to make this decision, please look for someone who does to speak with me. You should know that I am a very busy man. If I make an appointment with every random nobody to discuss business, I wont even have any time to rest.

Insulted, Glorious Echos vision went red as he even considered Shi Fengs murder.

Shi Feng had actually dared to humiliate him publicly, calling him a random nobody! Even Super Guilds were not so bold!

Meanwhile, Aqua Rose could not hold back her laughter.

The Guild Leader of the almighty Twilight Echo had actually been humiliated to the point where he could not offer even a word of retaliation. This was the first time Aqua Rose had seen such an ashen expression on Glorious Echos face. This comic moment relieved much of her pent-up frustration.

However, Aqua Rose realized that Shi Feng was currently venting for her, and her heart could not help but warm at this sight.

Guild Leader Black Flame, are you being serious? Finally, Exemplary Willow spoke. However, her tone was extraordinarily cold. She could not believe that the Guild Leader of such a tiny Guild would actually dare to underestimate OSC.

Although Exemplary Willow had not said anything threatening, the rooms atmosphere grew heavy with tension. Even Aqua Rose struggled to breathe.

This was the aura of someone who had always stood at the top of the world. Despite being unimaginably weak, she could still make a top-tier expert like Aqua Rose feel anxious.

If Shi Feng answered poorly

The consequences would be unimaginable.

At this moment, Aqua Rose was somewhat regretful. She should have stopped Shi Feng. At the very least, she could have prevented this.

However, as if Shi Feng was without a care in the world, he nodded leisurely and responded, Of course. I am always a man of my word.

Although Shi Feng was not loud, everyone in the room could hear him clearly.


This person was insane!

Glorious Echos previous anger vanished, replaced by shock. With astonished eyes, he stared at Shi Feng.

Shi Feng had just intentionally provoked an international corporation just to help Aqua Rose get revenge.

Just how ignorant must one be to carry out such an action?

Very well. I will convey your price to my superior, Exemplary Willow said indifferently. She then turned to Glorious Echo, commanding, Lets go.

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