Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 696

Chapter 696 - Ferocious Beast

Ferocious Beasts were different from general Wild and Demonic Beasts. They belonged to the ancient era.

During ancient times, Ferocious Beasts were monsters that fought even Gods. Some Ferocious Beasts had even managed to kill Gods.

Ferocious Beasts were on the same level as Angels and Dragons, possessing the strength to challenge opponents of a higher Tier.

In the past, Shi Feng had watched large Guilds raid Ferocious Beasts, and he could describe those battles with a single wordintense.

Once, an army of ten thousand elite players and several hundred first-rate and top-tier experts had attempted to raid a Ferocious Beast. The players had all been above Level 100, whereas the Ferocious Beast had only been Level 90. Some of those players had even been Tier 3 classes. In the end, although the players defeated the Ferocious Beast, over 95% of the elites and half of the experts had died.

There was a massive difference in strength between players at Level 90 and players at Level 100. It was like the difference between Level 40 and Level 50. Equipments Attributes would undergo a massive improvement at the Level 100 threshold. Monsters received a similar boost.

Yet, even with such a huge difference, the players who faced off against the Ferocious Beast still suffered devastating losses.

Although the Nine-headed Magic Snake was only a Great Lord, unlike the Level 90 Ferocious Beast that had been a Level 90 Grand Lord, it was still a much higher level than Shi Feng.

At the very minimum, it would take a party of Level 60 players to take down a Level 55 Great Lord ranked Ferocious Beast.

In Shi Fengs opinion, if he wanted to kill this Ferocious Beast, he needed at least 500 Level 60 and above Tier 2 players. Moreover, they would need excellent equipment. Particularly, their weapons should be at least Dark-Gold rank. Facing the Nine-headed Magic Snake with any less would be suicide.

Unlike other monsters, Ferocious Beasts did not just possess immense combat power. They also possessed the lifeforce passed down from ancient times.

In combat, ordinary monsters battle recovery would only regenerate 1% of their HPs every five seconds.

Ferocious Beasts battle recovery, on the other hand, regenerated 3% of their HPs every five seconds. A Ferocious Beasts HP already ranked at the very top among monsters.  They were practically Bug-like[1] existences.

The Nine-headed Magic Snake had 90,000,000 HP. In battle, it could recover 2,700,000 HP every five seconds. Even if Shi Feng multiplied his damage output by ten, and the Great Lord stood motionless, he could not kill it.

With such a powerful monster guarding the doors, it had been made clear that underestimating this quests difficulty would be a mistake.

Even an Epic Quest wasnt this absurdly difficult.

Fortunately, it doesnt seem like Im required to kill the Nine-headed Magic Snake to pass through those doors. Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief as he shifted his gaze towards a small circular indentation in the stone doors. The indentation was the perfect size for the Elemental Core.

Weissman had said that the Elemental Core was both a map and a key.

Since there was a keyhole in the stone doors, he just needed to insert the Elemental Core to open them. Moreover, with the Nine-headed Magic Snakes massive body, it would not be able to cross the threshold. As long as Shi Feng reached the other side of the doors, he should be safe from the Ferocious Beast.

However, trying to open the doors under the Snakes nose was not going to be easy.

It seems like Ill have to sacrifice the Purgatory Demon. Shi Feng noticed that the Purgatory Demons time in this world was already nearing its end. Since it was going to disappear soon anyway, he might as well put it to good use.

The Purgatory Demon had 13,000,000 HP. It should buy him some time.

Immediately, Shi Feng used Phantom Kill and sent his doppelganger away. With this, should his life be in danger, he could escape.

As the doppelganger distanced itself from Shi Fengs group, the Swordsman directed the Purgatory Demon to charge towards the Nine-headed Magic Snake.

Next to the Nine-headed Magic Snake, which was over 30 meters tall, the Purgatory Demon looked like an insect. One bite from one of the Great Lords would be enough to devour several Purgatory Demons.

When the Purgatory Demon was 30 yards away from the Nine-headed Magic Snake, the latter yawned lazily as it whipped its tail forward. Suddenly, the hill-like snake tail appeared before the Purgatory Demon. Before Shi Feng could react, the Snake sent his Purgatory Demon hurtling into a nearby stone wall.

When the Purgatory Demon slammed into the wall, a damage that the Demon had never experienced before appeared above its head.


Shi Fengs mouth twitched when he saw those numbers.

This damage far surpassed his expectations.

With a casual strike, the Nine-headed Magic Snake dealt nearly -270,000 damage. Despite both creatures being Tier 3, the difference in strength was like heaven and earth.

Since I cant approach it, what about this?

Shi Feng did not dare direct the Purgatory Demon to approach the Ferocious Beast again. Instead, he used the Tier 3 Skill, Garudas Flames.

Suddenly, a sea of fire rushed towards the Nine-headed Magic Snake.

This time, the Ferocious Beast finally woke. Suddenly, one of its snakeheads opened its mouth and inhaled.

The beast sucked the flaming tide into its mouth, devouring the fire in the blink of an eye.

This Even Shi Feng was stunned.

This was his first battle against a Ferocious Beast. Although he had known that the Purgatory Demon was no match for the Nine-headed Magic Snake, he had not expected the Ferocious Beast to fend off the Purgatory Demons attack with little to no effort. The difference between them was absurd.

After devouring the sea of fire, that snakehead turned to stare at the Purgatory Demon. In the next moment, it widened its mouth and spat out a more powerful version of Garudas Flames. The flames were extremely fast, and it took everything Shi Feng had just to get the Purgatory Demon to dodge those flames. As for the sturdy stone walls that bore the brunt of the molten attack, not only did the flames effortlessly tear through the walls, but the stone also melted into glowing lava. In an instant, over 50 meters of the stone wall disappeared.

Is this the strength of the Nine-headed Magic Snake? Shi Feng was utterly baffled.

At this point, he even began to doubt whether the Nine-headed Magic Snake was just a Great Lord.

Even several thousand Tier 2 players would not be a match for the Ferocious Beast.

Moreover, based on the Magic Snakes lazy attitude, it was obvious that the Ferocious Beast was simply toying with him. It had yet to utilize its true potential.

Helpless, Shi Feng could only use his final trump card.

The Purgatory Demons Tier 3 Taboo Skill, Spatial Suppression!

If he could not shift the Nine-headed Magic Snakes attention towards the Purgatory Demon, he would not have a chance to open the stone doors.

The power of a Tier 3 Taboo Skill could rival even an ordinary Tier 4 Skill. As the Nine-headed Magic Snake was both a Great Lord and a Ferocious Beast, its combat power should be equivalent to Tier 4. In theory, a Tier 3 Taboo Skill should deal damage to the Nine-headed Magic Snake. Moreover, the damage should be relatively high.

When the Purgatory Demon swung its war axe at the Nine-headed Magic Snake, Shi Feng silently prayed that the attack would wound the Great Lord. Even a small amount of damage would be fine.

This time, the Nine-headed Magic Snake finally raised all nine of its heads, its eyes locked onto the Purgatory Demons incoming war axe. Suddenly, a hint of gravity appeared in its amber eyes.

Let this succeed! Shi Feng tightened his grip around the Elemental Core, focused on the Nine-headed Magic Snakes reaction.

When Spatial Suppression activated, everything the space surrounding the Nine-headed Magic Snake suddenly grew incomparably heavy. One could not move if they tried.

Yet, the Nine-headed Magic Snake still moved. Although it was extremely slow, it was still capable of moving under the Spatial Suppression.

However, as its tail moved very slowly, Shi Feng could easily control the Purgatory Demon to avoid the attack. The Demons war axe then struck one of the Fierce Beasts heads.


The Nine-headed Magic Snake instantly lost that head as it fell to the ground, forming a massive crater.

Meanwhile, the other eight heads simultaneously screamed in pain as a massive amount of damage appeared above them.


TL Notes:

[1] Bug-like: This isnt referring to a literal bug. Its referring to a computer program or system error.

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