Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 703

Chapter 703 - Improved Attributes

Evolve. Shi Feng clicked Confirm.

Although he did not know what changes would occur after upgrading the Blood Refining Stone to a Blood Refining Crystal, seeing as he had spent so much time to collect the required Blood Energy, the crystal should not be an ordinary item. Otherwise, it would not have dropped from the Nine-headed Magic Snake.

Suddenly, the magical black cube in Shi Fengs hands crumbled, transforming into a half-transparent, blood-red crystal ball.

There were even droplets of dark red liquid flowing within the crystal ball, each containing powerful Life Force.

Why is there so much Life Force?!

Shi Feng could clearly feel the life inside those droplets of blood. It was only slightly weaker than the Water of Life.

But what kind of treasure was the Water of Life? Just one drop was enough to cure a crippled NPC. After accumulating a certain amount of the treasured water, one could even use it to revive a dead NPC.

Meanwhile, the blood-red crystal in his hands contained over ten droplets of blood that could rival the Water of Life.

Just what kind of item is this? Unable to hold back his curiosity, Shi Feng clicked to check the Blood Refining Crystals statistics.

[Blood Refining Crystal] (Dark-Gold Rank Item)

Can absorb the Life Force of powerful monsters the wielder kills. After accumulating 100 points of Blood Energy, player can produce a drop of Life Essence. Can accumulate a maximum of 1,000 drops of Life Essence. Each drop can increase a players Stamina and Concentration recovery speed for two hours.

Current drops of Life Essences: 12/1,000

Is this the true power of the Blood Refining Crystal? Shi Feng was shocked when he read the statistics.

In Gods Domain, it was common knowledge that players required rest to recover their Stamina and Concentration. Hence, players could not grind for long periods. They had to take breaks.

Although there were some tools that sped recovery, such as food and Field Tents, those items could only be used outside of combat.

Shi Feng also knew of a few items that could recover Stamina and Concentration during combat. However, these items were extraordinarily difficult to obtain.

The Water of Life was one such item. However, using the Water of Life to grind for longer periods was no less than extravagant. Not a single Guild in Gods Domain could afford such a waste. The other tools were similar to the Water of Life, in which they were extraordinarily valuable and exceedingly difficult to obtain. Even if a large Guild mobilized its forces, it would barely obtain enough items to supply for a handful of experts.

Shi Feng had never expected the Nine-headed Magic Snake to drop such a valuable item.

With the Blood Refining Crystal, he could recover Stamina and Concentration without having to stop his slaughter. With this, he could grind far longer than other players.

Unfortunately, accumulating Life Essence was a slow process. At most, two or three players could use the crystal continuously.

With the Blood Refining Crystal, I can save plenty of time.

Due to Shi Fengs reliance on techniques to kill the Blood Fighters, he consumed far more Stamina and Concentration than usual. Moreover, the Blood Fighters in the Blood Refining Passage were not easy opponents. In an intense battle, a players Stamina and Concentration consumption rate increased by several folds. Hence, the Blood Refining Crystal was a convenient item for Shi Feng right now.

Following which, Shi Feng poured a drop of Life Essence into his hand and drank it.

Suddenly, Shi Feng felt his body relax, the fatigue he had accumulated from constant battle vanishing instantly. His mind also cleared.

This really is a great item.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to take a break after fighting for a little while longer. Now, it seemed that he no longer needed rest.

After fighting the Blood Fighters for over a day, Shi Feng was very familiar with their attack patterns. His swordsmanship had also become far more precise. During battle, Shi Feng would try to discard extra attacks, pursuing efficiency. As a result, his swordplay became much faster, and he could now defeat the Blood Fighters with minimal effort.

Shi Feng had never considered these techniques before. He had only focused on ending the monsters he fought regardless of how much power he had to expend.

After reaching the Blood Refining Passage, however, he had to improve his attack efficiency if he wanted to kill his opponents quickly due to his inability to use Skills.

It was as if a new world had opened up to Shi Feng.

Initially, when facing four Blood Fighters simultaneously, Shi Feng had needed over 150 moves to finish off just one of the Undead. Among these 150 moves, more than 50 were used to defend himself against incoming attacks. He had to defend himself because he was unfamiliar with his surrounding, and as a result, this allowed the Blood Fighters to launch counterattacks. However, as the number of fights against the Elites increased, he began to require fewer movements to defend himself. Now, he could defeat a Blood Fighter with roughly 130 attacks. For a time, Shi Fengs leveling efficiency increased significantly.

As time passed, Shi Feng had become completely immersed in his swordsmanship. He no longer needed to think about how to streamline his attacks.

Once he ran out of Stamina, he just needed to drink a drop of Life Essence before returning to battle.

Only after Shi Feng reached Level 35, and a golden glow illuminated his body, did he finally regain his senses.

After training for so long, I should be at my limit. Its time to challenge the Blood Warrior again. Shi Feng smiled faintly as he looked at his newly improved Attributes.

When he reached Level 35, the Golden Stigmata increased all of his Basic Attributes by 5 points and provided 10 Free Attribute Points. Meanwhile, as a Tier 1 player, he received 8 Free Attribute Points every time he leveled. The Abyssal Blade also provided a bonus of 2 Free Attribute Points.

After reaching Level 35, Shi Feng received 20 Free Attribute Points in total and 5 points into all of his Basic Attributes. Furthermore, his Tier 1 Set Equipment, the Seven Luminaries Ring, and the Heavenly Dragons Breath had also received a significant boost to their Attributes.

During Shi Fengs previous fight with the Blood Warrior, it was obvious that he lacked sufficient speed. Hence, he placed all 20 Free Attribute Points into Agility.

Despite rising by only one level, Shi Feng had improved his Attributes almost as much as if he had equipped an additional piece of Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment. His strength had also improved.


Blood Refining Passage, Blood Warriors combat area:

The Blood Warrior wielding a silver two-handed saber appeared once more. Since Shi Feng had already experienced the Special Elite, he would not allow the Blood Warrior to take the initiative to attack. Taking a step forward, he dashed towards the Blood Warrior.

Previously, such an action would have been suicidal. With the Blood Warriors Attack Speed, Shi Feng had not been able to defend against its attack. It would have been utterly impossible to dodge the Special Elites fearsome saber.

In the next moment, the Blood Warrior tightened its grip on its saber. It then slashed forward, sending a streak of silver light plunging towards Shi Feng.


The silver two-handed saber missed Shi Feng.

Shi Feng had long since predicted the trajectory of the Blood Warriors swing. Even before the Blood Warrior prepared to strike, Shi Feng had prepared to dodge. If he had only begun dodging after the Blood Warrior launched its attack, with his current Attributes, he would never have evaded it. Even blocking it would have been a challenge.

Shi Feng did not immediately launch a counterattack after evading the first slash. Instead, he abruptly fell backward.


Another streak of silver light cut across the crown of Shi Fengs head.

Only after Shi Feng evaded five strikes did he send a slash of his own at the Blood Warriors side, causing a critical damage of -2,174. Although the strike had forced the Special Elite to retreat by half a step, it had not affected its combat power in the slightest.

Even so, this result excited Shi Feng.

In his previous battle against the Blood Warrior, he had not been able to resist the Undead in the least. Now, however, he managed to damage to the Special Elite. At this point, grinding away the Blood Warriors 240,000 HP was only a matter of time.

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