Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 706

Chapter 706 - Disaster Treasure Chest

White River City, Divine Colosseum:

Ever since they had discovered that the Flower of Seven Sins targeted Zero Wing, Aqua Rose and the Guilds upper echelons had holed up inside the Divine Colosseum. They continuously expended Magic Crystals and Hundred Berry Wine in the Trial Tower and Divine Battlefield to train as much as possible.

As a result, Zero Wings upper echelons broke their previous records in the Trial Tower again and again, shocking White River Citys players. Awe towards Zero Wing swept through the city once again.

Meanwhile, inside the Divine Colosseum, a bald man in gray leather armor stared at the Trial List while sipping Vodka.

Suddenly, a thin, cloaked youth walked up and sat down beside this bald man.

Accurate Nine, whats the situation regarding Zero Wings upper echelons? the thin youth sent a whisper to the bald man as he ordered an Ice-Blue Spirit.

Their strength has been improving rapidly. Currently, three people have reached the eighth floor. Seven people have reached the seventh floor. My guess is that it wont be very long before the others reach the seventh floor as well. It would not be easy to kill all of them back to Level 0, the bald man, Accurate Nine, responded, laughing. However, the stronger they are, the better. This way, we can charge more for the job.

Nodding, the thin youth said, Indeed. I just wonder whether or not Open Source Corporation will be willing to pay the price.

I think they will, Accurate Nine said as he handed the NPC bartender another Magic Crystal, purchasing another bottle of Vodka. Magic Crystals are the lifeline of all of Gods Domains players. If OSC obtains the Stoneclaw Mountains, their future earnings will far surpass the cost of hiring us.

Lets hope that OSC is willing to pay this price, then. Its been a long time since Ive accepted a major job. Zero Wing should prove to be quite the challenge. I can also use this chance to polish my skills a little bit, the youth said. Downing the  Ice-Blue Spirit, he shifted his gaze to the three names listed on the Trial Lists eighth floor. Huh? Wheres Black Flames name?

Black Flame has always been mysterious. Even now, I have yet to discover the exact extent of this persons strength. However, based on the information Ive collected thus far, he should have progressed relatively far in the Refinement Realm. He might have even reached your standard, Accurate Nine said seriously as he sent a sideway glance at the thin youth beside him.

My standard? The second stage of the Refinement Realm? Thats interesting. I look forward to taking him on, the youth said, a hint of excitement shining in his eyes. He looked like a predator that had just caught the scent of new prey.

Pleiades, dont even think about it. Silver has already reserved Black Flame. At most, you can pick your target from the Trial Towers eighth floor, Accurate Nine said, smiling as he pointed to Violet Clouds, Fire Dances, and Aqua Roses names.

Silver? Why is he suddenly interested in this mission? the youth named Pleiades said, slightly surprised. Hasnt he always targeted those old monsters?

How should I know whats going through his mind? Accurate Nine said, shrugging. However, OSC has lucked out this time. Normally, an expert of Silvers standards would not even consider this type of mission. Now, its just a matter of whether OSC will pay to hire Silver.

This fella named Black Flame really is unlucky. He has actually caught Silvers attention. Not even heaven can save him, Pleiades said sympathetically.

The Flower of Seven Sins missions were divided into several levels. Experts within the organization were similarly ranked. An expert like himself only ranked at the intermediate level, whereas Silver was a peak expert in the Flower of Seven Sins. An expert like Silver dealing with Black Flame was simply a waste of time.


As Pleiades and Accurate Nine occupied themselves with their conversation, one of Star-Moon Citys first-rate Guilds,, the Star Alliance, had officially declared war against Zero Wing, announcing their intentions to seize Stone Forest Town.

This news spread quickly throughout Star-Moon Kingdom.


The Stoneclaw Mountains outer region:

A 500-man team ravaged a Half-orc settlement.

A settlement typically contained Lord ranked Half-orcs. A powerful settlement might even house three or four Lords. Ten or more Chieftain ranked Half-orcs usually patrolled the area as well.

In this Half-orc settlement, there were a total of three Half-orc Lords and 17 Half-orc Chieftains. However, against this team of 500 players, they could not offer any form of resistance.

Currently, almost all of the settlements Half-orcs were already dead. Only one Level 38 Half-orc Lord continued to resist desperately. In the end, however, a silver-armored female Berserker still claimed its life.

Snow, something has happened with the Star Alliance, Zhao Yueru, who wore a purple-red robe, suddenly reported. A moment ago, the Star Alliance declared war against Zero Wing and sent many of their elites to deal with Zero Wings members.

In the end, the Star Alliances Elders had been mesmerized by the money that OSC offered, Gentle Snow said, laughing lightly. Although I do not know what kind of hidden cards the Star Alliance possesses, this is a good opportunity for us. Contact the our other members immediately. Tell them that Ouroboros is going to declare war against the Star Alliance as well.

Shortly after, more shocking news spread throughout Star-Moon City.

The two first-rate Guilds of Star-Moon City were finally going to take action. This war would be unlike the previous small skirmishes. This time, both Guilds would face each other head-on. In the future, whenever the members of either Guild encounter each other, only one would walk away.


Despite a storm currently brewing in Star-Moon City, Shi Feng was oblivious.

System: Quest Solomons Treasure completed.

Quest rewards: 10,000,000 EXP, 20 Free Mastery Points, and one Completely Random Treasure Chest.

After the system notification faded, Shi Fengs experience bar increased by a small chunk. A wooden treasure chest emitting a purple glow appeared inside his bag.

[Completely Random Treasure Chest]
May contain a reward or a punishment. Disappears after five uses.

Isnt this the Disaster Treasure Chest? Shi Feng was suddenly speechless as he stared at the dazzling Treasure Chest inside his bag.

Completely Random Treasure Chest was the name the system gave. The players who were familiar with the Treasure Chest, however, had another name for it: the Disaster Treasure Chest.

Nine out of ten times, opening the Completely Random Treasure Chest resulted in a punishment. Moreover, the punishments were relatively severe. The punishments ranged from losing one or more Levels to losing some Attributes permanently. Some punishments even prevented players from gaining any EXP or reduced their Attack Power for many days. Hence, it gained the name Disaster Treasure Chest.

Of course, if players obtained a reward, they deserved a celebration.

In the past, many players had bragged on the forums about the rewards they had obtained.

There were players who had actually gained an Epic item from the Random Treasure Chest, while some had obtained a complete Dark-Gold Set Equipment. Others had been rewarded a top-tier Mount. To put it simply, the rewards the Treasure Chest provided were extremely tempting.

Reward and punishment, It was up to players to decide if the risk was worth it.

To Shi Feng, however, the potential benefits were greater than the risks.

A players Luck Attribute greatly affected the outcome of their draws. Even if Shi Feng opened a punishment, due to his Luck Attribute, it was possible that the punishment would be light.

Currently, Zero Wing faced the threat of the Flower of Seven Sins. Hence, it was of utmost importance that he grow stronger. Naturally, Shi Feng would not let go of this perfect opportunity to improve his strength. Not to mention, his chances of obtaining a reward were much higher than others.

Hopefully, Ill draw something good.

Shi Feng then activated Divine Providence and stretched out his hand to open the Disaster Treasure Chest.

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