Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 72

Chapter 72 - Demon Hunter

The sky was still dark as the moon lay unhidden, high up in the 

Inside the Library located in the Slums of Red Leaf Town...

Adventurer, if you do not have any problems, then walk to the center of the magic circle. There will be a slight pain after the ceremony starts, so just endure it, and it will be over, Sharlyn pointed towards the center of the altar made of black stone. Her eyes carried a hint of excitement as she could finally start this 

Shi Feng was completely unaware of Sharlyns thoughts. He nodded his head as he walked into the magic circle.

No matter how he put it, Sharlyn was a major character who possessed a Tier 3 Job, so there shouldnt be any complications. As for the pain he would have to suffer, he thought nothing of it.

During battles inside Gods Domain, a player could similarly feel pain when attacked by monsters. However, a majority of the players still chose to accept this kind of setting. Their goal was to increase the sense of realism, so they did not adjust the pain transmission to 0%. More importantly, they wanted to increase their skills in battle.

There was an old saying of spare the rod and spoil the child. Only with pain would one be able to remember the lesson, and only by learning the lesson, would one be able to further improve. Hence, if one wanted to grow in Gods Domain, learning to accept such pain was a definite must.

However, considering each players tolerances, Gods Domain set the pain transmission at 20% by default. However, some experts would adjust the transmission to 60%, allowing them to be more alert. Meanwhile, Shi Feng himself had adjusted it to 50%. This was the degree of pain he was accustomed to, and it was the amount at which he could best exhibit his strength.

After standing in position, Shi Feng sent a nod towards Sharlyn, indicating that she could start the ceremony.

Descent of the 
Moon Goddess!

Sharlyn started her prayer; divine incantations left her mouth as her fingers traced out divine texts. Line after line of divine texts floated in midair and
 towards the horizon. Compared to the Tier 3 magic from before, the divine texts written in this ceremony were extremely numerous.

Even after writing hundreds of lines, Sharlyn showed no signs of stopping. Sweat had already started dripping down Sharlyns face, clearly indicating that she was somewhat exhausted. Meanwhile, the magic circle on the ground started to radiate a dazzling silver glow, the magic circle itself gradually rising into the air.

After over ten minutes had passed, a streak of shining moonlight shot towards Shi Fengs body.

Suddenly, dark smoke emerged from Shi Fengs body. The dark smoke was extremely reluctant to part from Shi Fengs body as it rose into the air. Meanwhile, sweat started appearing on Shi Fengs forehead. His face turned pale white as he endured an 
intense pain.

Shi Feng nearly cursed at Sharlyn. This was definitely not at the level of just a slight pain, but it was very, very painful. It was as if his limbs were being torn from his body.

If he had not already played Gods Domain for ten years, having long since become accustomed to pain, he might be wailing like a ghost and howling like a wolf right now.

After persistently being lit by the moonlight for several minutes, the black smoke finally departed from Shi Fengs body. However, it did not just simply fade away. Instead, it formed into a dark shadow that was a carbon copy of Shi Feng.

Adventurer, you need to kill this demons doppelganger in order to dispel the curse. I have to conduct the ceremony, so I cannot lend you any aid. It is all
 up to you now, Sharlyn reminded.

Somewhat exhausted, Shi Feng used Observing Eyes on this dark shadow.

[Ye Feng (Demons Doppelganger)] (Elite Rank)

Level 4

HP 2,000/2,000

An Elite? Shi Fengs complexion turned serious.

The demons doppelganger did not have a lot of HP, and its level was similar to his. If this doppelganger did not possess any powerful skills, then dealing with it would not be a huge problem. However, that probability was slim.

Wretched Moon Drip! Despicable human! Did you think that by using the complete Moon Drip to weaken my strength, you would be able to defeat me? Ill let you know the reason why lowly humans like you will never win against us powerful demons! The demons doppelganger had an enraged expression as it pulled out a black longsword, slashing it at Shi Feng.

In the blink of an eye, the doppelganger arrived before Shi Feng. 
A faint black ray followed as it waved its longsword. Within an instant, that single black ray turned into four streaks, all of them threatening to dice Shi Feng into blocks of meat.

Extraordinary condition!

Shi Feng was greatly shocked when seeing such an action. This speed far exceeded that of a normal Elite. Immediately, Shi Feng used Parry.

Dang, Dang, Dang

Shi Feng retreated several steps before he stabilized his body.

If not for the complete Moon Drip, this demons doppelganger might not have been just an Elite, but a Special Elite.

Die! Despite having the upper hand, the demons doppelganger did not give Shi Feng any chances. It used 
Shi Fengs Chop; its sword pierced towards Shi Fengs heart.

Shi Feng immediately activated Windwalk, his body abruptly dodging to a side as he distanced himself from the demons doppelganger.

After missing its attack, the doppelganger turned its head, using Windwalk as well to chase after Shi Feng.

Regarding Strength, speed, and HP, the demons doppelganger held most of the advantage. Moreover, the doppelganger also possessed the same Skills as Shi Feng. It was an extremely unfavorable situation for Shi Feng.

Seeing that it was about to catch up to Shi Feng, the demons doppelganger revealed a ruthless smile, saying, I know whatever you know. Moreover, my strength is greater than yours. You have no chance to defeat me, so be good and wait for death. This is your fate.

Then, do you know this move? Shi Feng revealed a faint smile. Nine sword phantoms appeared beside him, and with a crashing sound, all nine of them shot towards the demons doppelganger.

Although the doppelganger could block a majority of the attacks, a few phantoms of the Abyssal Blade still managed to pierce its body. Every attack from the phantoms dealt over -30 damage to the doppelganger.

Despicable human, you are just relying on your weapons strength. Ill let you know that all your efforts will be in vain, saying so, the doppelganger rushed to Shi Fengs front and used Thundering Flash.

The moment the sword lights came, Shi Feng calmly smiled as he took out two scrolls from his bag; one of them was a Speed Scroll, while the other was a Polymorph Scroll. Within an instant, Shi Fengs speed abruptly increased, dodging to a side and avoiding the strikes from Thundering Flash. At the same time, he turned the demons doppelganger into a sheep.

After turning it into a sheep, Shi Feng immediately slashed at it with his sword.

Thundering Flash!

Unable to dodge, the demons doppelganger received all three sword lights. As a result, Shi Fengs Level 5 Thundering Strike caused three terrifying damages of -112, -135, -163.

The demons doppelganger was greatly enraged as it activated Defensive Blade. With its attack range greatly increased, it immediately slashed its sword down at Shi Feng. This human was just too despicable. He actually used an unsightly method such as turning it into a sheep.

Hehe, and here I wondered how strong a demon would be. You clearly have a body thats stronger than mine, yet, you are still using the same skills as I do. I guess your standards are just at this level, Shi Feng mocked as he dodged the incoming attack.

You are courting death! A single sentence from Shi Feng nearly caused the demons doppelganger to faint from anger. It sent a Double Chop at Shi Fengs neck.

Shi Feng pointed the Abyssal Blade at the demons doppelganger, and within an instant, nine pitch-black chains appeared and bound it, restricting it for three seconds.

Phantom Kill!

Simultaneously, both the original and doppelganger activated Defensive Blade, and both started an onslaught on the demons doppelganger.

Thundering Flash, Chop, Earth Splitter, Double Chop, and many more skills struck the demons doppelganger. In addition to the continuous attacks from the Nine Dragons Slash, the demons doppelgangers HP madly decreased, dropping down to 10% within a moment.

So what if you have a strong physique? So what if you know all of my Skills? So what if you are a demon?
! Shi Feng demanded he pierced the chest of the demons doppelganger. Meanwhile, the demons doppelganger could only grit its teeth, grimacing in pain; its fury burned within it.

The moment the bindings restricting it were released, it would be able to properly deal with Shi Feng. Just as it was about to bring out its special ability, however, the demons doppelganger saw the scroll within Shi Fengs hand. Suddenly, the demons doppelganger thoroughly despaired.

Bye-bye! Shi Feng waved his hand at the demons doppelganger. He knew that the demons doppelganger was about to show its hand, so he had activated the Tier 1 Magic Scroll within his hand.

Thunder Bombardment!

This Tier 1 Magic Scroll was capable of dealing -500 damage to a single enemy that was below Level 20. It was more than enough to deal with the demons doppelganger that currently had less than 200 HP.

Suddenly, a green thunder struck down from the sky above. It caused -500 damage to the demons doppelganger, instantly transforming it into dark smoke and it vanished. It also left behind a piece of dark gray-colored equipment.

System: Quest Moon Drip completed. Rewarding 10,000 EXP, and Demon Hunter title. Reputation in Star-Moon Kingdom +5, Reputation in White River City +20, Reputation in Red Leaf Town +100.

System: Reputation in Red Leaf Town has reached 50 points. Upgrading to Red Leaf Town First-Class Citizen.

System: Reputation in Red Leaf Town has reached 100 points. Upgrading to Red Leaf Town Third-Class Noble.

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