Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 734

Chapter 734 - Silent Battlefield

In the Stoneclaw Mountains outer region, Zero Wings ten 1,000-man elite teams finally faced the legions from the Star Alliance and other enemy Guilds.

However, Zero Wings elite legions were at a disadvantage.

Their opponent outnumbered them by more than ten times.

It seems Zero Wing really wants to die here. Despite so few players, they still split themselves so sparsely. We mustnt let the other Guilds get a head start on us. Red Feather also ordered his army of 30,000 elites to split into multiple legions to surround Zero Wing, afraid that they would lose Zero Wings elite members to the various large Guilds.

The other Guilds had sent more than 70,000 elites in total. The army was more than enough to deal with Zero Wings 10,000 elite players.


Just as Red Feather led the Star Alliances army to Zero Wings position, the other Guilds began to clash with their enemy.

However, Zero Wings elite members had slightly superior equipment. Moreover, the battlefield was only so large; only so many ranged players could attack at once. Hence, when it came to ranged firepower, Zero Wing had a slight advantage. After several exchanges, Zero Wings foe had already suffered over a hundred casualties. On the other hand, Zero Wing had only lost a dozen or so members.

Other than the difference in damage, Zero Wings elite members were far more adept at dodging attacks. In addition, their HPs and healing prowess were much higher.

Zero Wings ranged players only needed three to four hits to kill an enemy elite. However, if the various Guilds elites wished to finish off one of Zero Wings, they needed to land roughly six attacks. Yet, against Zero Wing, the Guilds elites could only dodge three or four out of ten attacks. On the other hand, Zero Wings elites could dodge at least five attacks.

The difference in equipment, Attributes, and combat techniques, though small, was clear for all to see.

In the end, this minor difference impacted the results significantly.

Damn it! All MTs, advance! Ranged players, cover them! Healers, follow!

Assassins, circle and deal with their healers!

Dont be afraid! We outnumber Zero Wing! When we reach them, victory will be ours!

The upper echelons quickly issued the orders to charge ahead when they noticed Zero Wings strategy of attack and retreat.

Immediately, a collection of Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights emerged from the Guilds elite army, every one activating their Lifesaving Skills as they charged madly at Zero Wings members. The healers supplied these MTs with endless streams of recovery spells from a safe distance.

However, no matter how hard these Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights tried to dodge, no matter how much healing they received, or how they lifted their shields as they forged ahead, they died helplessly as Zero Wings hundreds of ranged players blotted out the sky with a rain of Fireballs, Frost Arrows, and normal arrows.

If one watched from afar, they would see row after row of Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights tumble to the ground.

How is Zero Wings firepower so powerful?!

Only 40 yards stretched between the two armies. Yet, to shorten the gap by 20 yards, the various Guilds had lost over 300 melee players. Even the upper echelons flinched at this spectacles brutality. They had never imagined that Zero Wings ranged attacks would be so powerful. Before they could even reach Zero Wings elites, their legion, which began with more than 4,000 players, had lost close to 500 members.

Originally, the various large Guilds had thought that this would be an easy battle. After all, they had a massive numerical advantage. However, after seeing Zero Wings combat method, they realized one thing. Indeed, they did have the advantage in numbers, but unfortunately, the Stoneclaw Mountains terrain prevented them from using that advantage.

However, the various large Guilds couldnt care less anymore. They all gritted their teeth as they charged forward. If they did not get rid of Zero Wings elite army today, they would never recover.

Moreover, the Shield Warriors, Guardian Knights, Berserkers, Swordsmen, and Assassins of the various Guilds were close enough that they could use their skills effectively. If they did not fight now, then when?

Kill them!

Well earn everything back once we plunder Zero Wings equipment!

Suddenly, the Guilds melee classes advanced, an intense bloodthirst shining in their eyes.

However, just as the various melee players activated their Skills, each Zero Wing elite retrieved an Intermediate Frost Grenade, pelting their approaching enemy.

Peng Peng Peng

Suddenly, hundreds of Intermediate Frost Grenades bombarded the advancing crowd, transforming the vibrant forest into a world of ice, snow, and death. As for the melee elites from the various large Guilds, they froze into ice sculptures.

When a gentle breeze blew past, every one of these elite ice sculptures shattered, decorating the battlefield with equipment.

Even though there were some Assassins and Swordsmen that had reacted quickly enough and activated their Lifesaving Skills in time, their Lifesaving Skills could only deflect a limited number of attacks. These Skills durations were also extremely short. However, the bombardment of the hundreds of Frost Grenades lasted for nearly six seconds. In the end, these players still fell under the rain of Frost Grenades.

Each Intermediate Frost Grenade could deal roughly 400 damage to players and had an effective radius of 12 yards.

One hundred Frost Grenades would deal roughly 40,000 damage.

At this stage of the game, no player in existence had more than 40,000 HP. Furthermore, Zero Wing had not thrown only 100 grenades.


The various Guilds commanders were shocked, speechless. Their remaining elite players also paused, every one of them wearing dazed expressions.



You guys thought you were impressive, huh?! Now you understand Zero Wings power!

When Zero Wings members saw how nearly all of the enemy melee players had fallen, pride and joy suddenly welled in their hearts. They also felt endless reverence towards their Guild Leader, Black Flame.

They, too, had thought that their defeat was inevitable. However, this scene had cleared their minds of any doubt. In the blink of an eye, they had wiped out thousands of their enemies. These several hundred Intermediate Frost Grenades were far more powerful than even a large-scale destruction Spell.

If they could fight here, in the Stoneclaw Mountains narrow valley, they would not even fear twice this many opponents.

The various battles that raged elsewhere met similar situations. The large Guilds elite legions suffered tremendous losses under the Intermediate Frost Grenade bombardment. Their death toll already exceeded 10,000, whereas Zero Wing had only lost around 100 members so far.

The large Guilds were forced to reassess the combat power of Zero Wings elite army.


Meanwhile, at the highest peak in the Stoneclaw Mountains outer region, roughly ten minutes after the battle had begun, the elite legion of 2,000 players had lost over 80% of its members. The few survivors had scattered and escaped.

Just as Fire Dance and the others were about to give chase, Shi Feng stopped them.

Alright, thats enough. Ignore them. We dont need to waste our time hunting them down. We have more important things to do, Shi Feng said in the team chat.

His main goal was to occupy this strategic location with good view over the battlefield, not to kill these elite players. Moreover, even if they allowed these several hundred elite players to escape, it would not impact the wars outcome.

Guild Leader, what are we going to do next? Aqua Rose asked curiously.

The other team members were just as eager to learn their next step.

Shi Feng had led them through the Star Alliances encirclement and occupied this highland. What, exactly, was his goal?

Were going to wait for them here, Shi Feng said, laughing. However, we cant idle, either. Aqua and Blackie, follow me. Fire, your group will clear the battlefield. Everyone else, pay attention to your surroundings. Be wary of any ambushes from the Star Alliance.

Aqua Rose and Blackie nodded sharply. They followed Shi Feng and climbed to an even higher overlook. Fire Dance then arranged her team to guard their surroundings.

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