Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 747

Chapter 747 - Harvest of the War

Everyone had seen for themselves what kind of powerhouse Shi Feng was.

Despite watching from afar, they could not stop their shudder.

The fact that Shi Feng was able to kill Red Feather, while surrounded by thousands of elite players, and leave unharmed showed them that their lives were in Shi Fengs hands. If Shi Feng wanted to take any life here, nobody could stop him.

It was precisely this reason that kept the various players from the Star Alliance from rejoicing when they shattered the Nine-star Polar Domain. Right now, they only felt fear. Every one of them froze; none of dared to move forward by a single step.

One man had deterred an elite army of tens of thousands.

Moreover, this was no ordinary elite army. It was the elite army from the Star Alliance, a first-rate Guild. Every elite member was Level 32 or above. In the eyes of ordinary players, they were all experts.

Yet, against Shi Fengs might, these experts lost the will to fight.

Furthermore, Shi Feng had many famous experts standing with him.

Whether it was Fire Dance, Aqua Rose, and the other upper echelons of Zero Wing, each one of them was even more famous than their Guild Leader, Galaxy Past. Moreover, they all possessed dazzling battle records. Chances were that Zero Wings upper echelons were stronger than their Guild Leader. How were they supposed to face these monsters?

Zero Wing loomed in front of them. Behind them, Ouroboros waited. The Star Alliance army was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Zero Wing only has several hundred people guarding the exit! So what if Zero Wings main force has joined the fray?! Do they really think they can stop our 50,000-strong elite army?! Galaxy Past suddenly shouted. All of you, charge! Wipe them out!

Galaxy Pasts words jerked everyone out of their daze.

Although Zero Wing had a Tier 3 Demon, they had Barrier Scrolls, which could to suppress it. Dealing with Zero Wings several hundred members would be a piece of cake.

Even if Shi Feng were more powerful and could kill a player with every attack, even if everyone let him, it would take a very long time to kill 10,000 players, not to mention 50,000.

Suddenly, the Star Alliance members swarmed towards Shi Feng.

The players from Zero Wing felt their hearts race as they watched the tide of players surging towards them.

They only had several hundred players on their side. Although their Guilds main force had arrived to assist them, it was impossible to hold off 50,000 players. Even lasting for a short time would be impressive. After all, battles between players demanded an extremely heavy burden of ones Stamina. Without Stamina, even the strongest expert would fall under an ordinary players blade.

However, as soon as the Star Alliances elites closed in, dozens of Intermediate Frost Grenades exploded among the crowd, freezing the mountain path and decorating it with hundreds of ice sculptures. As soon as they appeared, these ice sculptures shattered and disappeared.

Naturally, Shi Feng knew that it was impossible for several hundred players to hold off an army of 50,000. However, the Frost Grenades could delay the elite army for long enough for Ouroboross army to arrive.

Each main force member carried 100 Intermediate Frost Grenades and ten Advanced Frost Grenades, which were significantly more powerful than Intermediate Frost Grenades. With the main forces strength and the large stock of Frost Grenades, it was childs play to hold back the Star Alliances army until Ouroboros arrived.

Black Flame! Galaxy Past gnashed his teeth as the Frost Grenades appeared once more.

At this point, the fearsome might of the Frost Grenades had embedded itself into everyones minds. Previously, Zero Wings elite legions had damaged the various large Guilds significantly with these Frost Grenades. To deplete Zero Wings supply, the various Guilds had sacrificed a large chunk of their armies.

If the Star Alliance showed its fear and halted its rampant assault, Zero Wing wouldnt need to waste their Grenades to buy time. However, if the Guild proceeded, it would pay a horrific price.

Guild Leader, are we continuing the charge or not? one of the Star Alliances commanders asked.

Charge! I refuse to believe that Zero Wing has that many tools! Galaxy Past shouted, a chill running through his troops.

Neither advancing nor retreating was a good option. Hence, even if he knew that they would slam into a brick wall, they needed to charge past Zero Wings blockade. If they waited until Ouroboross army arrived, none of them would leave this place alive.

Suddenly, the Star Alliance launched a full charge. Zero Wings main force, who were throwing Frost Grenades, had nearly buckled under the flood.

The Star Alliances assault was fierce. These players showed zero regard for their lives as they pushed forward. Many MTs activated all of their Lifesaving Skills, significantly increasing their maximum HP and reducing the damage they took. The Intermediate Frost Grenades were already half as effective against players. Now, its damage reduced by another half. At this moment, each Intermediate Frost Grenade only dealt around -200 damage to the Alliances MTs. With over 14,000 HP, not even 60 or 70 Intermediate Frost Grenades would be enough to kill them.

As a result, Zero Wings 70-plus main force members threw their Grenades as fast as they could, barely holding off the assault.

As Shi Feng charged towards the Star Alliances army, he upgraded the Seven Luminaries Rings Aura of Fire to Level 9. As a result, Shi Fengs Level fell from 38 to 37. However, the Aura of Flames Activatable Skill, Firestorm, instantly improved.

Previously, the Skill only inflicted 1,000% damage within a range of 30*30 yards for 6 seconds and had a Cooldown of five minutes.

After its upgrade, it inflicted 1,200% damage within a range of 45*45 yards for 6 seconds with a Cooldown of five minutes.

Although upgrading the Skill by two Levels did not increase its damage by much, the Skills range had increased by 1.5 times. The Skill could now cover over half of the mountain path.

Suddenly, an inferno roared in the middle of the mountain path, transforming the frozen land into a scorching hell. Even an MT who had activated all of their Lifesaving Skills only lasted two seconds inside this inferno.

Six seconds later, the smoke cleared to reveal a large area empty of players but littered with weapons and equipment. The dropped items nearly formed a small mountain. The least valuable items were Level 25 Mysterious-Iron Equipment. It was mainstream equipment for Gods Domain players right now, and each piece could sell for at least 40 or 50 Silver.

Meanwhile, nearly 5,000 pieces of equipment decorated the ground. Most of it had dropped from players who died under the Frost Grenade assault. Converted to Coins, the equipment was worth at least 2,500 Gold. Meanwhile, this harvest had only required a brief moment of effort.

Shi Feng also collected plenty of Immortal Souls.

Despite a limit of 10 yards, Shi Feng still managed to collect several hundred Immortal Souls. If he collected 10,000 souls, he would qualify to establish his own city.

A city was different from a town. A towns location was predetermined by the system. On the other hand, players could choose where they wished to build their city. Moreover, after capturing a town, one had to reconstruct the town from scratch, developing it into a city slowly. The time involved was long. On the other hand, the Sherlyns quest would reward Shi Feng with the qualifications to construct a city.

Before him was the perfect chance to complete this quest.

There were two conditions to collect Immortal Souls. The first condition was the limit of 10 yards. The second was the Level limit. There could not be more than 5 Levels between Shi Feng and his prey. Currently, the Star Alliances elites were at least Level 32. Meanwhile, Shi Feng was now Level 37. It just so happened that he could absorb all of their Immortal Souls. If he missed this opportunity, he would not find one like it again.

There werent enough people before. Now that so many are here, I should get enough Immortal Souls. Shi Feng could not help his smile as he looked towards the distant Galaxy Past. Retrieving a blue Magic Scroll from his bag, he activated Wind Rider and dashed towards the Guild Leader.

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