Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 749

Chapter 749 - Wargod Possession

Galaxy Past finally cant endure it. Yuan Tiexin could not help but smile as he watched Galaxy Past, who rushed at Shi Feng.

Although it was impossible for Shi Feng to wipe out the Star Alliances army, even if Galaxy Past let the Swordsman be, doing so would wound the Alliances morale severely.

If Galaxy Past did not stop Shi Fengs unrestrained slaughter, the elite members opinions of their Guild might hit rock bottom.

When Ouroboross army arrived, the Star Alliance would truly be finished.

However, with this opportunity, Yuan Tiexin would finally see Shi Fengs limits.

During the battles against Sky and Red Feather, Shi Feng had shown rapid improvements to his combat power.

Initially, Yuan Tiexin merely thought that Shi Fengs stunning performances against Sky and Red Feather were a result of his overwhelming Attributes. However, after seeing Shi Feng last so long while surrounded by elites, yet not receiving any damage

This was no longer a matter of superior Attributes.

Without stepping into the Void Realm, which allowed one to perceive ones environment as if it were a part of their own body, it was impossible to dodge so many Spell and arrow attacks coming from behind accurately.

Yuan Tiexin suddenly realized something that made his skin crawl.

The Secret Pavilion had collected plenty of information regarding Zero Wings Guild Leader, Black Flame. Yuan Tiexin, himself, had read the reports on Black Flame multiple times.

In the beginning, Black Flame had gained his fame in Star-Moon Kingdom through his identity as a forger, earning himself the title of Star-Moon Kingdoms Chief Forger.

However, as Black Flame began to appear in battle, everything had changed.

Black Flame had relied on absolute strength to defeat his enemies. Through his achievement of killing his enemies with a single hit, he had gained the title of One-hit Asura.

However, Black Flames performance had been a result of his excellent equipment and very high Basic Attributes. As for his combat standards, he was merely a top-tier expert in the eyes of the general public. He had not even been a match for Cold Autumn when it came to combat standards. He was only someone with a wealth of combat experience. He could not hold the attention of the major powers in Gods Domain.

Yet, as he participated in more battles, Black Flames combat standard surprised the public again and again.

He had gone from Half-step Refinement Realm to reaching the Refinement Realm fully, then entering the Flowing Water Realm as well. As his battle count increased, Black Flames abilities increased.

Now, he had reached the Void Realm

Yuan Tiexin refused to believe that Black Flames battles had just been acts. Moreover, experts who had set foot into the Realms of Refinement had their own pride. They would not suppress their strength to deal with a weakling. There was no point to that.

Since it wasnt an act, Yuan Tiexin could only think of one possibility.

Zero Wings Guild Leader, Black Flame, had improved with an intensely terrifying speed. Compared to the horror of Black Flames Basic Attributes, his growth was what truly frightened people.

The Secret Pavilion considered Cold Autumn a genius because he was young. In addition, despite training with the Pavilion for less than a year, he had already reached the Half-step Refinement Realm and could break through to the Refinement Realm at any moment.

Cold Autumns growth was even faster than Yuan Tiexins when he had been young.

But, what about Black Flame?

How long had it been since Gods Domain launched?

In less than two months, Black Flame had gone from someone who was not even a Half-step Refinement Realm expert to a true Void Realm expert.

Was he even still human?

Even Martial Dragon, someone whom the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had considered a genius that only appeared once every ten years, would not be a match for Black Flame.

In the future, Black Flame might very well become one of the virtual gaming worlds monsters.

With that in mind, Yuan Tiexin decided that, even if Zero Wing suffered defeat in this war, he would offer to aid Zero Wing in securing Stone Forest Town, taking the opportunity to get associated with the Guild.

Gods Domain, as a virtual reality game, was massive. It was different from the virtual reality games they had seen in the past. Even a Super Guild should not consider the idea of monopolizing the game. Moreover, the waters of the virtual gaming world were relatively deep. Now that various major international corporations had put a foot in as well, the virtual gaming world had become far more complicated.

If the Secret Pavilion could gain a powerful ally like Zero Wing, it would benefit the Pavilions development in the future. The Pavilion could seize more opportunities and gain a stronger influence.


Just as Yuan Tiexin plotted to strengthen the relationship between the Secret Pavilion and Zero Wing, over a hundred figures approached Shi Feng with astonishing speed.

Ill hold his attention! Find an opportunity to attack! Galaxy Past commanded through the team chat as he approached Shi Feng. He then retrieved a deep-blue potion from his bag.

Shi Feng might be able to fight with relative ease while surrounded by elite players, but it would be a different story if he were surrounded by expert players.

It was extremely difficult for elite players to push their virtual bodies to their limits. However, this was not an issue for experts. They could do so easily.

Naturally, Shi Feng had no trouble with elite players if he fought with everything he had.

However, it was a vastly different story against experts who also pushed themselves to their limits.

Black Flame, Ill teach you that a first-rate Guild is not easy to deal with! Galaxy Past shouted. He then dumped the deep-blue potion down his throat. At the same time, he activated his Berserk Skill, Wargod Possession. Suddenly, not only did his body grow a size larger, but it also released a brilliant golden glow. His aura was even stronger than a Lord ranked monster, and this sudden change sent a ripple of shock through the Star Alliances army.

Since the various Guilds had learned of Zero Wings Berserk Skills, they had spared no effort to collect their own.

Galaxy Past had even mobilized the entire Guilds strength and lost several thousand elite players to obtain Wargod Possession, the Berserk Skill that all Berserkers dreamed of having.

Wargod Possession was a Tier 1 Taboo Skill. Its effects could even rival an ordinary Tier 2 Berserk Skill. Moreover, the Skill was very well-suited for the Berserker class.

Upon activation, it instantly increased the users Strength by 150%, all other Attributes by 80%, and Defense by 200%. Moreover, the less HP the user had, the higher the Strength bonus the user received. The only shortcoming the Skill had was its short duration of 20 seconds. Once those 20 seconds passed, the user would enter a weakened state for one hour. The Skill also had a 24-hour Cooldown. It was a forbidden Skill that should only be used during the most crucial moments.

However, to deal with Shi Feng, who possessed frightening Attributes, Galaxy Past had no choice but to activate this Berserk Skill.

As insurance, Galaxy Past drank an Extreme Speed Potion, a rare, high-level potion that he had obtained from a quest. The potion increased Movement Speed by 100% and Attack Speed by 150% for 30 seconds with a Cooldown of one hour.

With the effects of Wargod Possession and the Extreme Speed Potion, it was not entirely impossible to kill Shi Feng.

Moreover, not long ago, Shi Feng had used his own Berserk Skill.

Berserk Skills generally had very long Cooldowns. Only a short time had elapsed since Shi Feng had last used his. It was impossible for his Berserk Skill to have cooled down already.

Without a Berserk Skill, even if Shi Fengs Attributes were more powerful, he was not a match for Galaxy Past, who had activated a Tier 1 Taboo Skill.

Black Flame! Its time you know what it feels like to have your Attributes overwhelmed! Galaxy Past activated Charge and appeared before Shi Feng like a ghost. With a malevolent smile, he swung down his Dark-Gold ranked greatsword, Weeping Silver, violently.


When Weeping Silver descended, an explosion shook the area. The ground beneath Shi Fengs feet shattered, revealing long sword marks. A Level 32 Shield Warrior, who had accidentally collided with the sword aura, lost his life instantly.

Galaxy Pasts horrific power caused everyone to shudder.

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