Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 751

Chapter 751 - Ancient, Broken Sword

Crap! He still has a Berserk Skill!

Galaxy Past was shocked. Hurriedly, he lifted his greatsword and swung it towards Shi Feng, taking the opportunity to assist Glorious Echo.

Just as frightened by this sudden development, Glorious Echo instinctively lifted his massive, golden shield.

A blue streak of light flashed across them.


Glorious Echo was forced back by six steps, each step leaving a deep footprint in the ground.


Although the damage was small, practically negligible compared to Glorious Echos 26,000 HP, Glorious Echos shield hand was numb and trembling. A grave expression crossed over the Shield Warriors face.

After activating Evil Gods Power, his Defense had received a massive boost. In addition, as a Shield Warrior, he possessed Skills and equipment that reduced the damage he took. After activating Shield Wall, the damage was reduced by another 60%. He had even blocked Shi Fengs attack with his shield. And Shi Feng still dealt over -500 damage to him.

In terms of Strength, Shi Feng was practically a humanoid Boss.

If Glorious Echo had not blocked Shi Fengs attack, his HP might have dropped by a frightening amount.

Suddenly, Galaxy Pasts Weeping Silver slashed at Shi Feng.

Just before the streak of silver light bit into its target, Weeping Silver suddenly stopped before Shi Feng, the weapon unable to proceed by even an inch. Unfortunately for Galaxy Past, Defensive Blade had intercepted the attack.

That damned Lifesaving Skill! Galaxy Pasts previous excited expression vanished. He had forgotten that Shi Fengs Defensive Blade was still in effect.


This time, a streak of blue light bloomed on Galaxy Past.

A damage of -2,054 points appeared above Galaxy Pasts head, shocking the Berserker. Hurriedly, Galaxy Past brandished his sword in an attempt to block Shi Fengs follow-up attacks.

When Shi Feng brandished Killing Ray, none of them could even see the swords afterimage. They could only see the faint blue arcs of lightning that trailed after the Epic Weapon.

Numerous blue lights streaked across Galaxy Pasts body.

Although Galaxy Past was very fast thanks to the Extreme Speed Potion, he was a Berserker. Even after drinking the Potion, he was only slightly faster than Shi Feng. When Killing Rays Lightning effect triggered, Galaxy Past could not see the weapons attack trajectory at all. Despite his desperate attempts to defend himself, Galaxy Past only avoided a few of Shi Fengs attacks.




Galaxy Pasts HP fell rapidly. In the blink of an eye, he had lost over half of his total HP. In the next moment, however, several heals soothed his pain, each recovering over 3,000 HP. In an instant, Galaxy Past recovered to full HP.

Hahaha! Black Flame, stop wasting your time. You cant kill me! At first, Galaxy Past had thought he was dead for sure. For a moment there, he had completely forgotten about the numerous expert players supporting him from the sidelines. As long as Shi Feng couldnt instant-kill him, these expert healers would recover his HP immediately. Knowing this, Galaxy Pasts confidence grew. Growing bolder, he took the initiative to attack Shi Feng, disregarding the Swordsmans attacks.

Watching, the frightened Glorious Echo also calmed down and continued charging at Shi Feng.

Although neither of them was a match for Shi Feng, as long as they could land one hit out of the dozens of attacks they sent, they would obtain their victory.

With both of them having such high Defense and Protection Blessings, I wont be able to kill them within a short time. Sure enough, Heavenly Dragons Power alone wont be enough. Shi Feng sighed. Suddenly, he leaped and broke away from the two Guild Leaders.

Hes trying to escape! Stop him! Galaxy Past shouted as Shi Feng fled.

His Wargod Possession had a very short duration. If he could not defeat Shi Feng within that duration, they would definitely lose this fight.

Hearing Galaxy Pasts command, the Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights activated their Lifesaving Skills and rushed at Shi Feng.

Scram! Shi Feng shouted. Turning, he swung Killing Ray violently.


Deals 200% + (30% * Hurricane Energy stacks) weapon damage in a 20-yard cone and lifts all targets struck into the air, preventing movement for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 minutes.

This was one of the Tier 1 Swordsman Set Equipments Additional Skills, Hurricane.

As Shi Feng had long since built up 10 stacks of Hurricane Energy during his previous attacks, he used Hurricane at its maximum power.

Instantly, the dozens of Shield Warriors and Guardian Knights were blown into the air.

Despite these players having activated Shield Wall and Protection Blessing, they still received over -15,000 points of damage. Some had even received a critical hit of more than -30,000 points. Instantly, every one of these MTs died before they hit the ground.

However, Galaxy Past and Glorious Echo had used this brief opportunity to catch up with Shi Feng.

I finally have some space. Shi Feng glanced at the approaching Berserker and Shield Warrior. He then retrieved the Dragon Slayer Potion, which he had obtained from the Disaster Treasure Chest, and drank it.

[Dragon Slayer Potion] (Consumable)

Increases all Attributes by 100% and all Resistances by 100 points for 1 minute.

Cooldown: 3 hours

In reality, Shi Feng didnt need to use the Dragon Slayer Potion to deal with Galaxy Past and Glorious Echo. He could simply activate Blade Liberation. However, the 20-second weakening effect after the Skills duration was a risk that Shi Feng could not afford. Hence, he toughened his resolve and chose to drink the Dragon Slayer Potion instead. That way, he would not receive any negative side-effects that would hamper his combat power later on.

After drinking the potion, Shi Feng felt his entire body brim with energy. It felt as if his every attack contained enough power to decimate heaven and earth.

Black Flame, you wont escape!

After activating Charge and arriving before Shi Feng, Galaxy Past executed the Berserkers strongest Tier 1 Skill, Lethal Blow.

However, Shi Feng suddenly stopped running. With double the Attributes now, Shi Feng turned around and evaded Galaxy Pasts Lethal Blow easily. The Killing Ray then transformed into numerous blue lights that snaked towards the Berserker. Before Galaxy Past realized what had happened, Killing Ray had struck numerous times.




In the blink of an eye, Galaxy Pasts HP hit rock bottom, his body falling to the ground. The healers standing at the rear had not even had the time to heal him. When Galaxy Past died, he dropped a piece of equipment and an ancient, broken sword with a golden hilt.

Suddenly, the entire battlefield fell silent. The Star Alliance members who had tried to block Shi Fengs path revealed expressions of disbelief.

The Guild Leader they revered had been killed!

When Glorious Echo saw his companion hit the dirt, he froze in his tracks, his will to fight vanishing. Shi Fengs terrifying power left him thoroughly shaken.

Shi Feng noticed that Galaxy Past had dropped something extraordinary, so he took the opportunity to pick up the Berserkers loot while everyone was still caught in their stupor.

They all watched in a daze as Shi Feng collected the drops. Nobody dared try to stop him.

Seeing as nobody wanted to approach him, Shi Feng smiled faintly as he took a blue Magic Scroll out of his bag.

Shi Feng had also obtained this from the Disaster Treasure Chest.

[Thunders Wrath] (Tier 3 Magic Scroll)

Deals devastating damage within a radius of 100 yards for 5 seconds.

Although this Magic Scroll was powerful, it had a channeling time of nearly one second. During this time, he could not afford any interruptions. This moment, however, was the perfect opportunity to use it.

While everyone struggled with their shock, Shi Feng unfurled the Magic Scroll and channeled the Spell. With himself as the center, he activated Thunders Wrath.

Crap! Run, quickly! Glorious Echo shouted in a panic after realizing what was about to happen.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

To finish Shi Feng off, the Star Alliance had gathered most of its experts around him. If Shi Feng attempted to hunt down these experts one by one, they would have fled.

If he used Thunders Wrath, however, none of them would get away.

Suddenly, a gigantic magic array appeared in the sky. Countless lightning bolts began to descend.

However, area-wide attacks like these usually required around two or three seconds to reach their full potential. During this period, the lightning strikes that snaked down from the sky would gradually increase. Hence, not all players within the affected area would take damage the instant the Magic Scroll activated.

Upon activating Thunders Wrath, Shi Feng switched the Aura of Space to the Aura of Earth and activated Absolute Defense. The Skills duration was just enough to last through the duration of Thunders Wrath. Shi Feng then dashed towards the Star Alliances expert players.

Lightning bolts descended, one after another. Even Glorious Echo, who had the highest HP and Defense among every player present, was vaporized when one of these bolts struck him.

Shi Feng weaved his way through the lightning storm as he collected the experts Immortal Souls. This fed his current collection rapidly.

By the time Thunders Wrath ended, the Star Alliances expert players had been wiped out.

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