Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 753

Chapter 753 - Title: Sword King

Ive finally finished this quest. Shi Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the system notification before him.

Although it was not difficult to kill 10,000 players in the time-frame Sharlyn had set, it would be very time-consuming if he had gone out of his way to do so.

Where would Shi Feng, who already had his hands full with his own tasks, find the time to hunt random players?

Now that he had completed the Epic Quest, Immortal Crown, the weight bearing down on Shi Fengs heart lifted significantly.

After all, he still had an extremely deadly Legendary Quest waiting for him.

Lord of Balrogs Fall!

If he did not gain the promotion to Tier 2 quickly, only death awaited him.

Failing an Epic Quest would partially cripple a player. However, there was still a chance to recover from the blow. A Legendary Quest, on the other hand, was different. If failed, the penalty would render the players account useless. In the past, even though many players had encountered the opportunity to undertake a Legendary Quest, they had hesitated for a very long time before making a decision. There were multiple known instances where players, who had not been strong enough, had accepted a Legendary Quest. In the end, they had to delete their accounts and start all over again. Hence, in the past, many players had chosen to pass on the opportunity to challenge a Legendary Quest, either challenging it later or selling the quests information to stronger, bolder players.

A Legendary Quests rewards were incredibly bountiful. Normally, they would reward either a Fragmented Legendary or Legendary item. These were invaluable to a player, and they could push a players combat power to the next level. Hence, one could gain quite a profit by selling information about such quests.

In the past, many players who had known that they were too weak would sell these Legendary Quests to large Guilds, earning Coins or items to strengthen themselves instead.

Others had scolded these players for being foolish. After all, just how much of a boost would a Legendary item offer a player?

Even so, many people had still envied such players. After all, it was extraordinarily difficult to complete a Legendary Quest as an individual. Obtaining one or two pieces of Epic Equipment without bearing any of the risks that came with a Legendary Quest definitely made it a worthwhile trade.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. A small advantage was more beneficial than a massive risk. Improving ones strength was the priority.

However, a Legendary Quest was not as easy as an Epic Quest.

Epic Quests were similar to Epic items in Gods Domain, while Legendary Quests were similar to Legendary items. Although Epic items were very high-end, they would gradually become commonplace among the general populace. A Legendary item, on the other hand, would remain a rarity. Not many players would ever encounter one without heaven-defying luck.

Moreover, the players decisions to sell the Legendary Quests had been proven a wise one because, among the large Guilds that had purchased these quests, 90% of them had failed to complete their Legendary Quests even after suffering tremendous losses. Many of those Guilds experts had been forced to start all over again.

Shi Feng knew of a few Legendary Quests he could pick up. However, he wasnt quite strong enough right now, so he would not try to take these quests on just yet. Yet, Shi Feng never imagined that the Legendary Quest that he tried so hard to avoid would come looking for him instead.

Basic Tyrant title? Shi Feng was reminded of the Tyrant Bear Cola when he saw this new title.

In the past, Cola had ranked at the top among the MTs in Star-Moon Kingdom. However, this achievement had not been due to his excellent combat techniques; rather, it had been his title.

That title was Tyrant.

However, Tyrant Bear Cola had never revealed his titles origin in the past.

Now, Shi Feng finally understood how he obtained it.

[Basic Tyrant] (Title)

When title is in use, Fortitude +30, maximum Stamina increased by 20%, and all Attributes increased by 5%.

(Requires 100,000 Immortal Souls to upgrade by one Level.)

What a powerful title. Shi Feng was stunned.

This was only the Basic ranked Tyrant title, yet, not only did it already increase a players Fortitude by 30 points, but it also increased their maximum Stamina by 20%. Just how powerful were the Intermediate and Advanced Tyrant titles?

Both Fortitude and Stamina were Hidden Attributes.

In the past, many people had paid massive prices to add just one point to their Hidden Attributes. Yet, one could obtain both Stamina and Fortitude from just a single title. Not to mention, the Tyrant title also increased a players Basic Attributes.

In Gods Domain, although Basic Attributes were important, Hidden Attributes were far more powerful. It was especially true for expert players.

Fortitude could reduce the consumption of a players Stamina and Concentration, whereas Stamina could extend the time a player could spend in battle.

Fights between experts of similar strength almost never ended in a short amount of time. Eventually, it would become a competition of Stamina and Concentration. Whoever could outlast the other would be the winner of the fight.

Shi Feng had only managed to obtain 10 Fortitude points after taking the risk to open the Disaster Treasure Chest. Even so, this meager amount had thrilled Shi Feng. Now, if he used the Basic Tyrant title, he could obtain 30 Fortitude Points and increase his maximum Stamina by 20%. If he encountered an opponent of roughly equal or greater strength in battle, he could definitely fight a battle of attrition and slowly wear down his opponent.

This was why, despite Cola being the MT of only a second-rate Guild, he had been able to push his way through the many obstacles in his path and become one of Star-Moon Kingdoms top MTs.

In fact, as one progressed in the game, Fortitude and Stamina were also extremely important when raiding a large-scale Team Dungeon because the Bosses inside these Dungeons demanded much of ones Stamina. More often than not, raids would fail not because the Bosses inside large-scale Team Dungeons were overwhelmingly powerful, but because the players raiding these Bosses would collapse from exhausting their Stamina.

Guild Leader, weve cleared out most of the elites from the Star Alliance and the various large Guilds. Those still alive have already escaped the Stoneclaw Mountains. Should we hunt them down? Aqua Rose reported excitedly.

This war had truly been a pleasurable one.

They had even beaten a massive threat like the Star Alliance to a pulp. Even if the Star Alliance tried to rope the other large Guilds to join hands and capture Stone Forest Town in the future, no one would work with them.

No need for that. Everyones tired from the war. Lets tidy up the battlefield and tally our gains and losses, Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

When players left the Stoneclaw Mountains, they could use a Return Scroll to teleport to their respective cities. It would be impossible to pursue these players even if they wanted to. Moreover, they had already achieved their main goal in this war.

In the future, any Guild would have to consider their decisions carefully before trying to lay a hand on Zero Wing.

Shi Feng left the post-war report to Aqua Rose and the others to manage. After all, he had something more important to deal with right now; he needed to look for Sharlyn and turn in his quest.

Shi Feng was already dying to receive the reward for the Immortal Crown.


As Shi Feng took off to turn in his quest, a huge incident rocked Star-Moon Kingdom.

The Secret Pavilion had updated its Gods Domain Experts List.

This time, the update had rendered many experts throughout Gods Domain speechless, none of them daring to believe the truth of what they saw.

The Gods Domain Experts List was a very credible ranking list in Gods Domain. Experts who ranked on it were all considered extraordinary players. Particularly, the top 500 rankings very rarely saw any fluctuations.

It was very difficult to climb the ranks once a player entered the top 500. Meanwhile, since the first publication of the Gods Domain Experts List, the top 100 had never changed. This time, however, someone had finally broken that record. Moreover, not only had someone climbed the ranks, but their title had also changed.

Gods Domain Experts List Rank 51: Black Flame

Class: Swordsman

Title: Sword King

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