Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 766

Chapter 766 - Asura Battle Team

Beast Empire, Beast City:

As the imperial capital of an empire, Beast City was far more prosperous than Star-Moon City. Moreover, its territory was vast. It ranked near the top, even among the many empires on the continent of Gods Domain.

Beast Citys player population alone exceeded ten million. The city had even more elite and expert players than White River City and Star-Moon City combined.

Although there were five first-rate Guilds in Beast City, the imperial capitals true ruler was the Super Guild Battle Wolves. All five of these first-rate Guilds submitted to Battle Wolves rules. They were only allowed to develop in Beast City after signing an agreement with the Super Guild. Otherwise, the massive Guild would have chased them out of the city long ago.


Inside Battle Wolvess Guild Residence:

Leader, our opponent for the next match has been decided. Here is a list of their names and the information we have gathered, the Vice-Leader of the Glorious Lions Battle Team, Journey Leave, reported as he approached Everlasting War.

The report Journey Leave held was very thin as the folder only contained a single sheet of paper. Many of the battle teams members in the meeting room were confused.

Vice-Leader, you couldnt have brought the wrong report, right? Why is there only one sheet of paper? Dont we usually have a stack for each team? the other members asked curiously.

Journey Leaves report regarding the previous two battle teams they had faced had taken them nearly three days to analyze, yet their Vice-Leader held only a single sheet this time. No matter how they looked at it, that did not seem like their usual reports.

This isnt a mistake; the battle team were facing this time has only recently joined the Dark Arena. This will be their debut match, Journey Leave confirmed.

When he had received the report, he, too, had his doubts. However, the intelligence department had confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the report, stating that their opponent was a new battle team. Aside from the battle teams leader, there was no information on any of the teams members.

A new battle team? Everlasting Wars curiosity grew. He had not expected a new battle team to boldly challenge the Glorious Lions. It seems that the battle teams employer is confident of their team. In any case, we should be careful. Journey, give us a general introduction.

Journey Leave nodded. He then opened the report on the meeting table and displayed it before his team members.

This battle team is a new one, so, aside from some basic data on the registered team leader, we havent uncovered any information. As of now, the other members have not been registered yet, and we have nothing on them.

The battle team is called Asura, and its led by Ye Feng. I researched this Team Leader myself. When Gods Domain launched, he was relatively famous. He had once defeated a large Guild by himself, so he is very powerful. However, it has been a very long time since anyone has seen him. Even when I went to the Secret Pavilion to research him, I left empty-handed. He is a complete mystery. As for his exact strength right now, that is also unknown.

Journey Leave then played Shi Fengs battle video for everyone to watch. However, this battle video had been recorded before everyone had reached the cities. In the video, Ye Feng killed dozens of players by himself while inside the town.

Although Phoenix Rain had given Shi Feng full authority over the battle team, he had no intention of participating in the Dark Arena as Black Flame. Black Flame was a Guild Leader. Having a Guild Leader of a large Guild participate in a brawl would only make him a laughingstock. Hence, Shi Feng intended to use his true identity in the Dark Arena.

What kind of report is this?

Is this a joke? Doesnt this mean that, aside from the battle team and the team leaders name, we know absolutely nothing?!

What is our intelligence department doing?! How old is this battle video? Ye Feng hadnt even reached Level 10 yet! Mainstream players are already reaching Level 30! Dont we have anything current on him?!

The battle teams members demanded answers, one after another.

There was a massive gap between Level 10 and Level 30. The battle video could not be used as any kind of reference.

Journey Leave shook his head helplessly. He had also investigated Ye Feng. However, there was nothing to find. It was as if all traces of Ye Feng had vanished from Gods Domain.

While everyone complained, Everlasting War sat back in a daze.

Why is he the Asura Battle Teams team leader? Everlasting War had tried to invite Shi Feng multiple times, hoping to recruit him as the Glorious Lions Vice-Leader. Unfortunately, Hua Qiushui, the representative of the corporation backing the battle team, was adamant in modifying the contract and restricting the battle teams freedom. The result was Shi Fengs rejection.

Everlasting War had felt Shi Fengs strength personally. Although he had never exchanged moves with the young Swordsman, he knew that Shi Feng was a Refinement Realm expert. Shi Feng could even emit an intense pressure. Experts in the Refinement Realm were extremely rare in Gods Domain. Most of these experts were relatively old. They werent usually interested in such competitions. Thus, Refinement Realm experts were relatively rare even in the Dark Arena.

Leader, do you know him? the other team members asked curiously.

Yes. Originally, Ye Feng was supposed to participate in the last audition. However, due to complications, he did not take part. I had never imagined that he would lead the Asura Battle Team. Now, we have to face him, Everlasting War said disappointedly. His strength is the real deal. Although he is keeping a low profile, I suspect that hes a Refinement Realm expert. As for his weapons and equipment, its been a long time since Ive seen him. Even I am not sure how strong he has become.

At this moment, Hua Qiushui, who sat at the head of the table, wore a twisted expression.

Although she had forgotten about a minor character like Shi Feng, Everlasting War had reminded her.

The minor character that she had forgotten had become a leader of a battle team. Furthermore, his battle team was going to face her own.

If the Asura Battle Team won against the Glorious Lions, the other major corporations would take advantage of her humiliation.

Seeing Hua Qiushuis reaction, everyone quickly realized the severity of the situation.

Back when the Glorious Lions had held its auditions, Hua Qiushui had decided to change the battle teams requirements, restricting the team members freedom. In reality, however, they had not lost much. Take Everlasting War for example. His restrictions were minimal.

Leader, youre not the same player that you were before. This is just a brat in the Refinement Realm. After all of your special training, this will be childs play! a team member joked.

However, this joke was also true.

The Super Guild Battle Wolves supported their battle team. Since they had begun participating in the Dark Arena, they had gained access to various resources. They didnt need to worry about top-tier weapons and equipment at all. They had even less worry about obtaining Skills. As for leveling up, they had a group of players who helped them gain levels rapidly. It was heaven. They only needed to improve on their combat techniques, thinking of ways to exert more of their strength.

They could also spar and receive guidance from the Super Guilds older generation. In the real world, they also received guidance from martial arts masters on a daily basis. Ever since joining the Glorious Lions Battle Team, their strengths had improved by leaps and bounds.

After two matches, the Glorious Lions Battle Team had earned quite a bit of fame in the Dark Arena. It would be a piece of cake to deal with a new battle team.

Everlasting, for the upcoming competition, I only have one demand. You must annihilate the Asura Battle Team! You cannot go easy on them just because you know Ye Feng! Hua Qiushui interjected as she turned to Everlasting War, her voice soft but commanding.

I will always fight to my limits, regardless of my opponent. Please rest assured, Director Hua. Everlasting War could guess what was going through Hua Qiushuis mind. However, he wouldnt go easy on an opponent just because they were acquainted. The Dark Arena was his battlefield. On a battlefield, he would not show any enemy mercy.

Hearing Everlasting Wars assurance, Hua Qiushui nodded in satisfaction.


Campbell Volcano:

After Shi Feng finished dealing with his matters, he led Zero Wings main force to Campbell Volcano in search of Level 50 Great Lords.

Guild Leader, Ive found the Boss! Minor Wind shouted in the team chat.

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