Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 767

Chapter 767 - Godly Skill for Grinding Monsters

Alright, everyone gather over there! Shi Feng commanded through the team chat.

Campbell Volcano was a Level 40 to Level 50 regional map in Star-Moon Kingdom and was famed for dropping Fire Resistance equipment.

However, the Campbell Volcanos environment was extremely severe.

Not only did the scorching temperatures increase the burden on players Stamina significantly, but players also had to deal with a Debuff.

[High-temperature Environment]

All of your Basic Attributes have been decreased by 10%, flame damage received increased by 20%, and HP recovery rate decreased by 50%.

The monsters in Campbell Volcanos map all used fire-type Skills. Some monsters even dealt flame damage with their basic attacks. Due to the severe environment, even Common monsters were challenging opponents, not to mention the Elite and Boss monsters.

In the future, however, Campbell Volcano would become a favored destination. Many Workshops would grind here for Fire Resistance equipment, earning a fortune.

However, Gods Domains mainstream players had not yet reached Level 30, so ordinary players could not survive here.

Guild players were even less likely to visit this map.

This was primarily due to the two main Field Bosses that wandered about Campbell Volcano. Both Bosses were Level 50 Great Lords, and they would turn any player that ventured into Campbell Volcano to level up into a charred corpse.

Guild Leader, thats the Boss, Minor Wind said as he pointed towards the massive bear sleeping in the magma-filled valley.

[Violent Flame Bear] (Elemental Being, Great Lord)

Level 50

HP 63,000,000/63,000,000

Its HP is insane! Blackie gulped.

This was the first time he had seen a Boss with such a high HP. How long would they have to spend to grind this Boss down?

The Violent Flame Bear was a Level 50 Great Lord. Depending on the Bosss Defense, after including the damage reduction due to the level suppression, their damage output would drop by at least 50%.

Its HP isnt the only challenge. Dont forget about its environment. Look, we are surrounded by magma. If we accidentally touch the magma, the entire team will be in danger. Fire Dance quickly noticed that there were too few footholds for them to stand on. There was no way their MTs could dodge the Flame Bears attacks properly.

A Level 50 Great Lords Attack Power would definitely be astonishing. If their MTs did not have enough space to avoid attacks

With Fire Dances reminder, the team realized the crux of the problem.

The Great Lord was already absurdly strong. If it could use Skills that utilized the surrounding magma, they would not be surprised if they team-wiped.

Without extremely high Fire Resistance, the magma would reduce them to ashes in less than three seconds.

Fear ripped through the team as they were suddenly paralyzed.

Cola, Ye Wumian, stand where the magma intersects. Everyone else, wait along the sides of the valleys entrance. Ill lure the Boss. Shi Feng could not help but laugh at his teams response.

If they threw themselves into battle, they would never defeat a Level 50 Great Lord.

It was especially true for the Violent Flame Bear. Due to the High-temperature Environment, the Flame Bear could even instant-kill a well-equipped Level 50 MT. Normally, only Tier 2 MTs could survive the Great Lords attacks.

In addition, the Violent Flame Bear also had the team-wiping Skill Earth Fury. When activated, the Great Lord would execute an earth-shaking stomp. Although the Skills damage was not particularly high, the stomp would create a magma tsunami that would devour all enemies within a 50-yard radius.

Even Shi Feng, with his high Fire Resistance, would lose 500 or 600 HP each second in the molten liquid. Hed be surprised if his teammates didnt lose 5,000 HP per second.

Among Zero Wings main force members, even Cola would only last several seconds with all of his Lifesaving Skills active, much less everyone else.

In the past, to deal with the Violent Flame Bear, the various large Guilds had lost hundreds of 100-man teams.

These teams had consisted of Level 50 and above elite players. They had been much stronger than Zero Wings main force.

Naturally, since Shi Feng had chosen to raid this Boss, he had a strategy to deal with it.

Shi Feng retrieved the Bible of Darkness and Magic Amplification Scroll. He then summoned a Demon.

A Tier 3 Demon was the equivalent of a Great Lord. Although the Tier 3 Demon Shi Feng summoned would suffer the Debuff and wouldnt have any environmental advantages, it could still act as a meat shield.

A Level 53 Tomahawk Demon with 11,000,000 HP appeared before them, stupefying Zero Wings main force. None of them had thought that Shi Feng could still summon a Tier 3 Demon.

A single Tier 3 Demon was far more useful than four or five Level 50, 100-man teams.

With this Demon, raiding the Violent Flame Bear would be much easier.

Go! Shi Feng directed the Tomahawk Demon to fly towards the Great Lord.

When the Tomahawk Demon was within 50 yards of the Flame Bear, the sleeping Great Lord discovered its presence. Suddenly, the Flame Bear opened its mouth, gathering an overwhelming surge of fire-type Mana in its mouth before releasing it.

Tier 2 Spell, Breath of Fire.

Instantly, a red beam of light lanced through the air towards the Tomahawk Demon.

The beam was too fast. Shi Feng already struggled to control the Demon. Hence, the red beam struck the Tomahawk Demon, sending it plunging into the molten magma.


The Violent Flame Bears damage left everyone speechless.

With one move, the Flame Bear had managed to obliterate so much of the Demons HP, regardless of the fact that it had as much Defense as a Great Lord of the same Level. If a player had received that attack, they would die instantly

Isnt it going to instant-kill us if we rush at it? Cola unconsciously gulped when he saw the Demon plunge into the fiery liquid. He doubted whether he could even stop the Violent Flame Bear from moving past him.

However, while everyone was still in a daze, Shi Feng controlled the Tomahawk Demon to brandish its axe. The five-meter-tall battle axe transformed into a stream of light and slammed into the Great Lords body.

Tier 2 Skill, Axe of Destruction!


Despite using a Tier 2 Skill, the Tomahawk Demons attack was weaker than the Violent Flame Bears. However, Shi Feng did not mind. After all, with him directing the Tomahawk Demon, he exerted less than 50% of the Skills effect. He was satisfied with dealing over -80,000 damage.

Gaoo! The attack had clearly inflicted pain as bloodthirst flashed in the Flame Bears ruby eyes. Immediately, it launched itself from the magma and charged towards the Tomahawk Demon.

Good. It took the bait. Shi Feng then had the Tomahawk Demon rush towards the valleys entrance. Cola, Ye Wumian, get ready. When the Flame Bear gathers Mana in its mouth, use Mock to attract its aggro and direct the Bears attack towards the intersection where youre standing. Do not let it attack elsewhere.

The Violent Flame Bears general attacks were limited to Flame Claws and Breath of Fire. Flame Claws was not an AOE attack, so the Tomahawk Demon could deal with it easily. Breath of Fire, on the other hand, was a straight-line AOE Spell. The Spell contained frighteningly destructive power, and any mishap could destroy the valleys entrance. This would put the other players in danger.

The Tomahawk Demon did not possess any aggro-holding Skills, so it could not control the direction of the Flame Bears attack. They needed someone else to do the job. If Cola failed to attract the Great Lords aggro, Ye Wumian could back him up.

As long as the valleys entrance remained intact, the high terrain could prevent everyone from drowning in magma when the Violent Flame Bear activated Earth Fury. With their HP, Zero Wings main force members could easily handle Earth Furys base damage.

I understand. Cola nodded heavily.

Very quickly, Shi Feng lured the Violent Flame Bear to the valleys entrance. He then directed the Tomahawk Demon to pin the Great Lord down.

With the Tomahawk Demons high Attack Power, no one could steal the Great Lords aggro.

Time flew by.

Throughout the battle, Zero Wings main force toyed with the Violent Flame Bear. Whenever it opened its mouth to use its breath attack, Cola provoked it. After the breath attack, the Tomahawk Demon would use a Tier 2 Skill to redirect the Great Lords aggro. As for everyone else, they bombarded the Great Lord with attacks without a care in the world. After all, regardless of their damage, they could not outdamage the Tomahawk Demon.

When the Violent Flame Bear eventually executed Earth Fury, although its attack had caused the earth to tremble, and the team members had taken plenty of damage, they still had over half of their HP after the attack. As for the resulting magma wave, it stopped growing after it engulfed the mountains lower-half. It didnt come near Zero Wings main force.

After a dozen or so minutes, Shi Feng activated Divine Providence and dealt the final blow.

The Violent Flame Bear released an agonized scream as it fell to the ground. A treasure trove appeared around its body.

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