Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 77

Chapter 77 - Adding Fuel to the Fire

Although Shi Feng only casually asked, Stabbing Hearts head, however, abruptly spun, his eyes looking at Shi Feng with anticipation. With an excited expression on his face, he asked, Could it be Brother Ye Feng, you have the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design?

Currently, Forging Designs for Bronze Equipment were madly fought over by the large Guilds, all of them
 competing with the depth of their financial backing. Nobody could firmly say the remaining number of Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs that would be sold. Maybe the first-rate Guilds would buy up all the Forging Designs; second-rate Guilds chance to obtain one might never come.

If he could obtain a Forging Design for a Bronze Equipment right now, then the Assassins Alliance could stay a step ahead of the other second-rate Guilds. They would be able to create a great reputation for themselves and make a large profit. At that time, they would have a greater chance when 
competing over White River City.

However, Shi Feng simply shook his head.

Stabbing Hearts excited mood was suddenly extinguished, becoming downhearted. However, after he gave it some thought, aside from the Black Flame Forger and Hammer Trading, there had yet to be a third player who could bring out a Forging Design. After all, such an item depended on luck to obtain it.

Didnt you want to bid for the 
Glimmer Chestplate? I can lend you some money, Shi Feng said in an unhurried tone.

Realization struck Stabbing Heart. Shi Feng indeed was very rich. It was obvious that he had considerable possessions from the way he was able to take out 20 Silver Coins without effort. However, compared to those first-rate Guilds, the difference was still far too great. It would be amazing if Shi Feng had 30 to 40 Silver Coins. Hence, Stabbing Heart said with a sigh, Brother Ye Feng, its not that I dont believe you, but the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Designs price is just too high. Just 20 or 30 Silver Coins wont be very useful.

Oh, then how much do you need to bid for it? Shi Feng confidently asked.

Although Shi Feng did not know how much was needed to bid for the Forging Design, he had over 4 Gold Coins that he obtained from the two Forging Designs that were sold. The money from these two items had already been deposited
 in his bag, so he was certain he would be able to bid for the third Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design successfully. He could also make Stabbing Heart owe him a favor by doing so. In any case, these Coins would still end up in his hands. Why would he be against this decision?

The results of the Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design far surpassed Shi Fengs expectations. With this many Guilds going all out, competing for the Forging Design, it was no wonder there was a game currency shortage, causing the price to soar. However, this situation was a very good news to Shi Feng. If Shi Feng did not add fuel to the fire right now, he would not be doing his long period of arduous effort any justice.

Stabbing Heart raised three fingers, helplessly saying, The competition right now is becoming increasingly heated. According to my estimates, we would need at least 3 Gold Coins to secure the bid. Otherwise, there is no hope for success.

How much do you have on your side? Shi Feng asked, 
taking the initiative. He did not intend to lend Stabbing Heart 3 Gold Coins in a single breath.

I have 2 Gold 10 Silver. It is extremely hard to collect game currency right now, as the other Guilds have purchased almost all of it. I have already planned to give up the competition, and instead, go and level up, Stabbing Heart said with a sigh.

Then Ill lend you 90 Silvers. That way, you will have collected 3 Gold Coins, Shi Feng said, smiling. He immediately selected to trade with Stabbing Heart, placing 90 Silver Coins in the 
Trade Window.

Stabbing Heart was suddenly shocked when he saw the 90 Silver Coins inside the Trade Window. He did not imagine Shi Feng would possess that much money. Also, Shi Feng had also spent over 10 Silver Coins just now. Didnt that mean that Shi Feng had at least 1 Gold Coin on his person?

If the Assassins Alliance did not put all their efforts into collecting funds, then the Guilds fluid funds would be similar to the amount Shi Feng possessed. However, they were a second-rate Guild, and their Guild members numbered over 
20,000. They also had a specialized 500-man money-farming team. Meanwhile, the money Shi Feng had earned, alone, was actually more or less the same as their Guild.

Brother Ye Feng,
 thank you, truly! I will repay this favor in the future! Stabbing Heart excitedly exclaimed, However, I cant just let Brother take a loss. Tomorrow, I will definitely return 1 Gold Coin to you.

Currently, the game currency of Gods Domain was extremely precious, especially in this period where Forging Designs were being competed over. Originally, Stabbing Heart wanted to purchase it using Credits. However, when he thought about the preciousness of the 
game currency, it was hard to buy, even if he had the money. Moreover, Shi Feng did not lack Credits. Hence, he did not have the nerve to let those words leave his mouth and instead chose to compensate Shi Feng with an interest of 10 Silver Coins.

However, Shi Feng had become slightly speechless as he only wished for Credits. He was shouldering a large debt right now. In addition to the workshop and the rent he needed in the future, he was desperately in need of 
money. What would he do with that much game currency? How could it be as dependable as Credits?

The earlier he started his Workshop, the earlier he could recruit 
stable party members. When he could enter large-scale Dungeons, he would be able better earn money, level up, and increase the Workshops reputation, building a better foundation for establishing his Guild. If he started too late, it would be hard even to set foot in White River City. Every moment counted right now.

Brother Stabbing Heart, dont say it such. If you didnt show up today, I would not be able to avoid a bloody battle. I owe you a favor, so for these 90 Silvers, Ill just sell you each Silver Coin at 60 Credits. Every Guild would be in need of Coins in the initial stages of the game, so you dont have to be polite with me, Shi Feng said in a sincere tone.

Stabbing Heart was immediately moved by Shi Fengs words. He thought that Shi Feng was a friend who was worth 
knowing. If he returned Shi Feng 1 Gold Coin tomorrow, it would cause quite a lot of trouble to the Guilds operation. Moreover, nurturing Forgers and purchasing materials required large sums of Coins. It couldnt be any better if he purchased them using Credits.

I cant thank Brother Ye Feng enough! However, 60 Credits is a little too low. I dont have the nerve to buy them at that price, and just saying it would cause others to make fun of me. Ill buy each Silver Coin for 80 Credits for a total of 7,200 Credits. Ill transfer them to your account immediately. Stabbing Heart was very joyful. Even if Shi Feng were to have complaints about the matter, Stabbing Heart would still stubbornly transfer all 7,200 Credits to Shi Feng.

Brother Ye Feng, Ill be leaving to bid for the Forging Design first! If you have any problems in the future, please dont hesitate to contact me. Ill definitely go all-out to help you.

Finished speaking, Stabbing Heart hurriedly left with his subordinates to the Auction House.

Seeing the additional 7,200 Credits in his bank account, Shi Feng helplessly smiled. His opinion of Stabbing Heart grew even more favorable in his heart.

Currently, his bank account had more than 20,000 Credits; the money for two Virtual Gaming Helmets was now secured. At the very least, he would not lose the Virtual Gaming Helmet after the 7-day-duration was up and lose the ability to play Gods Domain.

The remaining task he had was to earn even more money and collect some funds before the start of the schools Fellowship Party. Who knew, he might obtain a great chance at the Fellowship Party,
 building an unshakable foundation for his Workshop.

In Shi Fengs previous life, Shadow had obtained a big chance at the Fellowship Party. It was precisely because of this chance that allowed Shadow Workshops strength to greatly increase, giving them the confidence to compete with other third-rate Guilds over controlling rights for White River City.

In this life, since he was to attend the Fellowship Party, he would not let go of this great opportunity, naturally. He would compete for as much as he could.

Following which, Shi Feng looked for a Hotel and rented a guest room there.

In Red Leaf Town, the Red Name above his head was too eye-catching. If he did not look for a way to deal with it, his every action would attract the attention of surrounding players.

I never thought I would have to use this item this quickly, Shi Feng took out the Demon Mask from his bag. He could not help but shake his head and laugh.

If he did not have this item, he really would a difficult time solving the matter of his Red Name.

After wearing the Demon Mask, Shi Feng adjusted his facial appearance. His new appearance was very different from his original self. At the same time, his Red Name also turned green. If others did not possess a high-leveled Observation Skill, they would not be able to see through his disguise.

After confirming that there were no problems, Shi Feng placed his remaining 3 Gold Coins onto the Virtual Trade Center; each Silver Coin was sold for 80 Credits. Based on the current level of competition, as long as the Assassins Alliance successfully bid for the Forging Design, those first-rate Guilds and other second-rate Guilds would most likely be unable to sit tight. The competition 
then would be more insane than now. Shi Feng was not worried that his game currency would not sell.

Just as Shi Feng was about to leave the Hotel, a sudden realization flashed
 past him. He lightly tapped his own forehead.

How could I forget about this thing! Now that I have the Demons Mask, how can I not properly use it? Shi Feng revealed a bright smile.

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