Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 774

Chapter 774 - Four Great Empires

In one of the bars in Star-Moon Citys Slums:

A middle-aged man in silver robes turned and looked at his surroundings. After confirming that no one had followed him, he walked into the bar.

Aside from the NPC barkeeper, the bars only occupant was a white-haired youth dressed in exquisite, black leather armor. When the white-haired youth, who had been enjoying a bottle of vodka in silence, sensed the silver-robed man walk over, he turned around and smiled, saying, Youre finally here. It seems that Black Flame has put you through quite the ringer. Did you finish what I asked you to do?

The silver-robed man was none other than Sky from the Flower of Seven Sins. He was also the first Void Realm expert Shi Feng had killed.

Skys position in the Flower of Seven Sins was extraordinary. He could be considered one of the organizations key figures. Normally, upon meeting, the Fowers members only felt fear and respect. They were deeply afraid of offending Sky, who had a strange personality. Yet, when speaking with this man, the white-haired youth remained calm and natural.

If the other members saw this, they would definitely be shocked.

As you guessed, he can steal players Immortal Souls. However, I did not discover that items presence on him. Really though, this incident has ruined me. I wasnt able to log into the game for three days. Ive fallen behind in levels. I even lost an excellent pair of shoes. Say, how do you intend to compensate me for the losses? Sky said, annoyance clear in his tone as he glared at the gloating youth.

Fine. They were just a pair of shoes. What do you think of this? the white-haired you asked, laughing. He then revealed a pair of Level 35 Dark-Gold ranked combat boots.

Currently, Gods Domains mainstream players were around Level 30, while its experts were Level 33. Even expert players were barely reaching Level 35. Yet, the white-haired youth could so easily hand Sky a pair of Level 35 Dark-Gold ranked combat boots.

Even Level 30 Dark-Gold Equipment was very difficult to obtain, not to mention Level 35 Dark-Gold Equipment.

That is more like it. Anything less and youd fail to live up to your name, Silver. Sky, however, was not particularly surprised. He accepted the combat boots. You really are a strange one. Instead of looking for him yourself, you chose me to test his strength and learn whether or not he has that item. Isnt this just a waste of time? With your abilities, cant you find an opportunity to kill him fairly easily?

You dont understand. There is only one chance to obtain that item. In the off chance that I alert him, I will lose that one opportunity.

Besides, it was fortunate that I didnt join you. It would have been too difficult to kill him. He didnt bring the item with him, either. Killing him would have been useless. Silver shook his head. Laughing softly, he said, I am not in a rush, anyway. In any case, I have other places to be, as well. However, I need you to keep a close eye on him and report any movement to me.

As for the reward you requested, Ill take care of it as soon as possible. However, you mustnt forget that only you and I know this information. If I find that word has gotten out you will suffer the consequences!

Sky involuntarily shivered under Silvers warning glare. Hurriedly, he replied, I understand.

Silver was a true upper echelon of the Flower of Seven Sins. Throughout the organizations history, Silver was the only player to join the organizations upper echelons at such a young age. His strength and abilities were extraordinary. If he offended Silver, not only would he find it impossible to mingle in Gods Domain, but he would also suffer in the real world.


Fire Dragon Empire, Flame Dragon Imperial City:

Gods Domain was the home of numerous empires. The Four Great Empires, however, towered above the rest. The Fire Dragon Empire was one of these four.

The Beast Empires imperial capital only had a player population of around ten million. Flame Dragon City, however, had a population of over thirty million. Beast City could not compete with Flame Dragon City. At the same time, Flame Dragon City was also one of the four venues that often hosted the Dark Arena.

Flame Dragon Citys territory was also massive. Compared to Flame Dragon City, Star-Moon City and White River City were merely small children.

Currently, a large number of players had gathered in Flame Dragon Citys Underground Arena.

Every one of these players either held prominent positions in the virtual gaming world or was one of Gods Domains many overlords. No one could afford to offend a single one of these players.

Currently, ordinary players could not enter the Underground Arena as a Super Guild had cordoned off the area. If a player dared to cause a scene here, they would find themselves very quickly removed from Gods Domain. Hence, no one dared to approach without an invitation.

Big Sis Rain, its almost time, yet, those people havent arrived yet. Should we have the others prepare for now? a charming beauty wearing luxurious, purple mage robes asked Phoenix Rain softly.

We still have some time. It wont hurt to wait a little longer. If they arent going to show up, well have the others take their place, Phoenix Rain said as she glanced at the charming beauty beside her. Smiling, she continued, Blue, I know you have a low opinion of Zero Wing, but Black Flame is the expert who defeated Martial Dragon. Just a while ago, he even defeated Sky from the Flower of Seven Sins. His strength is at the pinnacle of Gods Domain.

In the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, Blue Phoenix was no less famous than Martial Dragon. She was one of the top combatants the Phoenix Pavilion had paid a large price to nurture secretly. However, due to Martial Dragon awakening his Domain a step ahead of her, Blue Phoenix was weaker than Martial Dragon. Even so, she was still an expert ranking at the very top of Gods Domain.

Originally, Phoenix Rain had intended to allow Blue Phoenix to lead the battle team, taking advantage of her strength to make a fortune.

However, Black Flames sudden appearance had changed her mind. If she had Black Flame lead the battle team instead, she had a better chance of keeping herself hidden. At the very least, nobody would connect her with this battle team.

But Black Flame looks down on us! Big Sis Rain, you only obtained this battle team slot after a lot of trouble, yet they havent shown themselves, and were losing time before the match begins. This shows that theyre not taking this seriously at all! How could someone like this fight with everything they have in the match? Blue Phoenix complained indignantly.

As Phoenix Rain waited quietly for Shi Fengs arrival, a woman in a set of glamorous purple robes appeared before her. This beautiful woman radiated the air of luxury.

Why, if it isnt Miss Feng[1]. I never thought that after so many years, youd still be a measly Pavilion Master. If you had agreed to my brothers conditions, you wouldnt be in such a pitiful state, Exemplary Willow said, giggling. Her eyes, however, contained ridicule as she spoke.

And here I wondered who had appeared before me. So its Miss Liu[2], who recently suffered a miserable defeat at the hands of an upstart Guild like Zero Wing, Phoenix Rain chuckled while covering her mouth with her hand.

Hearing Phoenix Rain comeback, Exemplary Willow flared with anger like a cat whose tail got stepped on.

Feng Qianyu, dont think that youve won just yet! Sooner or later, Ill teach you that all your efforts are for nothing! Your fate has already been determined and cannot be changed! Even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion cannot help you! Not to mention, youre still just a measly, little Pavilion Master! Exemplary Willow snorted as she stomped away.

After Exemplary Willow left, however, Phoenix Rains complexion darkened slightly.

Big Sis Rain, times up. The organizer is ushering us to get ready. What should we do? Blue Phoenix asked.

TL Notes:

[1]Feng (Feng Qianyu/ Phoenix Rain): Feng Qianyu is Phoenix Rains real name. In truth, shes using her real name in the game as well, but I dont think Feng Qianyu will be meaningful/memorable.

[2]Liu (Liu Shishi/ Exemplary Willow): Liu Shishi is Exemplary Willows real name. Shes using her real name in the game as well.

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