Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 775

Chapter 775 - Sure-kill Spell

Could he have forgotten? Phoenix Rain frowned slightly.

In truth, she had more confidence in her subordinates than in Black Flame. After all, she had gone to great lengths to nurture these subordinates, molding them into experts. Moreover, they wore the best equipment the Phoenix Pavilion had to offer.

She had invested a lot of time and effort into this match.

Even Zero Wing, a Guild famed for its equipment, was unlikely to have better equipment.

Immediately, Phoenix Rain called up the system interface, intending to contact Black Flame. If the man truly wasnt going to show up, then she could only send her subordinates into the match. Although there was the risk of exposing her identity, winning the match was equally important.

Just as Phoenix Rain was about to click Contact Friend, Shi Feng appeared in her line of sight. However, rather than his appearance of Black Flame, Shi Feng wore the features of Ye Feng.

Hello, Phoenix Pavilion Master. I am Ye Feng, the leader of the battle team Guild Leader Black Flame has sent, Shi Feng explained slowly.

Hello. May I know where your Guild Leader is right now? Phoenix Rain asked as she looked at Shi Feng, not taking him seriously.

She knew of Ye Feng. In her opinion, however, this was only a trap Black Flame had set to confuse the enemy battle team. Black Flame should be the battle teams true leader rather than this young man before her.

Guild Leader has something important to take care of, so he delegated all responsibilities regarding the battle team to me. If Phoenix Pavilion Master has any questions, please feel free to ask. Shi Feng could tell what was going through Phoenix Rains mind. Laughing, he said, Moreover, Phoenix Pavilion Master, do you really think that it is appropriate for Zero Wings Guild Leader to take part in such a competition?

Then, are you saying that Guild Leader Black Flame wont be participating in the Dark Arena at all? Phoenix Raid asked with a chilling tone, wrathful flames flaring up in her eyes. This development was unexpected.

Of course. However, Phoenix Pavilion Master, please rest assured. We wont disappoint you, Shi Feng said, not particularly minding Phoenix Rains anger. Calmly, he continued, If Phoenix Pavilion Master is still unsure, you can test my strength personally.

Shi Feng was very curious about Phoenix Rains current strength.

In the past, countless Guilds had fallen into Phoenix Rains hands. There was even on instance where multiple apex experts banded together to deal with Phoenix Rain, yet without exception, she defeated every one of them. Back then, the assassination attempt had boosted Phoenix Rains prestige in Gods Domain. She had been given the Demon Queen title as a result. After all, not only was she a country-toppling beauty, but she also possessed an absolute strength that allowed her to step on apex experts.

Those apex experts, who had tried to deal with Phoenix Rain, had admitted that, when they had fought Phoenix Rain, she had killed them without taking any damage at all.

Those apex experts had been to Gods to Shi Feng. He had only been able to look up to them.

Yet, such experts hadnt been able to land a finger on Phoenix Rain, even after banding together. Phoenix Rains strength was inconceivable.

However, after that battle, Phoenix Rain had practically avoided combat. She had left all matters to Blue Phoenix to handle. As a result, Phoenix Rains true strength remained a mystery in Gods Domain.

At this moment, Blue Phoenix stepped forward and said, As expected of the team leader favored by Guild Leader Black Flame. Since youre so confident, let me have a bout with you.

Blue Phoenix was furious with Zero Wing.

Black Flame had actually decided to neglect such an important match, passing all responsibility to a subordinate instead. At this point, she intended to teach Zero Wings members a lesson and humiliating Black Flame.

Of course, I have no issues with that. However, it doesnt seem like we have much time, Shi Feng said after glancing the time.

They only had 15 minutes before the competition officially began. If they did not enter the arena before the competition started, they would automatically forfeit the match, and their opponents would win without even fighting.

One minute will be more than enough, Blue Phoenix said as she glanced at Shi Fengs level, which he had modified to appear as Level 35.

Phoenix Pavilion Master, what are your thoughts? Shi Feng turned to look at Phoenix Rain.

Im also curious about Guild Leader Black Flames judgment. Since he has chosen you to serve as the team leader, let me see your strength. If you cannot survive for one minute, I can only say that Guild Leader Black Flame is overly optimistic. If thats the case, Ill have to reconsider our cooperation. Despite observing Shi Feng for a long time, she did not think that Shi Feng was particularly strong. Although she felt a faint pressure from him, this pressure was minimal. It was far from the massive pressure she felt from Black Flame. The nearby dueling ring is available. You two can fight there.

In truth, Phoenix Rain was also curious about Shi Fengs identity.

She had seen Ye Fengs name in Zero Wings investigation report before. However, Ye Feng had only appeared briefly during Gods Domains early stages. Afterward, he had not accomplished anything notable. Yet, Black Flame had given Ye Feng full authority over the battle team for such an important event like the Dark Arena. Even Aqua Rose, Zero Wings Vice-Leader, was only the battle teams second in command.

How could this situation not pique her interest?

Based on Phoenix Rains impression, Black Flame was a man of absolute calm. He knew his priorities and had glimpsed upon the world of the great.

It was impossible that Black Flame did not understand the importance of the Dark Arena. Yet, he still delegated all responsibility to Ye Feng

It would be unwise to cast aside Ye Feng without testing the young man. Hence, she decided to take the time to test Ye Fengs strength. If he could last one minute against Blue Phoenix, then he was relatively strong. It would not be impossible for him to secure victory in the upcoming match. After all, the other Zero Wing members of the battle team were relatively strong as well.

Since Phoenix Pavilion Master doesnt have any problems with it, I have no issues with it, either, Shi Feng laughed as he walked towards the dueling ring.

There were many dueling rings inside the Underground Arena that players could rent for practice matches. However, the higher rank the dueling ring was, the higher its rental fees were.

In the dueling ring, as soon as Blue Phoenix and Shi Feng turned towards each other, the Duels countdown began.

Five seconds

Four seconds

Just as the Duel was about to begin, Phoenix Rain suddenly noticed that Zero Wings other members werent particularly interested in watching. On the contrary, they chatted, carefree, with each other.

Underestimating my subordinate? Phoenix Rain could not help but laugh. Her laughter, however, contained a hint of frost.

Blue Phoenix, noticed the behavior of Zero Wings members.

Good! Very good! I intended to go easy and let your team leader last a few more seconds. Now, Ill take him down in five seconds! Blue Phoenix inwardly swore.

Blue Phoenix was a Level 36 Tier 1 Elementalist. Meanwhile, her equipment consisted of Level 35 Dark-Gold and Fine-Gold quality. The staff in her hand was even the Level 30 Dark-Gold ranked Dawn Scepter, a weapon she had obtained from a Level 30 Hell Mode Team Dungeon. The Dark-Gold ranked staff could even level with her to Level 35. Overall, Blue Phoenixs magic damage was astonishing. Even her minor Skills could inflict massive damage to an MT of the same Level.

Soon, the bell signaled the start of the Duel.


With a low shout, she began drawing several lines of runes with great familiarity. Immediately, dozens of Ice Spears appeared around her and shot towards Shi Feng.

Tier 1 Sure-kill Spell, Ice Madness!

Every Ice Spear contained immense power. Players that came into contact with the spears would suffer a debuff, their Movement Speed reducing by 40% and Attack Speed reducing by 30%.

Under Blue Phoenixs control, dozens of Ice Spears flew towards Shi Feng from all directions. The Swordsman had nowhere to hide.

Moreover, Blue Phoenix had already reached the Void Realm. She could perceive her surroundings and Shi Fengs actions like the back of her hand. With Shi Fengs slightest movements, she could immediately adjust the attack angle of her Ice Spears.

However, this was not all.

Suddenly, Blue Phoenix waved her hand, and two Ice Walls appeared in front of her, preventing Shi Feng from charging at her.

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