Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 78

Chapter 78 - Black and White Interweave

The Demon Mask was able to hide the users identity. In Gods Domain, it would be inconvenient for Shi Feng to reveal himself in many matters. However, with the Demon Mask, he would be able to have another identity to move about in the darkness, carrying out many tasks that he, himself, could not do.

And right now was one such time.

After walking out of the Hotel, Shi Feng took a look at his surroundings. He discovered several players behaving oddly. Their eyes were glued onto the Hotels main entrance as if they were waiting for something. However, due to the effects of the Demon Mask, these players did not pay any attention to Shi Feng.

Why hasnt that brat come out yet? Is he planning to stay inside there until his Red Name changes back? an Assassin standing outside the Hotel entrance said impatiently.

What are you in a rush for? That brat is dead for sure. He actually dared to sneak an attack on Boss Ironsword. He even killed so many of our brothers. The enmity between him and Martial Union has already reached an irreconcilable state. I want to see just how long he can hide. If he were to wait foolishly, instead of killing monsters to reduce the weight of his crime, he would need to wait more than thirty hours before his Red Name disappears. Even if he is currently powerful, after more than thirty hours have gone by, our equipment and levels will surpass him by a huge leap. At that time, killing him to Level 0 will be much easier, 
another Assassin said with a sneer.

While these players from Martial Union were making fun of Shi Feng, they did not notice their target standing right next to them, and that he heard every single detail of their conversation.

Martial Unions sure is quick in taking action. They really are thinking highly of me if they sent a party of Assassins to watch out for me. Unfortunately, I dont have the time to play around with them. Ill just let them wait for the sky to turn bright.

Shi Feng had long since guessed that Ironsword Lion would not let him go. After all, Shi Feng had crossed paths with Ironsword Lion many times in his previous life. He had a very good understanding of Ironsword Lions personality; Ironsword Lion would definitely want revenge. Even if he had to pay a great price, as long as he was able to obtain revenge, he would definitely do it. Moreover, he would repay it hundreds to thousands of times over.

If one were to put it nicely, Ironsword Lion was a simple man. If one were to put it badly, however, Ironsword Lion was a person with a one-track mind. Others could easily discern his thoughts.

Following which, 
Shi Feng departed from the Hotel with a carefree attitude. Meanwhile, the party of Assassins was still foolishly waiting in front of the Hotels entrance. They were jeering at Shi Fengs cowardice, only daring to hide inside the Hotel. In the end, death would still be awaiting him.

At the Trade Area, a sea of people crowded in front of the Auction House. Shi Feng could not even squeeze himself inside to purchase materials. Without a better option, Shi Feng could only give up for now and visit the Chefs Association to take a look at Violet Clouds progress first.

Compared to the currently popular Forging Association, the Chefs Association was completely deserted. There was only a fragment of Lifestyle players entering and leaving the Association.

After arriving at the Kitchen he previously rented, Shi Feng readjusted the Demon Mask, returning to his original appearance but still hiding his Red Name.

After entering the Kitchen, Shi Feng discovered Violet Cloud currently concentrating on making Fruit Juice. Her hand movements were extraordinarily speedy and experienced. She was currently also Level 3, surpassing many other Lifestyle players.

Although Shi Feng had seen many 
Master Chefs make cold beverages before, none of their actions were as smooth and natural as Violet Clouds. It was truly hard to believe why Violet Cloud would say her production speed was extremely slow. Her speed was shockingly fast. Did Violet Cloud intentionally trick him?

Shi Feng shook his head, feeling that Violet Cloud had no reason for doing such a thing. Hence, he walked over and suddenly asked, Violet, how are you faring?

However, as if Shi Fengs question did not enter Violet Clouds ears; she was still concentrating on making Fruit Juice. There was nothing else present in her heart.

Looking at Violet Clouds degree of focus, Shi Feng was slightly shocked himself. He no longer tried to interrupt Violet Cloud and instead, chose to stand by the side and observe her.

After more than ten minutes had passed, Violet Cloud had yet to discover Shi Fengs presence. Meanwhile, she had already crafted more than ten cups of Fruit Juice. These Fruit Juices looked extremely refreshing, and they gave off a faint, captivating fragrance.

After she used up the materials in her hands, just when Violet Cloud was about to retrieve more


Violet Cloud was shocked into a jump as she discovered that her boss, Shi Feng, was standing behind her. From the looks of it, he had been waiting for quite some time now.

Violet Clouds heart became frantic as she thought about how she let her employer wait for so long. Lowering her head, she said in a nervous tone,

Have you completed the nine hundred cups of Fruit Juice? Shi Feng asked with a smile. Shi Fengs evaluation of Violet Cloud had greatly risen as of this moment.

The more focused someone was when doing something, the greater the efficiency. It was also easier for them to overcome difficulties. However, not everyone was able to constantly maintain a high degree of focus, just like how a students thoughts would wander after studying for a long period of time, or become absent-minded after listening to the teachers lecture for some time.

However, Violet Cloud possessed extraordinary focus. When carrying out a task, her efficiency would definitely increase by several folds, doing half the work for double the effect. It was no wonder why she was able to become a Cleric God in the end. Even if she were not a Cleric, and instead played some other Job, her achievements would most likely still be great.

En, theyre all done. However, I obtained a realization when I was making them before. After spending a lot of materials, I created a new Fruit Juice. You wont blame me for it, right, Sir? Violet Cloud said, slightly afraid. After all, she did not carry out her task according to Shi Fengs requirements. After completing the nine hundred cups of Fruit Juice, she went on to concoct other recipes.

Shi Feng involuntarily laughed. Looking at the hundreds of cups of Fruit Juice on the table, he encouragingly said, Why would I blame you? More than that, I want to reward you. With the new Fruit Juice, I will have greater confidence in carrying out that task of mine. Here are 3 Silver Coins as your reward. I hope that you can bring forth many new creations in the future. As for your share in the sales of these Fruit Juices, Ill give it to you after I sell them.

As for the Fruit Juices, you no longer need to make them for now. Afterward, focus on making the Wolf Meat Dishes. I still have a great use for them.

Currently, players did not regard Wolf Meat as precious. However, after it was turned into a Wolf Meat Dish, its price could be increased over ten times. Such an increase was due to the fact that after consuming the Wolf Meat Dish, every Job would have their main Attributes increased by 5 points, and its duration was one hour.

Such an increase was extremely attractive to a majority of the players. The increase was equivalent to gaining another level, and with it, they would be able to kill monsters much more quickly. Only, after taking the manufacturing costs into account, most of the current Chef players did not pay much attention to dishes with such high costs. However, by the time they did pay attention, they would have already missed a huge opportunity.

Thank you, Sir. I will definitely complete my task. Excitement and appreciation filled Violet Clouds face after she received the 3 Silver Coins. She felt she was truly lucky for being able to meet Shi Feng. Otherwise, she would still have to conduct sales out in the streets, only to end up selling just a few cups. Even if she were to strive for an entire week, she would not be able to earn 3 Silver Coins. Yet, she had such an amount with just a days effort.

Following which, Shi Feng stored all the Fruit Juices in his bag. There were more than 1,700 cups of them, and if each cup were sold at 1 Copper Coin, then that would sum up to 17 Silver Coins. To an average player, it was definitely a huge sum of money. To Shi Feng, however, it was just spare change. However, Shi Feng did not intend to sell any of them as he had another use for them.

System: The Glimmer Chestplate Forging Design you have placed on auction has been sold. After deducting the processing fees, a total of 2 Gold 76 Silver has been added to your bag space.

Has Assassins Alliance won the bid already? Shi Feng called out the official forums. Just as expected, the Assassins Alliance posted a thread, widely advertising the Forging Design they successfully bid on and taking the chance to increase their fame and influence.

After all, being able to purchase a Forging Design indicated the Guilds background. This would cause many leisure players to reconsider their estimates of the Assassins Alliances strength.

Violet, if you wish to convert your Coins to Credits, wait for 
another hour or two before registering them on the Virtual Trade Center. That way, you will be able to obtain a higher price, Shi Feng reminded Violet Cloud after some thought.

Mmhmm. Violet Cloud obediently nodded her head. Although she did not understand Shi Fengs intentions, she still chose to believe in him. After all, Shi Feng was currently her 
knight in shining armor.

Afterward, Shi Feng gave Violet Cloud another 5 Silver Coins for her to purchase the materials needed to make the Wolf Meat Dish. He then departed from the Chefs Association, his appearance changing into an older gentleman.

Its about time I contacted her, Shi Feng had done all the necessary preparations. Moreover, the Assassins Alliance had caused the other Guilds to start to panic. 
So, now was about the right time to contact that person.

Shi Feng called out his Friend Window and looked for the Snow Goddess, a cunning
 smile appearing on his face.

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