Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 91

Chapter 91 - Going Through Thick and Thin Together

Looking at the Credits on the table, Wu Yis complexion alternated between green and red. His face was gloomy to the degree of being able to squeeze water out.

How was this possible?!

Ignoring the credibility of the monthly salary of 20,000 Credits, just being able to toss down 20,000 Credits casually was not normal.

Wu Yi had seen many wealthy tycoons before, and his eyesight had never failed him before. The clothing that Shi Feng was currently wearing was not even worth 300 Credits, so how could Shi Feng possibly have that much money? Moreover, when he took it out, it was just so simple. He even casually threw it onto the table. This series of actions were not habits of an average person, and they were impossible fake. Only those tycoons that paid no heed to Credits would carry the action out in such a relaxed and comfortable manner.

What Wu Yi did not know was that Shi Feng was once the Guild Leader of Shadow. Throwing money away like dirt was just a small matter to him. He even spent tens of millions of Credits to poach a few Master-level Lifestyle players. During those times, he had thrown stack after stack of Credits onto the table, causing those Lifestyle players to worship him immediately.

Throwing out just 20,000 Credits was not even a warm-up for him.

Humph! Just this amount of money is nothing. As long as you have the strength to join the upper-echelons of Shadow, a monthly salary of 50,000 to 60,000 Credits is just a small matter. Moreover, we have the support of Young Master Lan, so our funds are extremely abundant. Furthermore, the celebrities of our school have also joined Shadow. The 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 9th ranked students in the universitys most recent fighting competition have all joined Shadow. These people are the true experts, and they could easily rise to fame in Gods Domain. Meanwhile, what kind of true experts does your Workshop have? Wu Yi pretended to be calm as he coldly snorted. However, he still could not help himself to steal a glance at the 20,000 Credits thrown on the table.

The basic wage for an official member of Shadow was just 3,000 to 5,000 Credits. Although it was slightly better than the salary of many university fresh graduates, there was still a limit. Such an amount was not enough for one to act carelessly.

Wu Yi, we will deal with the matters of Zero Wing by ourselves. It is still not up to you to comment on our problems. If your boss wishes to annex our Workshop, first offer up a monthly salary of 100,000 or above, let me be Shadows Vice Leader, and Brother Feng the Guild Leader. Otherwise, please return. Blackie was extremely irritated after hearing Wu Yi speak. He abruptly stood up and pointed towards the dormitorys entrance as he looked at Wu Yi with a disdainful smile. Blackies performance was extremely arrogant and incomparably rampant. He held no regard for Shadow at all.

Was it amazing to have many members? Did being an expert in a fighting competition mean they could play well in Gods Domain? If one had the ability, then they could hitch up a relationship with those first-rate Guilds. See if they pay any attention!

Blackie, you better not regret this in the future. Shadow is fated to become a giant in Jin Hai City. When that time comes, dont even think about joining Shadow, Wu Yi left after speaking. He was determined to tell Brother Zhang and Young Master Lan about everything that had happened here, letting them take care of 
the ignorant Shi Feng and Blackie.

Thanks for your worries, but I never eat the medicine of regret when I do something. Although Shadow is amazing, unfortunately, it isnt enough to enter my eyes. Blackie loudly declared, and almost everyone in the entire building could hear him speak.

Blackies dorm mates were all stunned. When did Blackie become so awesome? He actually dared to let out such bombastic words, publicly rejecting the invitation of Shadow Workshop thats famous throughout the whole university. How many people dreamed of the job he rejected?

After Wu Yi left, Blackie instantly lost his previous heroism. His bum immediately landed in a chair, his heart silently lamenting that it was all over. Because of his momentary rampant emotions, he became hot-headed and made enemies out of Shadow. Wasnt this just making trouble for Zero Wing?

On the other hand, Shi Feng was extremely touched. As expected, Blackie was still the same in both his previous and current lives. In Shi Fengs previous life, Blackie had immediately resigned from his position without hesitation and followed Shi Feng. Now, this was a true brother. In Shi Fengs previous life, the countless people around him could only share the gains but not the pains. Shi Feng also knew what Blackie was currently worried about, so he clapped his hands and said in agreement, Well said! In the struggles of the virtual gaming world, winning or losing can be changed in the blink of an eye. There are no such things as eternal winners. As long as we work hard enough, sooner or later, we will definitely surpass Shadow.

As long as Zero Wing Workshop developed, they were bound to come into conflict with Shadow. If Shadow wished to spare no expense to deal with them, then they could just use Shadows reputation to spread Zero Wings fame throughout the university campus. That way, Shi Feng would not have to waste efforts to publicize his Guild.

Lets go. Well go out and take a walk and buy an advanced helmet on the way. Always staying in your dormitory wont be good for your body. 
Shi Feng left the room, letting Blackie tidy himself up. Blackie was constantly holed up in his dorm room these days. He was even playing Gods Domain during the daytime, not doing any other activities. Although it wouldnt be a problem in the short-term, after awhile, the damage to his body would become very significant.

Brother Feng, wait for a moment. Ill come immediately.

Blackie immediately collected all the Credits on the table, then tidied himself before leaving the dormitory with Shi Feng. Only his dumbfounded dorm mates remained in the room. They all looked at each other, their faces revealing bitter smiles. Normally, they had, many times, made fun of Blackie. Never would they have thought that Blackie was hiding his true appearance. He even managed to gain the favor of a tycoon.

This wont do. I will also apply for a trial gaming helmet.

Ive decided. Ill become a professional gamer in Gods Domain.

When Shi Feng had walked out of the dormitory, Blackie quietly stuffed the 20,000 Credits into Shi Fengs pocket.

Brother Feng, you really gave me a shock today. However, the way you threw out the money was just too cool! I felt awesome just seeing Wu Yis expression. But, you better keep this money properly. Dont simply throw it around next time, Blackie said excitedly.

What are you trying to do? Shi Feng slightly wrinkled his brows. He then gave the money back to Blackie. He had never been putting up an act; from the beginning, he intended to give Blackie the money. He knew that Blackies family situation was not that good either. With this money, he would be able to alleviate a lot of his familys burden. Ive already said that your basic salary every month would be 20,000 Credits. Did you think I was just joking with Wu Yi? Just take this money as your salary in advance.

Looking at the 20,000 Credits in his hands, Blackies mouth widened, staring blankly at the money.

Originally, even if Shi Fengs previous words were but a joke, they were enough to make him feel happy. However, looking at Shi Fengs expression, he knew that Shi Feng was not joking. Shi Feng had truly intended to give him a monthly salary of 20,000 Credits. Moreover, Shi Feng intended to give him the money that he was currently holding.

However, where did all this money come from?

Blackie was extremely clear about Shi Fengs condition. Being able to borrow 20,000 Credits was already a difficult feat. Now, Shi Feng was even giving all of it to him. This was just insane.

Brother Feng, if you give away this money, what will you do about the Workshop? Moreover, the deadline for the trial gaming helmets is almost up. You are bound to have to buy the official gaming helmet, right? Wont this money be just the right amount to buy it? In any case, Im currently not in need of money. Blackie pushed the Credits back to Shi Feng again. It would be a lie if he were to say that the 20,000 Credits didnt attract him. However, he couldnt just ignore his brothers situation just because of some money.

Shi Feng could naturally discern Blackies worries. He clapped Blackies shoulders and couldnt help but reveal a smile. His bank account currently held over 100,000 Credits, and most likely, during this period, it had risen to over 200,000 Credits. In another ten days or so, he would earn even more money. You dont have to worry about this. You also dont have to worry about the matter of the gaming helmets. Havent I said it already? Leave the matters regarding money to me.

Shi Feng possessed the memories of his previous life. He was also the Guild Leader of Shadow. All beginnings had with hardships. Although earning the initial fundings was extremely difficult, as long as he obtained them, the following matters would become much easier to deal with. If he did not even possess the method of making money with money, then how would he have been able to turn Shadow into a second-rate Guild?

Brother Feng, you couldnt have possibly Seeing that Shi Feng was so confident, Blackies first feelings were not excitement or happiness. Instead, he was trembling. He worried that Shi Feng might have done something bad, such as being 
** by a rich woman to obtain this money. Compared to borrowing the money, this was a much more horrifying scenario.

What are you blindly thinking about? Dont forget about the matter of cooperation we have with Gentle Snow. This is just the compensation she has given. Now, we no longer have to stay poor and blank. We already have some funds, so relax. Shi Feng rolled his eyes at Blackie. This fellows thinking was just too 

Shi Feng did not reveal the real truth. Otherwise, it would be extremely hard for him to explain. So, he simply pushed everything onto Gentle Snow. In any case, Gentle Snow was the Great Goddess that everybody knew.

When Blackie heard Shi Feng, sudden realization struck him. He sent Shi Feng a gaze filled with worship. Being able to gain the favor of the Snow Goddess was the dream of every man!

It was as expected of Brother Feng! His methods were just too awesome!

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