Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 98

Chapter 98 - Whetstone Recipe

After not meeting for just more than a day, Shi Feng discovered that Gentle Snow and the others of her group had changed their equipment. All of them were wearing gorgeous equipment. 
The Level 5 Flame Light Set Equipment all of them were wearing was the best team equipment currently available.[a][b]

With this equipment, as long as the team leader commanded properly, they would definitely conquer the Normal Mode of Dark Moon Valley after familiarizing themselves with the Dungeon.

Regarding the Dark Moon Graveyard

Even if Shi Feng now possessed a full suit of Silvermoon Set Equipment, he still had quite a lot of requirements. For instance, the Advanced Whetstone Recipe. This was the strengthened version of the Whetstone. The Recipe for this item could only be obtained from Team Dungeons. Moreover, only Bosses of the Dungeon would have a chance of dropping it.

You still remembered to come

Thats enough. Since youre already here, leave your party, and well reform the group.

Zhao Yueru originally wanted to taunt Shi Feng, but Gentle Snow stopped her a step earlier.

Gentle Snow was still slightly angry from before, but after sweeping a glance at Shi Feng, she shockingly discovered that Shi Feng had reached Level 6.

Currently, the Level 6 players in all of Red Leaf Town were top-tier players.

Previously, when she met Shi Feng, his level was nothing special. It was just below average. Now that he was able to catch up to such a degree, one could see that Shi Fengs leveling speed was extremely fast. As for Blackie and the others standing behind Shi Feng, all of them were Level 5. They were also fully geared with Bronze Equipment, and such a standard was relatively good amongst temporary teams.

Shi Fengs party then disbanded, all of them joining Gentle Snows team.

All of the surrounding Guilds and players saw Shi Feng join Gentle Snows team. Judging from the equipment of Shi Fengs party, it was obvious that Shi Feng and the others were not members of Ouroboros. However, it was extremely odd that they were still able to join Gentle Snows team and enter the Dungeon together.

The equipment worn by Shi Fengs party did not seem very high-leveled. They wore only scattered pieces of Bronze Equipment, not that different from the equipment of a temporary team.

This was the important struggle for the First Clear of a Team Dungeon. Was Gentle Snow so confident in being able to easily obtain it that shed invite a group of people like this?

Only Stabbing Heart knew of Shi Fengs strength. Now that both powerhouses had joined, the competition for the First Clear of the Dark Moon Graveyard had just become much harder.

Brother Zhang, thats the brat that set up our men, Flaming Tiger hatefully commented when he saw Shi Feng.

So, it is him? Zhang Luowei raised his brows. He could not help but pay more attention to Shi Feng. He then said in a deep tone, Since he has some connection with the Snow Goddess, try not to stir up trouble with them in the future. I dont wish for us to go against a first-rate Guild right now.

Being able to wipe out Flaming Tigers group, and having a connection with the Snow Goddess, 
this person was not that simple. He still needed to do some investigations of this person. If this person had just joined the Snow Goddess by chance, he would definitely make this person pay for his actions.

Yes, I understand, Brother Zhang. Flaming Tiger glared at Shi Feng, only gritting his teeth as he answered.

However, it was a different situation on the side of Martial Union.

Every member of Martial Union could not help but wish they could get rid of Shi Feng right that instant. It was especially true for Ironsword Lion.

Previously, he put out the word that he would kill Shi Feng back to Level 0. Now that he saw Shi Feng had already reached Level 6, one level higher than Ironsword Lion, himself, he felt extremely humiliated.

What is that group of Assassins doing? They actually allowed him to wash away his Red Name, and even rise to Level 6. Just the fact that Shi Feng was standing in this place, unscathed, caused the light on Ironsword Lions face to fade. His face turned crimson from anger, saying, Immediately contact the party of Assassins. What exactly is going on here?

Boss, whats up? one of the Assassins standing guard in front of the Hotel asked.

Whats up? Ironsword Lion nearly suffocated from anger when he heard those words. He bellowed, I told you all to pay attention to Ye Feng, yet, what have you all been doing?

Boss, weve constantly been keeping an eye out for him. However, Ye Feng has not set foot outside the Hotel. Im guessing that he must be afraid, the Assassin said, puzzled.

Youve constantly been keeping an eye out for him? Then you tell me; who is this person that I am looking at? Ironsword Lion sent a screenshot, asking coldly.

Impossible! Weve really been constantly keeping an eye out for Ye Feng, and he never came out! The Assassin, immediately dumbfounded, looked at the screenshot.

Youre a bunch of rubbish that cant even keep watch over a single person! Get out of Martial Union immediately! I dont wish to see you any longer! rage completely flooded Ironsword Lions mind. Shortly after, he turned to glare at Shi Feng, saying to his subordinate, Call some men over, as many as you can. After theyre done with the Dungeon, I want him dead immediately.

Boss Ironsword, this wouldnt be a good move, right? No matter how you put it, he still has some connection with the Snow Goddess. If we create a bad relationship with Ouroboros, it would be detrimental to the development of our Guild, a Druid said.

Out in the streets, we live by depending on our reputation. Now that someone has stomped our reputation to the ground, who cares about anything else? Ironsword Lion said in disdain, So what if shes the Snow Goddess? She still hasnt met this daddy right here. 
I dont believe that a stupid skank like her could do much to me. If she knows how to be tactful, I can still give her some face. If not, then Ill kill her back to Level 0 as well.

Boss is right! Gods Domain just has slightly more players. How prestigious was it during those years that we swept across 
Martial World? Now, we can also sweep across Gods Domain just like before. What should we be afraid of?

The players that had constantly followed Ironsword Lion all voiced out their agreements, all of them releasing the aura of a mad dog from their bodies.

In their opinion, one had to be fierce when playing virtual reality games. Compared to Wuxia games, Gods Domain merely had more players. Moreover, they had to take into consideration so many problems every single day. What good was worrying about each and every little thing? Wont everything be solved if they just killed these first-rate Guilds into submission? They had only depended on being fierce to succeed in the previous Wuxia game they played, and it would be the same in Gods Domain.

Only the Druid, who had only recently joined, helplessly shook his head.

These people were insane!

Shi Feng did not notice the movements of Martial Union. He only discussed the matter of cooperation with Gentle Snow.

The items dropped from the Dungeon will be distributed according to Job requirements. If both sides require the same equipment, then there should be no problem if we just Roll for it, right?

We dont have any problems with the distribution of equipment. However, I want priority over the 
recipes and materials for Lifestyle Jobs.  Shi Fengs goal in coming here was the Advanced Whetstone Recipe, while equipment didnt really matter to him.

You! Dont forget that we are the ones who will be carrying you through the Dungeon! Moreover, do you know how valuable the recipes for Lifestyle Jobs are? After hearing Shi Fengs words, Zhao Yueru stamped her feet in anger, bellowing like a fierce tigress.

The other members of Gentle Snows team were also feeling aggrieved. Shi Feng and his party were just a group of wild players
[1]. They were already extremely benevolent by Rolling to distribute the equipment. Despite that fact, Shi Feng was still trying to take advantage of them.

Brother Feng, your request is going slightly overboard. In any case, our equipment is slightly weaker than theirs, and even just clearing the Dungeon would be a problem for us. So why dont you change your requirements? Blackie advised.

Although their equipment was very good, compared to the Set Equipment of these people, they were clearly still a step behind. Being able to Roll for equipment was already a good condition. Going further to compete over recipes for Lifestyle Jobs Nobody would be willing to concede to such a request.

To put it bluntly, even without them joining, Gentle Snows team could similarly clear the Dark Moon Graveyard.

Shi Feng shook his head. He would not mind if it were any other recipes. However, he would not concede even a single step for the Advanced Whetstone Recipe. He also could not reveal any specifics to avoid attracting the suspicion of others. After all, before a Team Dungeon was conquered, the Official Website would not reveal any information about its drops.

Twenty-man Dungeons would only refresh once every three days. There were only that many Team Dungeons nearby, and every one of them was extremely precious. The earlier Shi Feng obtained the Advanced Whetstone Recipe, the earlier he would obtain an advantage over the other players. To a Workshop like theirs that lived on the edge, they had even more reasons not to concede.

Gentle Snow, who had an ice-cold expression, also opened up her mouth this time around, saying, Recipes for Lifestyle Jobs are extremely important to our Guild. Your request, I cannot agree to it.

TL Notes:

[1] wild players: players that are unaffiliated to any Guilds.

[a]From the last chapter, I honestly had the impression that only Gentle Snow possessed this Set Equipment... as for "team equipment", that's what the author wrote. I refuse to capitalize it though... Sooner or later, he's gonna bring some shit like Guild equipment or party equipment...


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