Return Of The Female Knight Chapter 232

Ch. 231 You Dont Have The Right To Say That To Me 2

Ch. 231 You Dont Have The Right To Say That To Me (2)
Elena felt like she would collapse at any moment, so she immediately returned to the palace in the carriage. The doctor inspected her back, informing her that her condition may have worsened. Before he could treat it however, she ordered him out of the room. She then shut the bedroom door and ordered no one else to go in.

Ttubeog ttubeog

After receiving the news of Elenas state, Carlisle pushed all his work aside and headed for her bedroom. He first spotted the nanny and maid standing worriedly outside the door.

What the hell happened?
The nanny gave a troubled glance towards Elenas room.

We dont know, as she hadnt said a word. She met Lady Mirabelle after the tournament, and I believe something bad happened between them.

I see. Everyone, leave.
The servants bowed nervously.

Yes, Your Royal Highness.
After everyone was dismissed, Carlisle entered the bedroom.


When he opened the door, the first thing that he noticed was that there were no lights on. Elena had never done this before. Carlisles concern grew.

Before he could say anything else, he heard a faint sob. His footsteps stopped. On the bed, he saw Elena lying with the blanket over her head, and he quickly moved towards her side.

What are you doing here?
Carlisle carefully pulled away the blanket, revealing Elenas tear-stained cheeks. Her eyes were red as if she had been crying.

Carlisle couldnt find it in himself to speak as he watched tears continue to stream down her face. She bit her lip to hold back her sobs, but it was a futile effort.

Caril, heug.
Elena couldnt even begin to express how special Mirabelles existence was to her. In her last life, she missed her younger sister to the point it felt like her bones were crushed.

In this life, Mirabelle had always supported her when their father didnt, and was always there when Derek was absent. Mirabelle was the pillar that supported her for so long, but Elena had never done the same. Not only did Elena not stay with Mirabelle when she was needed, but Elena had reduced her sister to tears.

Ive been so selfish. I didnt even know what was in Mirabelles heart
Carlisle held Elenas face in both hands and wiped away her tears with his thumbs.

You, selfish? You need a new definition of sacrifice.

No, I had no idea what Mirabelle wanted. I just thought I had to protect her, but I couldnt help her when she needed it.

My wife

Mirabelle has always brought me comfort, but I tried to force my opinion on her without even knowing it. I just wanted her to choose the right path for her heart. What if Im doing the same thing my father did to me?
It was already enough for Mirabelle to harbor feelings for Kuhn by herself, but Elena had tried to stop her instead of supporting her.

Carlisle gazed at Elenas crying form, and then immediately wrapped his arms around her. He rubbed her back soothingly with the palm of his hand.

Whatever it is, dont blame yourself. Everyone knows how much you care about your sister.

Youre only saying that because you see me as beautiful.

Well, maybe. Youre the only one I can see.
Carlisle didnt deny it. Anything Elena did was lovely in his eyes.


I know you care about your family terribly. Youll be able to fix this. If you reconsider your actions, things may change.
Carlisle was right. Tears never accomplished anything. If one did something that they regretted, it was important to make sure they did not do it again.

Elena settled herself in Carlisles arms, and she murmured to him in a soft voice.

Im sorry. I must look so foolish right now

You do, which is why in this situation, Im supposed to hold you.
Elena felt a little relief from the sadness that shook her body. Carlisles presence was as comfortable as a warm fire.

Thank you.
When she met Mirabelle again, they would have an honest talk.

After a while, Elenas tears abated. Carlisle looked at her calmer form.

I am greedy when it comes to you.


You are my only wife, and yet you cry like this for someone else other than me.

II cant help it. My family is more important to me than anything else.
A bitter smile flickered on Carlisles face.

.I want to be the only one in your mind.
Elena, who still had tears clinging to her cheeks, replied with a faint smile.

Are you jealous?

Very much sobut its alright.
Carlisles hand reverently stroked Elenas cheek. It was just as gentle as the way he touched her back.

You dont have to give up everything for love. You have me, and Ill take care of everything else. If you want to protect your family, Ill help you, and if you want to reconcile with your sister, Ill help you too.

Elenas eyes moistened again at Carlisles confession.

This is new to me. I want to make you happy.
Carlisles hand, which brushed against Elenas hair, carefully came down and covered her cheek.

I am very possessive, you know. But Im doing my best and repressing my dark instincts for you. So
Carlisles long fingers touched the tracks of her tears.

Dont cry too much.
Elena tipped her head upwards at Carlisle. She understood the earnest desire he had for her, as she felt it with the same intensity. In a way, while Carlisles desperate want for her affection was cute, it seemed to have evolved into something more mature.

It was also a change for Elena. This time, she thought it was touching that Carlisle would act with her happiness in mind. It was as if she had the most powerful ally in the world by her side.

Though the tear marks on her cheeks remained, she smiled.

Dont worry. I dont think Ill cry much by your side.




This is
Mirabelle woke up, touching a hand to her aching forehead.

She struggled to remember the events that happened before she passed out. After her fight with Elena, she had fled from the stadium. She had run away blindly, not wanting anyone to see her, before realizing that she had walked into an alley.

She suddenly sensed footsteps behind, but it was too late. Several suspicious-looking men blocked the exit from the alley, their eyes gleaming greedily at the dress and jewelry she was wearing.

Do you think shell fetch a good price?

Kekeke, you know. It was the tournament I was looking forward to today, but weve come across a windfall.
Mirabelle, sensing danger, had stepped back, and then tried to run away in the other direction. She only got as far as a few steps, before the men quickly narrowed the distance. They pushed a harsh-smelling handkerchief to her nose, and it was then that she had lost consciousness.

Mirabelle tried to move, but her hands were bound behind her back. She didnt want to imagine it, but if her intuition was right

She had been kidnapped.
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