Returning From The Immortal World Chapter 757

Chapter 757: Luring In The Enemy Deep

Tang Xiu was taken aback since his full power strike turned out to be unable to kill the four vampires directly, only causing them to suffer heavy losses. He had learned the vampire ranks from Shanjenna and therefore guessed that these four vampires were at least at the Count rank.

Count! Shanjenna said to him that in the entire Western vampire race those who had reached the rank of Count numbered less than 20. But today, there were four of them at once, which forced Tang Xiu to be careful.

They should be from the Stygian Club, Boss. Weve wrecked that Werewolf already, but then he was saved by these four vampires, said Jin Shi bitterly.

Those four vampires are very powerful indeed, Tang Xiu slowly nodded. Wanting to inflict heavy losses or killing them would be very difficult unless I use some of the cards up my sleeves. Now that the real enemy has appeared, we have to be extra cautious in our next move, else we are likely to die on this Mist Source Island.

Understood! Everyone replied with solemnity.

Immediately after, Tang Xiu returned to the hotel with his men. Yu Shuqing, who led the members of the Phantom Special Combat Squad, had found the person in charge of the hotel at present, a middle-aged man whose complexion was pale.

Weve already opened the room, Mr. Tang. You can use it at any time. This is the door card of the room. Yu Shuqing respectfully handed over a stack of room cards.

Tang Xiu ignored the administrator of the hotel, received the room cards, and then directly found the room and went inside.


In the forest outside the city, about tens of kilometers away from the hotel, four vampires, with one having their wings cut off, were fleeing into the bushes with fear, while the seriously wounded Werewolf was struggling and begging in front of them. And yet, all the blood essence inside his body was sucked by the four vampires in just half a minute, directly killing him.

What a loathsome shit!

A vampire wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and kicked the withered body of the Werewolf. He angrily growled, That fucking bastard is too strong, even the four of us collaborating are not his match at all. The way I see it, we have zero chance of catching him.

Another vampire with bloodshot eyes commented, Legend has it the Chinese cultivators are descendants of the legendary Oriental celestial immortals. They have been veiled in mystery and similarly have mysterious abilities. Those who were levied in the Crusades in the past ended up miserable when facing these Oriental cultivators. Little did I think we would bump into these Orientals cultivators. We have to notify the leader about this.

I already saw everything.

A hazy shadow appeared, revealing a pale young man donned in black attire. His two fangs were especially long and sharp, while a chilling and sinister aura emanated from him. While holding a black spherical metal ball in his hand, his scarlet eyes swept over the Werewolfs corpse tens of meters away, but not the slight fluctuation could be seen on his cold face.

Chief. The four vampires saluted him.

Basil. It was the name of this young-looking vampire, a trusted subordinate of Keith Moore, one of the eight highest-ranked bigwigs of the Stygian Club.

We must proceed with the command of Lord Keith Moore, theres no turning backeven if we have to offer our lives to our primogenitor, Cain. This Oriental cultivator, Tang Xiu, is no doubt very strong, and the might of his sword is very powerful. I myself am highly likely to be gravely injured if I fight him. Hence, theres only one way to capture him now, to make use of the Blood Poison.

Basil flipped his hand and took out a porcelain bottle. Handing it to one of the vampires, he said, Use your stealth mode and strike from the dark. Find a chance when he is distracted and put this Blood Poison in his meal. Even if he is an Oriental ascetic, his power will be constrained by the Blood Poison for a short period of time. He will turn into a reptile that has no power to kill a chicken at all.

The four vampires stared at the porcelain bottle with fear in their eyes. They were Bloodkin, and they knew the potent might of this Blood Poison. They may be Count-ranked vampires, but they too would have their power greatly weakened once struck with this Blood Poison, whereas the other divergent races would completely lose their strength, and would undoubtedly die even if they could last for several days.

Well definitely finish the task, Chief! Replied the vampire with a solemn face while holding the porcelain bottle.

From the intel I received, one of the Pyramids ten War Elders, the War Intelligence Elder Wu Jie, has recently sent people to study the antidote of the Darkening Virus. Our plan will be greatly affected once his people successfully study it. According to Lord Keith, the War Intelligence Elder Wu Jie will definitely send his men to obstruct us in capturing Tang Xiu, so do pay extra attention to the Pyramids people when you carry your mission. Kill them on sight!

Understood! The four vampires had their complexions slightly changed and their killing aura surged.


Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Tang Xiu sat cross-legged on the bed while silently cultivating his Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. With the changes of his Dantian space, he had more Primal Chaos Force to use. Previously, he could only use his Primal Chaos Force for two hours in unceasing consumption, but now, he could use it for ten hours.

Nonetheless, he also found a problem he had quite a headache about after the transformation. That was, the difficulty he would face later to increase his bodys strength as he would need to absorb more stars energy. He couldnt even see its end point. After all, the world inside his dantian was very big. If he had to grow every one of the hundreds of millions of planets into the size the true planet was, not even 10,000 years were enough for him to achieve it with his current cultivation speed.

I first thought I would be invincible once I reached the Peak of the Viscera Transformation Stage of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis. Never did I expect that Earth not only has other cultivators but also has Vampires and other Demi-humans. The Count-ranked vampires have slightly inferior strength to mine, while the strength of Marquis-ranked should be comparable to mine. In the case I were to encounter a Duke-ranked or even a higher-ranked one, King of Vampires, I dont think I have another choice but to run away.

Tang Xiu opened his eyes, left the bed and went to the window. There, he looked at the faint light appearing on the horizon outside, absorbed into his thoughts. He had many combat techniques, escaping methods, and a lot of life preservation means. And yet, he would still be injured if he had to face a genuine powerhouse even if he could escape to see another day.

Not to mention that he also brought Mo Awu and the others to Mist Source Island this time. He would never abandon them and run away even if he was really in danger.


I need to manufacture array disks!

Tang Xu pulled the curtains and brought out a massive number of jades from his interspatial ring to refine array disks. His current strength was rather low, thus he couldnt set up a big array with a mighty power in a very short time. Only by using this array disks could he instantly form a powerful array to trap the enemies and kill them.

Whole two days were spent with Tang Xiu not eating, drinking, nor sleeping, as he fully devoted himself to refine array disks. He had refined 50 array disks in total within these two days, including one set of the most powerful Scintillating Stars Array. He was confident of killing even Duke-ranked vampires with the aid of this array.


As Tang Xiu closed the door and stepped out in the corridor, he saw Mo Awu, Jin Shi, and the others were all cross-legged. After they got up in succession, he asked, Have those guys of the Phantom squad left yet?

No. They havent left yet, said Mo Awu. They said they will be waiting for us to leave before going back.

Alright. Lets go, then! Well go straight through this Mixed Summit City and head to the mountain to have a look, said Tang Xiu. If there are people trailing us, well let them follow us as long as they do not attack.

We wont directly kill them? asked Mo Awu, confused.

Dont you think that killing the enemies in the deep-forested mountain is more fun than killing them in the city? asked Tang Xiu.

Mo Awu looked dull for a moment before he understood Tang Xius intention. Then, he said, You dont want to expose our identity in front of ordinary people? Understood. We know what to do.

Shortly after, everyone came to the lobby on the first floor. When Tang Xiu saw Yu Shuqing and the others waiting there, he immediately said, Dont forget what weve discussed before. Also, Ill treat the Phantom squad to a drink when we go back later.

Well prepare the banquet and await your triumphal return, said Yu Shuqing quickly.

Tang Xiu smiled lightly and strode out of the hotel. At this moment, the feeling that he was being monitored appeared again, but he ignored it and did not even release his spiritual sense. After boarding the car, the four cars then hit the road quickly.

After two hours of travel, the four cars had bypassed the Mixed Summit City and were now only a dozen kilometers away from the mountain in the center of Mist Source Island. From here, they could faintly see the mist-shrouded mountain about more than a dozen kilometers ahead. However, the top of the mountain was fully covered by fog and they were unable to see the majestic palace.

Two groups of people are tracking us on the left and right of our rear, Boss.

Mo Awu, who was driving, could not bear it anymore and reported after having observed for a long time.

Let them continue following us, Tang Xiu sneered. I want to see what their ultimate goals are.

Mo Awu nodded, and then accelerated. As time went by, they soon came to a spot a few kilometers away from the mountain foot.

How high is this mountain, exactly?

After getting off the car, Tang Xiu looked up at the big mountain and asked.

We tried measuring it with our eyes previously, but to no avail, Zidan interjected. We have no way to measure its exact height with vision, but from estimation, it should be at least a kilometer.

Tang Xiu then observed the scenery from the halfway up to the foot of the mountain that was covered with mist, while the mountainside to the summit was clearly visible. A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth as he could determine that this mountain was indeed covered in a huge array. This array, however, was quite mysterious. Even though he had yet to try venturing inside, he had no means to completely see through the mystery of this array.

Lets leave the cars here. You will all go with me and well try to get inside.

Boss, Im afraid we cant get in for a while.

Mo Awu stared at the left rear. There was a murderous glint in his eyes as he instantly released his flying sword to hover around him.

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