Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chītona Jinsei ni Natta Chapter 351

Riaru de Reberu Age Shitara Hobo Chtona Jinsei ni Natta Chapter 351

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Chapter 351

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“Husband, say ‘ahhh’, ja . ”

Lunch break of the next day, Taiyou was eating with Kohaku and the three sisters in the cla.s.sroom, desks facing each other . Kohaku made a bold move that lovers make, and Taiyou responded by opening his mouth for the mini hamburger she was offering him .

“It’s delicious . Did you make it, Kohaku-san?”

“Indeed . I made it from shredded meat to feed ye . ”

“Shredded meat?”

“Aye . I took half-thawed meat and put it into a food processor . ”

“Wow, that’s cool . ”

“What be ye saying, lad? Ye can break in that meat with but one punch, no?”

“Could you not make that joke while we’re eating?”

Taiyou grimaced .

“But okay, didn’t know you could use shredded meat for something like that . ”

“It’s better than the store bought shredded meat because you can make it juicier . ”

Kotone spoke on behalf of the sisters . It was decided that that would be how they spoke when in public .


“And then all ye gotta do is use rich ingredients . ”


“The piece of meat ye just tasted be worth 3000 yen per 100 grams . ”


Taiyou spat . He had already swallowed the hamburger, so the only thing that came out was spit .

“What!? How is it so expensive?!”

“I used female j.a.panese beef, so the price was a bit high, ye see . ”

“I definitely wouldn’t call that just ‘a bit’!”

“Well what else would I do with this lovely thing that I received? Of course I be wantin’ to use it on me husband and display me love . ”

Kohaku held up her left ring finger .

“And then you got that pricy meat, eh?”

“Aye . Delicious, isn’t it?”

“It sure is . ”

It wouldn’t do to just have her treat him this way, so Taiyou lashed back .

“It was made with your love, Kohaku-san, so of course it would be delicious . ”

“Probably so . ”

Kohaku ignored his attempt .

She was slightly grinning, as if to say that wasn’t enough to faze her .

“Oh yeah, has Youran contacted you at all?”

“Nay . ”

Kohaku said as she thrust another bite of hamburger at him .

“None at all . Every time we try contacting ‘er, she just evades us . ”

“So you can technically contact her . ”

“Aye . ”

“Yes . ”

Kotone also nodded before she spoke .

“We call her every night, saying that we don’t mind just chatting with her or asking how she’s doing, but she gives us the slip every time . ”

“That’s not like her . ”

“Aye, she don’t even reply to ye anymore . ”

“Still has me blocked . ”

“What about Hera?”

“I did send her over there, but she doesn’t let Hera tell me anything, so all I know is that she’s on Juuni Island . ”

“Oh my, what a pleasant thing this situation be!”

“…Yes, I’ve begun to feel that way as of late too . ”

Taiyou smiled bitterly . He had initially felt thrown out of the loop with the whole affair with Sakura, but as time went by, Taiyou had begun to feel calmer and calmer about this to the point where he started to enjoy it .

Youran was plotting something that she couldn’t even let Hera tell them . What was it? Taiyou simply felt excited thinking about it .

“But will this really be okay . ”

Kotone asked with a concerned expression on her face .


“She could be planning to do something bad to you . ”

“No, that’s not happening . ”

Taiyou declared confidently .

“I think so too, la.s.s . After all, the effects of ‘idol’ still be–”

“Well there’s that too, but…”


Kohaku tilted her head in puzzlement .

“She can’t stay away from me . ”

Taiyou said calmly .

“No matter what she schemes, and no matter what she does . She cannot stay away from me . She will always return . ”

He was fully convinced of that .

Let us have a hypothetical scenario and presume that Taiyou decided to leave his wives and never meet them again .

Kohaku would send him off with a smile (leaving aside what would happen afterward), the three sisters would probably cry but still understand . Amidst everyone having different reactions, Youran would cling to him the most, begging him not to leave .

Youran had two sides to her, and one side involved an obsession with anything that she got her hands on . At least that was what Taiyou felt, which was why he was excited for whatever she was planning . Just what sort of crazy thing was she going to attempt now?

As he was thinking these things, a small hand tapped him on the forehead . It was Kohaku’s .

“Kohaku-san? What’s the matter?”

“No fever, as far as I can see…what ails ye, Husband? Ye seem a bit on the cool side as of today . ”

“Could you at least make it clear whether you’re complimenting or dissing me?”

“Well, I always think that you’re cool . ”

Kotone said, and the silent Suzune and Kazane lowered their heads at the same time . These three sisters shared the same soul and felt the exact same sensations .

Taiyou thought this mannerism was cute, and he lightly kissed each of them . It may have been smack dab in the middle of the cla.s.sroom at midday, but Taiyou didn’t hold back .

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