Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361 Holding Her Hand

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Seeing how livid Chi Jiajia was because of her, Bai Yaoyao couldnt care less. A woman like Chi Jiajia was capable only of throwing a temper and making things difficult for others. If someone were to go against her, she wouldnt be a match for them.

When she raised her head to look at Duan Yanhao, she noticed the pride in his eyes.

Bai Yaoyaos heart shuddered. Was he still showing admiration for her despite her actions?

After taking a closer look at Duan Yanhaos expression, she ensured that she had been right and felt more cheerful. It felt really great to have met someone who accepted her.

She used to love Xirong Ziye, but he had never embraced all of her. He merely asked her to give in to him and understand him better.

Xirong Ziye had had many requests for her previously, but he had never thought that he ought to be more caring and understanding towards her.

On the other hand, Duan Yanhao could do all these for her. At that moment, Bai Yaoyao was really moved. She continued staring into Duan Yanhaos eyes, unable to blink or look away even for just a second.

Chi Jiajia watched the two of them looking lovingly into each others eyes, as though they were all alone. Anger surged through her as she lunged forward to push Bai Yaoyao away.

Bai Yaoyao wasnt able to respond in time. Her body fell backwards, but fortunately, Duan Yanhaos fast reflexes allowed him to catch her before she fell.

Bai Yaoyao pushed her hair back and scoffed, Little girl, is this all you can do?

She thought about how she used to be a formidable woman in the past. It was only after meeting Xirong Ziye that she had toned down her actions. With Chi Jiajia constantly inciting her now, she had already lost her cool.

Chi Jiajia could sense the disdain and provocation in those words. Looking at Bai Yaoyao, she said, You may be pleased with yourself, but Elder Brother Yanhao will never be yours.

No matter who he ends up with, it wouldnt be you, little girl.

Elder Brother Yanhao, look at how shes talking to me. Shes a far cry from my elder sister!

Duan Yanhaos mind was all messed up because of Chi Jiajia. He yelled coldly, Chi Jiajia, enough!

It had been six years. Even after Chi Jiaojiaos death, he still thought that he would keep her deep in her heart. He wouldnt specially bring up memories of her.

However, Chi Jiajia had mentioned her elder sister countless times over these six years, trying to use her to her own advantage. In the end, she had even started to threaten him using her elder sister. He had already grown annoyed by her actions.

He might have been able to bear with it if it concerned only him, but Bai Yaoyao was involved now. Naturally, he didnt want Bai Yaoyao to also suffer any wrongs.

Hence, his patience would end now. He couldnt continue any further.

After Duan Yanhao yelled at her, Chi Jiajia couldnt snap out of her shock and began to bawl.

At that moment, the middle-aged woman downstairs heard her daughters cries and hurriedly rushed upstairs. Seeing her daughter in tears, she quickly comforted, Jiajia, my dear daughter, what happened to you? Who bullied you? My poor girl. Jiaojiao is gone, and I only have you left. You shouldnt suffer anymore

When that middle-aged woman appeared, Bai Yaoyao immediately thought of her as someone who indulged in excessive luxury, which really turned her off.

Looking at how the two ladies were putting on an act, Bai Yaoyao grew even more frustrated.

In fact, Bai Yaoyao personally hated this kind of trouble. If Duan Yanhao wasnt by her side now, she probably would have walked out long ago.

However, Duan Yanhao wouldnt allow Bai Yaoyao to leave. Right from the start, he had held Bai Yaoyaos hand tightly, as though preventing her from leaving him.

Yanhao, she is your younger sister. Why is she crying in front of you? She is Jiaojiaos one and only younger sister!

After pausing momentarily, the middle-aged woman glanced at Bai Yaoyao. A cold glint flashed across her eyes as she said to Duan Yanhao, Yanhao, I dont know if I should say this

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