Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1547

Chapter 1547 Secret Spy

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Yun Bixue thought that by doing so, they would be able to entirely reshuffle the team of officials efficiently.

As Yun Bixue thought, the glint in her eyes grew brighter.

Xie Limo rubbed the corners of his eyes and coughed. "You know that even if they passed the examinations, theyll still start from the bottom ranks, right? They wont have a say."

Yun Bixue waved her hand and dismissed his words. "We still have Zhou Pingyu, dont we? Hes our key player. Once he becomes the head for the department of publicity and takes charge of manpower planning, my subordinates will eventually rise in the ranks."

Zhou Pingyu was Meng Xintongs boyfriend. The two of them had been engaged and will get married soon. When that time comes, shell prepare a huge wedding gift for them.

She wanted to congratulate Meng Xintong too.

Thinking back on the past few years, Yun Bixue felt rather sentimental. Meng Xintong used to hide herself and act silently. She was ostracized by her stepmother and younger sister, and her father ignored her too.

Back then, she couldnt even decide on her own marriage. Nevertheless, Meng Xintong fought hard in order to be together with Zhou Pingyu.

In the end, Meng Xintong became the rightful heir to the Meng family after the news broke out. Her father also regretted his actions.

With her taking charge of the Meng family now, her marriage with Zhou Pingyu was already confirmed.

Zhou Pingyu was also very hardworking. With Xie Limos help, he went to work in the chaotic Zi Bei City and became the leader there. Now, he had been promoted and transferred to the capital.

In fact, nobody had a clue that Zhou Pingyu was actually Xie Limos secret spy!

Yun Bixue turned around and smiled at Xie Limo. "Limo, luckily, youre so farsighted."

Xie Limo chuckled resignedly. "I didnt expect you to make the best use of them like that."

Xie Limo did admire Yun Bixue for making such plans. He didnt expect his wife to grow much cleverer.

Her plans were truly outstanding, and they would definitely benefit him by bringing greater results.

"My plans are your plans, and my subordinates are yours too."

Hearing Yun Bixues words, Xie Limo couldnt refute. However, he hesitated and corrected her, "Youre mine and will only ever belong to me."

Yun Bixue pouted and agreed. She knew that her husband was great with his words. He was also possessive and dominant.

"Hurry up. Let me check."

"Sit beside me. Ill do it for you."

"I think its better for me to do it myself." When she was checking her results for her university application, she was also very excited. She wanted to experience such a feeling again.

In the end, Xie Limo gave in and pushed the laptop towards her. He made her sit down as well.

Yun Bixue hurriedly went to the website and typed in the numbers of the examination slips to search for their results.

Looking at how clumsy she appeared, Xie Limo offered, "Ill read it out for you, and you can key it in."


The two of them complemented each other very well. They checked on each result and recorded it in a spreadsheet.

After seeing more than fifty of them pass the examinations, Yun Bixue threw her head back and laughed heartily.

Xie Limo patted her back and said, "Dont laugh so soon. Thirty of them might not pass the next test. Also, ten of them will be assigned duties in smaller cities because of their scores."

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