Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 1664

Chapter 1664 Awakened

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Duan Yanhao didnt even know that that had happened. As he listened to Xie Limos account, his body froze.

Xie Limo continued explaining slowly, "Back then, she bade me goodbye and said many things. She told me not to let Xue know if she didnt return. She was very stubborn back then. In order to look for you, I think Bai Yaoyao had already prepared to lose her life. Do you think shell do this if she didnt love you?"

Duan Yanhaos expression changed, and his heart shuddered. "I had no idea."

"Actually, theres a lot of things that you still dont know about. But shes close friends with Xue, and she knows her very well. I dont understand many things too, and I only want to see Xue happy. She hopes that you can make Bai Yaoyao happy."

"Ill do my best."

"When she wakes up, we still want to attend your wedding. Xue is now five months pregnant and still wants to join the wedding. I hope that you can also stay strong."

"No matter what happens, Ive never thought about giving up. Ill never let off anyone who bullies her." Duan Yanhaos face was cold, and he emitted a murderous aura. It was clear that he had made up his mind.

Xie Limo had high hopes for Duan Yanhao. He nodded in agreement quietly.

In the suite, Yun Bixue walked to the bed and asked in a low voice, "Yaoyao, are you going to ignore me and Limo too? We traveled here from far away and rushed here just so we can see you happy. But youre unconscious now. How can we not feel sad and worried? You know that Im pregnant, and I cannot be upset. Please wake up, okay?"

Seeing her still unconscious, Yun Bixue sighed.

She sat on the chair and pondered about who and what Yaoyao cared about the most.

An idea popped into Yun Bixues head suddenly, and she gestured at Yun Bilu, whispering into her ear.

Yun Bilus eyes lit up. Then, gave her elder sister a thumbs-up.

Yun Bilu coughed and asked loudly, "Elder Sister, Duan Yanhao hasnt come back for a long time. Did something happen to him? Im quite worried. Ill go take a look."

Yun Bixue also answered loudly, "Oh, yes, go take a look! He hasnt moved an inch or eaten anything since yesterday night. I heard from his aunt that he has been feeling miserable for a long time. Go take a look to ensure that hes fine."


Yun Bilu intentionally walked outside and slammed the door loudly.

She looked at Huang Yize and Duan Yanhao who both stood beside the door and placed her finger to her lips, instructing them to keep quiet.

Yun Bilu looked at her watch and stayed outside for ten minutes. When it was about time, she rushed into the suite and yelled, "Oh, no, Elder Sister! Duan Yanhao had fainted and hes receiving emergency care now. The doctor said that hes in critical condition and he wants to see Elder Sister Yaoyao. What should we do?"


"Elder Sister, youre scaring me. What happened?"

When Yun Bilu was shouting, Bai Yaoyao had moved her fingers. Yun Bilu was so surprised that her eyes widened.

Yun Bixue winked at her, and Yun Bilu continued shouting.

At that moment, Bai Yaoyaos fingers started moving even more. Slowly, she tried to pry open her eyes bit by bit.

Yun Bilu jumped in excitement and forgot about helping her elder sister up.

Because it was difficult for Yun Bixue to move around, she almost slipped and fell when Yun Bilu let go of her. Fortunately, Xie Limo had entered and kept her steady when he saw her.

He broke out into a cold sweat when he witnessed that scene.

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