Rise Of Humanity Chapter 590

Chapter 590 - The Lost Saber

Great Wilderness, Swords Gate, Golden Summit.

The Four Ken Beast was looking around, and suddenly it exclaimed in shock. A sun had fallen off from the sky above the West Barren but stopped and hovered in mid-air.

What? Four Ken Beast was shocked, it quickly notified Shui Zian, Grand elder, a sun has descended upon the West Barren, but it never touched the ground. It is really strange, its the first time Ive seen such an abnormal scene!

Shui Zian was puzzled as well. He had lived for a long time and witnessed many bizarre events, but a sun hovering above the ground was unheard of.

Looks like something big is happening in the West Barren. Shui Zian said, We need to know what it is. Have the West Keeps Qi Practitioners keep a lookout and report back to Swords Gate as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, in the Divine Battlefield, the Sui Tree inside of the sun grew taller, supporting the scorching sun. Inside of the sun were many strong and powerful godly spirits that surrounded Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue was continually dodging attacks while the Golden Crow True Spirit fluttered on top of his head, fending off the attacks coming from above.

He reached a Sui leaf and fought with the godly spirits on it while the Golden Crow True Spirit was combating another bird celestial above him.

Below, a godly spirit slammed his hands on the Sui leaf in an attempt to attack from below, but the Sui Tree shone brightly to render the attack ineffective.

What tree is this? How amazing! The godly spirit praised.

On the leaf, Zhong Yue managed to take down over ten godly spirits, but his mortal body was crawled with wounds as well.

He was casting theSui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art, and along with the Sui Tree and Golden Crow, his prowess was greatly boosted.

Whereas the faint chant of ancient forebears of the Fire Order Era has even further strengthened the Sui Sovereign he has visualized, making him even more powerful.

The sun that was formed was also a strong array formation, anyone who entered the sun and climbed the Sui Tree would be constantly burning with sunfire, impairing their prowess.

However, the godly spirits were far too many, and they wouldnt stop their barrage of attacks, inflicting Zhong Yue with even more wounds.

Zhong Yue mustered his strength and injured another godly corpse, but before he could keep the godly corpse in the copper lamp, a godly spirit riding a skeletal beast had lunged over.

The skeletal beast was a beast god that was left with only his bones; however, his power was evident enough from the immense godly aura remaining in them.

And although the godly spirit that mounted the beast god was only three inches tall, he had four heads and eight arms, striking his punches out while standing on the beast gods forehead.

Zhong Yue squinted his eyes, he didnt dare to neglect the mini sized godly spirit. The beast gods were the half blood gods of the monster race and the other races, they were incredibly powerful, and those who could tame a beast god should never be underestimated.

This three-inch tall godly spirit mustve had something up his sleeves!

All of a sudden, the space around him shuddered, and a white bat spirit appeared above him. The godly spirit was able to evade the Golden Crow True Spirit before hanging inverted on the tree branches, after which it then then released wave after wave of sharp sonic attacks!

The sonic waves were golden in color, impacting Zhong Yue from above, locking him onto the ground like the anchors.

In just seconds, Zhong Yue was bound by the golden sonic waves while the beast god raised his claw and slammed down along with the other godly spirits!

Immediately, Zhong Yues divine sabers turned into the Shaohao Bell to block the incoming strikes.


The translucent bell lasted less than a second, but was still able to stagger and weaken the attacks. Right at that instant, the Sui Trees leaves curled down abruptly, tripping off a few of the godly spirits down from the tree.

Zhong Yues muscles bulged with power, and he extended out all eight arms, shattering the golden rings apart. But before he could heave a breath of relief, the three-inch high godly spirit dashed over from the beast gods forehead.

Cast! Zhong Yue cast and brought the Metamagnet Divine Saber down in a slashing motion, but the tiny godly spirit snickered as he casually evaded the divine saber. He tapped on the Metamagnet Divine Saber, and launched himself at Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue quickly let go of the saber and bowed, images of gods appeared behind him, boosting his blood essence as he dashed toward the tiny godly spirit!


Unexpectedly, the tiny godly spirit had forcibly rammed through theWorshipping of Gods, reaching his front and punching right at his face.

Zhong Yue muffled a deep groan, this one punch alone had fractured his skull and shattered his mortal body, sending him back into the sky like a ragdoll!

What a hard skull! The tiny godly spirit praised sincerely.

Brat Yue, this is the spirit of a Heavenly Deity! Xin Huo exclaimed in shock, Careful, this tiny godly spirit is at the same level as the demon races eight grand ancestors!

A Heavenly Deitys godly spirit? Nevertheless, he still have to die! Zhong Yue opened his hands and clasped the two divine sabers in them, they shrunk into the size of two tiny dragons and suddenly disappeared into two of his fingers on one hand.

His three divine eyes shone brightly and tracked the tiny godly spirit.

Just how quick were ones eyes, moreover a strong cultivator like Zhong Yue!

One could say that he would be able to strike anywhere at the instant he looked at it. But even his three divine eyes godly rays werent able to follow the tiny godly spirits unearthly speed.

The tiny godly spirit had entered his proximity again, striking out another forceful punch.

Zhong Yue stood steadfast, he raised his fingers and closed them together like scissors, Kacha the tiny three inches tall godly spirit was sheared into half from the waist!

It was none other than Feng Xiaozhongs appalling skill theDragon Shears!

However, theDragon Shearscast this time were a whole lot different than before. The Solar Divine Saber and Metamagnet Divine Saber were, in essence, two rays of light. Once he had imbued them into his fingers and powered theDragon Shears, it would enhance the already-appalling skill to a greater level. Even Feng Xiaozhong would be astonished and praised if he was here to witness the change to his own skill.

After he dismembered the tiny godly spirit, his fingers were also reduced into ash, leaving only the two divine sabers.

Light wheels revolved rapidly on his back, and the copper lamp sucked the tiny godly spirit into it. Meanwhile, the godly spirits from below rushed over. With a change of thought, Zhong Yue had the Sui Tree leaves curled up to stagger them. But before he could enjoy a moment of relaxation, the white bat godly spirit above released a series of sharp cries again, locking him down with the golden rings.

Right after, the white bat godly spirit plunged down from above. His wings like sabers and claws like spears, launching a series of onslaughts at Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue roared in anger, he broke free from the golden rings, and the Star Toad True Spirit appeared behind him, shouting back at the white bat godly spirit.

Surprisingly, even though Zhong Yue was striking up against the gravity, he was able to push the white bat godly spirit back higher into the sky. Suddenly, a flash of saber ray blinded the white bat godly spirits vision, and another saber ray beheaded him, he was then kept away by the copper lamp right in the next second.

Master Zhong, I cant hold any longer anymore! Shi Buyi shouted.

Zhong Yue looked over and saw blood spurting out like fountains from the lions mouths, he was in an even graver state than Zhong Yue!

After all, Zhong Yue had the Fuxi True Form and the Immortal Body, although he was injured incessantly, his wounds were also healing at the same time. But Shi Buyi didnt cultivate the Immortal Body, even though he was a stronger than Zhong Yue, he couldnt have been any better than Zhong Yue in a protracted battle!

Go! Zhong Yue chanted, and the Golden Crow True Spirit flashed over to aid Shi Buyi in the battles, while the Star Toad True Spirit protected him from below, leaving a window for the godly spirits to strike from above.

Zhong Yue muffled a deep groan, the absence of the Golden Crow True Spirit exposed him to a greater pressure, and he quickly fought his way toward Shi Buyi. Shi Buyi was a strong helper in the battle, he couldnt allow the lion to die in the hands of these godly spirits.

Finally, the two converged, and stood back to back. Immediately, the pressures upon them were considerably lifted as they didnt have to worry about the attacks from behind. Divine leaves flew out from Zhong Yues Yuan Shen secret realms, and he distributed some to Shi Buyi. Both of them were then able to quickly tend to their injuries.

All of a sudden, cries of death pierced a hole in the sky as the Golden Crow True Spirit was torn apart by a godly spirit. Although it was already an Innate True Spirit, the Golden Crow was still relatively new and weaker than the Sui Tree.

The godly spirit was overjoyed upon destroying the Golden Crow True Spirit, but the Sui Tree suddenly shot its branches out to retrieve the mangled Golden Crow into its nest. Then, divine rays shone within the crows nest, and the Golden Crow True Spirit was soon fully recovered. The godly spirits were dazed by the sudden development of situation before expressing their frustrations at the sudden development after coming to their senses.

As the battle continued, the two of them suffered more severe injuries while the onslaughts from the godly spirits never seemed to stop for even a second. Shi Buyi abruptly smiled and said, Master Zhong, to be honest, I really do admire you.

Admire me? Zhong Yue said while blood gushing out from his mouth. He swung the divine sabers out to form an altar, it was theHeaven and Earth Sacrificial Art, and a godly spirit was sacrificed into the heaven and earth in just seconds.

Shi Buyi cast out the Eight Extreme Slaughtering Array and ward off the incoming attacks, but the impact forces have pummelled on his body, causing him to spurt out another mouthful of blood, while he laughed in answer, Yes! I rarely admire the other experts, that old brat Feng Shang didnt earn my respect even though he had broken my Ming King True Form; I dont even bow before the living gods because I know, with the only flaw in myMonster God Ming King Artno longer an issue, I will go beyond them one day in the future. But you are the only one who has earned my respect.

His aura waned as he spoke, even the abundant energy of theMonster God Ming King Artwas seeing depletion after the battles. His laughter also grew weaker as he continued, You are a disciple of mine, but you have deceived me from the start, even succeeding in capturing me into your mount. I wasnt willing to in the first place, but now, you have proven your strength to me I have lived for over hundreds of years, this is the only time I concede to be weaker than someone else. However, no matter what my thoughts are as of this moment, we are still going to die together now I cant hold anymore

Bullshit! Hold onto yourself! Zhong Yue roared, and a divine saber bolted out from the copper lamp while he shouted loudly, I am going to go all out now!

The Divine Wing Saber killed a godly spirit the moment it made its appearance, and another Heavenly Deitys godly spirit fell victim before the saber in the next second!

Shi Buyis eyes brightened up, he was coughing blood as he laughed, Brat, what a brat, why didnt you take it out earlier?

Monster Overlord Shi, he didnt take it out before is exactly because he is afraid of us, the Kun Peng Celestial Race!

A loud laughter came from the horizon, an altar enshrining a divine weapon rose high up into the sky, it was the other half of the Divine Wing Saber!

The Kun Peng experts knelt on the altar and worshipped their saint weapon. Mister Kun Da and Mister Peng Da were standing beside the broken saint weapon, and Mister Kun Da laughed in saying, Zhong Shan Clan member, High Priest Feng has invited us over to reclaim our lost saber!

Mister Peng Da said frigidly, Dont worry, we are not the West Barren celestial race, we will leave after we retrieve the other half of the Divine Wing Saber.

The Divine Wing Saber in Zhong Yues hands quivered violently as it tried to return to its other half on the Kun Peng altar, while Zhong Yue locked his hands on the saint weapon. Then, Mister Kun Da and Mister Peng Da turned around and joined in the worships.


Meanwhile, on the Zhong Li altar, the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron was awakened by the power of worship. The eight dragons carved on the divine cauldron came alive and roared through the firmament. The saint weapon suddenly disappeared from the altar and rammed heavily on the Sui Tree in the next second!

The Sui Tree had proven to be impenetrable even in the face of over thousands godly spirits, but the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron was able to crack the Sui Trees trunk in just a single strike!

Zhong Yue groaned in pain as the Sui Tree was struck hard, he lost his grip over the Divine Wing Saber, and in that instant, the saint weapon left for the Kun Peng altar.


Sounds of metal clanking reverberated the sky, the Divine Wing Saber was finally complete!

Now we are really gone Shi Buyi watched as the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron grew larger in his eyes, he heaved a breath and said, Disaster Zhong, you lied to me. You told you I will be able to cultivate the Pure Yang Yuan Shen after this battle

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