Rise Of The Wasteland Chapter 312

Chapter 312

Chapter 312        Beheading Tactic (4)

The bullets burst in an instant. All the guards were killed within seconds. The huge office was big enough for Zhou Qingfeng to move around. The armed soldiers could not react to his quick and swift movements.

At the same time, Ellie and Eileen were in the waiting room. The moment Enclave initiated the attack, both of them immediately rushed towards Zhou Qingfeng. They were Zhou Qingfengs guards and they were young. Thus, they were allowed to keep their weapons. Eileen grabbed two of the M18A1 Claymore anti-personnel mines.

When the attack happened, the entire town hall was alerted. When one of the guards saw the Claymore mine, he snapped, Freeze! Put your hands up!

Before he could do anything, a shadow rushed out of the waiting room. It was DogMeat which had traveled at more than a hundred kilometers per hour. It reached the target in the blink of an eye and opened its mouth to bite.

The Cuban guard quickly pulled the trigger. However, it backfired. The guard panicked and took a few steps backward. When he caught his breath, half of his pistol was already bitten off by DogMeat. DogMeat then jumped on him and scratched the guards neck.

Ellie and Eileen installed the Claymore mine directly at the entrance of the town hall. Both of them ignored DogMeats massacre. They installed the mine and connected it with a wire to the waiting room. Then, the wire was connected to an M57 initiator.

DogMeat was armed with heavy armor, it did not take long to kill all the guards near the entrance of the town hall. Meanwhile, a large amount of guards outside the town hall were alerted and they rushed towards the town hall. When DogMeat saw the crowd of guards coming, it immediately ran back to Ellie and Eileen.

Eileen stared at the entrance of the town hall. As soon as she saw the guards reaching the entrance, she quickly ran to hide behind the wall of the waiting room and shouted, Go!

Both of them held their breaths and Ellie pressed the button on the initiator. The Claymore mine was activated through the wire.

The mine was set off. More than seven hundred round bullets were spread out in the shape of a fan. Its area of effect covered all the targets within fifty meters.

The highly-packed bullets instantly killed all the guards coming into the town hall. Their bodies were blown onto the wall and fell to the ground. All their bones broke.

Smoke was coming out of the town hall, the entire entrance of the town hall was destroyed. The walls and the ceiling shattered. Decorations hanging on the ceiling fell to the ground. The entire scene was a mess.

The entrance of the town hall was covered by the blood of guards. The guards who were behind the ones who were killed were shocked. They were stunned. They could only stare at the devastating scene.

There are mines at the entrance. Get the armored vehicles here. The rest of you, go through the window. Break all the windows. Hurry up! As soon as one of the Cuban officers regathered all the guards, an artillery shell was dropped directly on him. The 81-mm mortar shell was powerful. The Cuban officer was instantly killed.

On top of a building three hundred meters away from the town hall, the seventh action group was firing at the mortar. As it was very far away from the town hall, none of the Cubans knew there was a mortar on top of that building.

The leader of the seventh action group, Li Cha, was observing everything from a digital telescope and commanded, One mil to the right, three rapid fire.

Three mortar shells were fired and all the Cuban guards were devastated. One of the mortar shells hit one of the armored vehicles engine directly. The armed vehicle could not withstand the power of mortar. The vehicle exploded and the entire vehicle and its turret were sent off into the sky.

At the same time, Li Chas son, Silva, was operating the M107A2 sniper next to him. It was positioned on a tripod to reduce its recoil power. It was equipped with a 10x white light scope and silencer. The accuracy of the sniper was maximized while the sound and its recoil were minimized.

Bang! A bullet was fired from the sniper. The bullet traveled and went through the building opposite. The Cuban sniper behind the wall was killed. Following that, another bullet was fired and the observer was not spared.

With the tripod that significantly reduced the recoil, Silva was able to handle the sniper easily. Silva was only ten-years-old and the M107A2 was like a toy in his hand. The .45 caliber could even penetrate through the normal armored vehicle easily.

Mines, mortar, and snipers were operating at the same time. The defence system allocated by the Strategy Committee was completely ruined. Under Li Chas command, the 81mm mortar shell had a huge effect. None of the Cuban guards could survive once they were hit.

Outside the town hall, it was filled with smog, smoke, corpses, and the broken pieces of armored vehicles. The rest of the Cuban guards had no choice but to withdraw from the frontline and regather their forces. They realized they were facing a really strong enemy. If they want to save Commander Carnell in the town hall, they have to eliminate the mortar three hundred meters away from them first.

Sir, they found us! The Cubans are coming up, one of the seventh action group members reported to Li Cha. They were trapped.

Li Cha looked at his watch and found out that they held up for one and a half minute more than he had expected. The initial plan was achieved. He turned around and commanded to his men, Demolish the sixteenth floor.

Meanwhile, there were more than a hundred Cuban guards coming towards the rooftop. They tried to use the escalator but it was already destroyed. Thus, they used the staircase. As soon as they arrived on the sixteenth floor, the bomb blew them away.

The entire building shook; smoke and flare came out of the sixteenth floor. The first batch of armed soldiers were all gone. After a few moments of silence, the rest of the Cubans continued to go upstairs. However, the entire sixteenth floor was ruined. They had to find a ladder to get up.

Meanwhile, on the sea fifty nautical miles away from Miami, the Vulture on the large cargo ship was departing. Five of the Bell-Boeing V22 Osprey were military aircraft and one of them was equipped with a heavy machine gun.

There was another AC-130U heavily armed gunship equipped with a 105mm cannon that was ready to roll with the Vulture.

The beheading tactic has officially begun!

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