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The Oracle Paths summary:

Have you ever wished you exactly knew how to accomplish your dreams? Not feeling the slightest doubt anymore? Being aware at any time how every choice, action and decision of yours affects your future?Thats what happened to Jake Wilderth, a procrastinating young man without ambition. When a mysterious silver spaceship, popping out from nowhere, delivered to each Earthling a bracelet co...

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The Oracle Paths Chapters

Time uploaded
239 Soul Glyph2 days ago
233 Loser5 days ago
232 Nightmare5 days ago
231 5 Minutes5 days ago
230 Open Water5 days ago
229 Record5 days ago
223 Three Days5 days ago
218 Relooking4 weeks ago
215 Myrthariana month ago
213 Myrtariana month ago
208 Jay Parksa month ago
206 New Eartha month ago
204 Transaction2 months ago
203 Time To Leave2 months ago
202 Anyas Return2 months ago
200 Xis Hologram2 months ago
194 Recovery2 months ago
193 Experiments2 months ago
190 Almos2 months ago
184 Escape2 months ago
179 Revenge2 months ago
178 Stampede2 months ago
176 Betrayal2 months ago
175 New Mission2 months ago
172 Headache2 months ago
171 Variants2 months ago
170 Digestor Herd3 months ago
169 Mission Halls3 months ago
165 Jakes Cousins3 months ago
164 Weird Feeling3 months ago
163 Slave Contrac3 months ago
162 Happy?3 months ago
160 Jackpot3 months ago
159 Finally Quiet3 months ago
158 The Pyramid3 months ago
150 Reunion3 months ago
149 Back To B8423 months ago
141 Impostor3 months ago
130 The Coliseum3 months ago
129 The Final Day3 months ago
128 Lucias Misery3 months ago
126 Cassius Story3 months ago
124 Cassius Tears3 months ago
112 Plop3 months ago
111 Danger3 months ago
110 Wills Message3 months ago
104 Convalescence3 months ago
97 A Pure Novice3 months ago
94 The First Tes3 months ago
88 The Cantina3 months ago
86 The Ludus3 months ago
80 Livia3 months ago
73 Farewell3 months ago
71 Cho Min Ho3 months ago
68 Femme Fatale3 months ago
64 Ambush3 months ago
63 Enya3 months ago
62 Transaction3 months ago
60 Bang3 months ago
59 The Red Cube3 months ago
58 Water3 months ago
57 Reunion3 months ago
56 Only Six Lef3 months ago
54 The Cyan Deser3 months ago
52 Predators3 months ago
51 Aether Skills3 months ago
49 The Farm3 months ago
47 First Aid3 months ago
44 Private3 months ago
42 Departure3 months ago
38 Aslael Part23 months ago
37 Aslael Part 13 months ago
29 New Features3 months ago
26 Agression3 months ago
20 A New Hope3 months ago
18 New Routines3 months ago
16 Missing Cases3 months ago
15 Having Fun3 months ago
12 First Mission3 months ago
11 Vr Center3 months ago
10 Good Nigh3 months ago
9 Eureka3 months ago
8 Encounter3 months ago
7 A Gues3 months ago
6 Risk And Reward3 months ago
5 Guidance3 months ago
2 Global Panic3 months ago
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