Saga Of The Overgod Chapter 21

Farjan is sleeping inside the carriage when he felt a sudden stop. He bounced from his seat and his head moved forward abruptly but soon got back on its original position resting on the carriage's seat. His mind jolted and attempted to ask, but Sarah has done it first.

"What happened?" Said Sarah with a narrowed eyes and angry facial feature.

The guards outside heard her complaint and one of them immediately said, "Mistress, we're near the outer city of Heltek Kingdom. Carriages are asked to line up to be examined by the city guards to find suspicious and illegal goods."

"Tell them that a Heavenly Knight from the church of Galvan is inside this carriage. They will surely let us in immediately."

"Yes, Mistress." Answered the guard.

The guard immediately moved forward towards the city guards.

"Why do they need to make us line up with these commoners? We're from the church! I am a Heavenly knight. I can beat them up!" Sarah harangue inside the carriage.

Farjan just looked at this haughty woman in front of him. He's been traveling with her for days and all along he thought of different plans to free himself.

The church's reputation in this kingdom is quite high. The battle prowess of each Heavenly Knight cannot be underestimated. Because of their extraordinary power that most people believed comes from Galvan their god, they have a high standing here as they are asked by the king for some special missions. They also serve as special forces here so they are highly regarded.

Even the normal priests here are respected. Although most people don't convert into believers, some people who want to be powerful are trying their best to join the ranks of Heavenly Knights. The reason why not all the people are converting themselves into believers is that they are focused on getting income and working, the church will be an additional burden for them if they joined them. The benefits are not high for a normal person, but it is favorable to those who wanted to be strong. Galvan is a god who blesses power and not money. Besides, many people have tried to join in the church as priests or heavenly knights, but the examination and the selection of future knights and priests are very hard. Their standards are high, and every person is required to have a firm faith on Galvan. They will undergo the rigorous training after being selected.

You can say that they don't just have extraordinary powers but their physical strength, mental fortitude, spiritual faith is also trained. Fighting is the specialty of Knights and priests as vessels so no one can look down on them.

Few moments have passed and the guard before is walking back to the carriage carrying the news together with a city guard.

"The King, His Majesty, ordered us to carefully inspect all the incoming person and carriages regardless of any status, even the kings or delegates from other kingdom needs yo undergo this inspection. Please bear with us. Sorry for the trouble." The city guard said.

"What major thing happened that demands us to undergo this inspection?" Sarah said irritatedly.

"We don't know also. We are just asked to do this task. Sorry I can't answer your question." The guard said prudently.

Sarah waved her arm as a sign that they are dismissed. Both of the guards go back to their duty.

"Pfff" Farjan tried to conceal his laughter. Sarah has been turned down after she just said that they will surely get inside immediately because of her status as Heavenly Knight.

When Sarah heard him, she immediately burns with anger and embarrassment. She again swiftly pointed her dagger at Farjan's neck, directly at his Adam's apple. Farjan raised his head while his eyes are looking down on Sarah with a hint of panic.

"S-sorry, calm down." He said nervously while he was trying to prevent Sarah from stabbing him.

Sarah glared at him furiously. Her eyes widened declaring a threat to him. "Don't you dare? She said madly.

"I dare not to." He replied. Then, Sarah slowly moved back her hand that holds the dagger while still glaring at her captive. She can't kill this young man because if she does so, the higher-ups will get mad for squandering this precious demon that can be used as a great sacrifice to their gid, Galvan.

She sat back on the couch and waited until they got inside the kingdom.

As they wait, Farjan patted his spatial pouch that hangs beside his waist, suddenly, three spirit stones emerged from it and Farjan grabs a hold of these spirit stones. Now, he is at the advanced stage of second-level of the Spirit realm. He plans to use these stones to cultivate and empower himself until he breakthrough. He sat in a meditation position while holding the spirit stones that he carefully hides from Sarah that is sitting in front of him.

Currently, Sarah is just looking out of the window. He caught sight of Farjan as he was meditating. Fortunately, she is not a real cultivator so; she cannot see the glowing motes of light and energies gathering on Farjan. If she can see this she will surely panic and if she also saw the three spirit stones that Farjan had on his hands, she will be alarmed by several folds.

"What's with this guy?" He thought, "Is he trying to imitate my meditation when I absorbed the spirit stones?" He sneered at Farjan, "Ha! Good luck! Do you think you can get powers just by imitating me? Never!"

Farjan's eyes are closed so he can't see the sneers and pitiful expressions displayed by Sarah. While he meditates he felt the surrounding energies gathering on him, the stabbing pain from before is now gone. What he felt right now is the relaxing flow of spirit essence from the spirit stone and the additional energies around him.

The spirit essence is like a clear and pure water flowing through his spiritual passageways. His muscles are slowly stretched as he felt his strength increasing.

The powers are forming a vortex as he absorbed the spirit stones. It forms ripples in the air, and the energies became excited as it vibrates restlessly in the air. After a few moments a slight blast coming from his body happened, it formed an impact as the carriage shook abruptly.

"What happened?!" Said Sarah anxiously.

"We don't know, Mistress," The guards outside said.

Farjan looked at his body and he close his hands, suddenly, he felt a strength more powerful than before.

"Ah!" He said with a trace of relief.

He successfully breakthrough and has reached the third-level of Spiritual Stage.

"This time I can fight back!"

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