Saga Of The Overgod Chapter 22


Outside the territory of the Dowter clan, in the middle of a circle of a huge crowd, two factions are facing-off each other. Any person around would feel the tension building up between these two parties and the scorching heat coming from the sun up above also fuelled the heat that everybody felt right now.

It is around 12:00 in the middle of the afternoon. Although there is a scorching heat lingering on everybody, still, the people around had their interest never wanes. They are anticipating the outcome of this face-off.

Soka, a man on his thirties is among the group of people that brought a weapon and displayed hostility towards the Dowter clan. He was shouting furiously when suddenly, a man tapped his left shoulder. He turned to look at the person who tapped his shoulder only to see a single-armed middle-aged man.

"What's happening?" The man asked him.

"The Dowter clan is subject to be inspected for colluding with a demon!" Soka replied with a hint of anger. "Don't go near them, maybe they will sacrifice you to the demon if you are captured by them. I'm just giving you an advice so please keep this in your mind."

The man nodded back to him in reply and turned around to go away. Soka just shook his head as he also felt a bit pity towards the man because he only had an arm. "How does he gain income? He can't work!"Soka thought."It's none of my business." Then, he turned back to what he was doing before, shouting furiously and raising his ax with a wooden handle from time to time.

Several minutes later, Tromer stood on a higher platform but a little bit farther to the scene, but with his eyes of a cultivator, this is no problem at all. Behind him, his sidekicks are standing with a gleeful expression. These sidekicks started to follow him for benefits. They are hoping to get as many gold coins as possible from this man that they thought is a mentally ill man. Fortunately for them, Tromer is not bothered by their presence because he still needs them when he is lazy to do something minor he can just ask them to do it for him. Also, he has some questions that they might be able to answer so, they still have some value.

Among the crowd, there are people who carried different kinds of weapons are letting out a trace of hostility towards the members of the Dowter clan.

"Leave this place all at once! You demons!"

"Yeah! Demons are not suitable here! Go back to hell!"

"Purge the demons!"

Different howls that carry a variety of negative and threatening emotions are being thrown out without stopping at the Dowter clan, especially for Julius because he's the clan leader. They lifted up their weapons from time to time shouting something like a battle cry. Although they are displaying an antagonistic expression, they still held themselves back for they are unsure if the Dowters are really colluding with the demons. If they purged them but it turns out that they are not connected with the demons they will surely be embarrassed and many negative outcomes will happen like most people will not trust them easily and many more. They are just acting a little bit braver and bolder right now because they knew that there is a large possibility that their accusation is correct based on the recent news and happenings.

In the middle, the grand priest looked at Julius coldly. "Demon's minions! Take out the demon that you're hiding! Or else we will use brute force. The citizens are in danger if that demon is still here, hand him over to us."

After the grand priest said those words, a loud cheer of support has been let out by the crowd of people.

"Yeah! Hand him over and we will beat him!"A random person who wore a farmer's hat said while pointing his one-meter long scythe that has some dirt and grass remnants from farming.

"We don't have demon here, besides, how will you handle him if there is a real demon, do you think mortals can kill those powerful beings?! You are just throwing away the safety of the citizens."

"You're lying, we recently fought with that demon! He is named Tromer and for sure he is extraordinary! We are ready to fight that demon at all cost just to ensure the safety of the citizens. We are not putting ourselves in danger; we are fighting to take out the danger that you have there!" The grand priest said with resolution lingering on his every action. Cheers and howls spread loudly again, this kind of playing with words can easily stir the hearts of these mortals.

"We really don't have a demon here, but how about the church?" Julius said disdainfully with a side of his lips curling up into a smile.

After hearing what Julius said, the Grand Priest, the normal priest and the crowds stared at the Dowters dumbfoundedly. "What? Nonsense! You're flipping accusation towards us! We don't have a demon, and we will never have a demon! We are serving the Almighty Galvan and no demon can resist him." The grand priest said with narrowed eyes and a cold voice.

Another butt in of the crowd happened.


"You can't mislead us!"

Julius just threw an observing gaze towards the other party. He's calm and reserved because even though he doesn't have the support of the crowds, he knows that at his back, his clan is supporting and relying on him. Moments later, he took out an old book and opened it, he stopped at a certain page after a few seconds. He then, flipped it making it visible to the eyes of the people.

"This is the proof that your god is not a merciful god but a vile and sinister demon!" Julius said with a hint of disdain in his voice.

"Nonsense again! Galvan is a righteous god we serve. What you've done is a blasphemy against him and us, his servants!" The church's people began to let out a cold gaze and angry facial expression.

"If I'm saying nonsense, you can cast us out in this place, but!" He stopped after saying the last word just to put emphasis on his next words. "If what we said is true and that fake gid of yours is actually a demon, then you need to remove your church here in the Bigfield city and also pay us for all the troubles and inconveniences."

"You're too much confident and arrogant huh! I'm excited to see your clan moving out of this place like a caravan." The Grand Priest said sneeringly.

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