Saga Of The Overgod Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Call to Galvan

Julius would not let his clan loose and he would do all that he could because he's the clan leader and he has the responsibility to lead his clan to greater heights. Would he let his clan loose? especially this time that they were gaining wealth and their foundation as a higher class clan were being laid down? Of course, the only answer is no!

As a reply to the Grand Pries's sneers, he raised the book that was at his hands so that everyone could see it, "This is the Book of Demons. Inside, all the known demons were indicated here and surprisingly, it includes their so-called 'god' which was Galvan. For a long time, they've been fooling us! They said that Galvan is a god, a righteous one, they hid us the fact that Galvan was really a fearsome demon. Now, they passed the blame to our clan stating that we were colluding with a demon! "Julius said loudly."Everybody, please take a closer look and see it for yourself." He added.

Everybody looked at the Book of Demons that was on Julius' hands. A few moments later, a loud voice of surprise was heard throughout the entire place of gathering.

"Woah!" A stout man said with his eyes and jaw wide opened.

"What happened?" His friend beside him asked.

"Take a closer look at the emblem on the book and the emblem of the church!" The stout man said loudly and so, everyone heard it. He couldn't help but be shocked and spoke so loudly because what he discovered is very breathtaking especially for the mortals.

Later, another scream of surprise is heard. "The emblems were... the same?!"

People started to get engrossed as they also copied the others in taking a closer look at the emblem on the book and the church's emblem.

"Woah! It is really the same!"

"Yes, it truly is, What in the world?!"

Fully surprised voice has popped out everywhere within the crowd simultaneously. Along with being shocked and dumbfounded, confusion also lingers on everybody's mind. "Don't tell me this just happened arbitrarily?" A bald man among the crowds said.

When the people from the church detected the sudden change in the surroundings especially the building up of doubts in everyone's hearts' they reacted hastily as their minds are thinking of any possible counter-attack against Julius and his clan.

While the normal priests are thinking, the grand priest immediately thought of something,"Nonsense! Why should we believe that book? We don't even know where you got it! It's clearly made-up!" He said with the skin on his face were folded especially the part on his forehead and on the sides of his eyes.

The Fourth Elder suddenly frowned as a sudden thought ran through his mind. "Wait! I just noticed you had said 'nonsense' a few times already, is it the only word in your vocabulary? Want me to teach you some?" He said in an asking tone while looking at the Grand Priest disdainfully as if telling that he is more intelligent than him after discovering the matter.

The Grand Priest reacted in a questioning manner. "What's with this guy?! That's just a trivial thing yet; it's a big issue for him? What the heck!" He thought."Stop spouting nonsense! This is a serious matter! This involved the future of the residents of Bigfield City!" He said aloud.

"Nonsense again?! I think you really need to learn some words, let me help you..." He said while holding his chin as if his thoughts are going down deep into his very mind."Try to use... senselessness! Yeah, senselessness is a good substitute," He said while an accomplished look on his face was displayed. "Or you can just use some cursing words." He added.

After that, Julius stared at the Fourth Elder implying that a command to stop was ordered. He let the Fourth Elder finish before he restraint him, it is just for one purpose, to provoke and to anger the church.

"I know you wouldn't believe us but I can prove it to you only if you were capable of convening the demon you called god. But you are just a Grand Priest and not a Bishop or an Archbishop so you're not capable of doing that." He tauntingly said.

"How dare you? I'm a Grand Priest, although I can't do that for a normal matter it is different if the situation is like this. You're doing a blasphemy against our god! I will only pray and surely, he will answer my call and he will judge you all for your wrongdoings!"He then looked towards the clear blue sky up above and after that, he closed his eyes.

"Raba Raba Um Shamalaya~" Incomprehensible words are enchanted by the Grand Priest while his eyes are still closed and his face pointed at the sky.

On a realm where darkness and heat coming from the lavas that are flowing from different locations forming canals are lingering over every being here, a mansion made of red stones was built on top of a very steep mountain with two big canals that have a huge amount of lava flowing on its sides. Inside the mansion, a human figure was sitting cross-legged. The only uncommon feature of this being was that his face is not of a human, but of a panther. He was not moving and his eyes were closed but only after a few moments of time, suddenly, the eyes of the panther-faced being opened, displaying red-dyed eyes with nerves popping out.

"Someone is calling me." He said with a voice that sounds like it was derived from the deepest part of the world.

Author's Thoughts

Heaven_Dream Heaven_Dream

Hahaha! A cliffhanger for you guys!

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