Second Chance: Raising A Yandere Demon Lord Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Kill him [1]

A chuckle escaped from Odette's mouth.

The sharp edge of her dagger was placed against the neck of the prison guard, and the cold metal caused chill to pass down his spine.

Loosening his hold on Adrian, the Prison Guard turned back, and seeing Odette stand there almost caused his heart to jump out of his chest.

The piercing gaze shot by her made his heart beat rapidly within his chest, and the smile which adorned her face made everything much more frightening. Her age and height did not have any affect on the fear felt by the Prison Guard.

"Lady Odette," the Prison Guard bowed.

He let go of his hold on Adrian, and due to his hazy line of sight, Adrian was unable to see Odette before him. His body collapsed against the ground while relief spread through him.

His entire body was in severe pain, and he was very much close to passing out. Although the words were unable to leave his mouth, he was grateful to the one who had save him.

Odette moved her dagger away from his neck, and then, with a swift movement, she connected the pointy edge of it to his chest exactly at where his chest was.

"I haven't had a taste of him yet, but you dare to talk about tasting him," Odette vocalised her tone holding humour.

The Prison Guard shook his head instantly after those words, and his body trembled. Odette was merely a seven year old, and he did not quite understand how she will be having a taste of him or how she even knew of this matters in the first place.

Nonetheless, being well aware of people of this residence was far from normal, he drove away all those thoughts from his mind.

"Pardon me, Lady," the Prison Guard spoke out, "I am really sorry. I apologise for my mistake; I did not know that you were interested in him. Please look past this. I will never be committing such a mistake. I merely got a message on how he had offended you, and on your behalf, I wanted to punish him."

"Who are you to make decisions on my behalf?" Odette asked, pressing the dagger much further into his chest.

A slight more pressure would cause the dagger to enter into his chest, and knowing that it would not be a big matter for Odette to kill him, the Prison Guard trembled under her gaze.

"Forgive me, Lady Odette. Those words of mine came out wrong," the Prison Guard begged, "I did not mean that. Of course, this lowly creature has no right to make decisions for you. I am so sorry, Lady Odette. This mistakes of mine will never be repeated."

Odette widened the smile upon her face and spoke out, "That doesn't matter to me."

"Certainly it doesn't, Lady Odette. I will do anything you want, so please spare my life, Lady Odette. Please be merciful on me. I have a family back at home, and they really need me to survive," the Prison Guard voiced out, hoping that the girl in front of him would have some sympathy for him. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.

As she pressed the blade deeper into his chest, she questioned, "How long do you think it would take for me to kill you now?"

A glint appeared in Odette's eyes after those words left her mouth, and the air around her became more intimidating.

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