Seized By The System Chapter 271

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Fang Ning continued pondering it, ‘The precious game book is like a mini double of the System, since it was something the System had personally made to persuade me into completing its missions.

‘However, its missions are full of loopholes, so it’s still stuck on the same two missions with no updates whatsoever’

Just like those online game service providers that could no longer run their games and had to shut down their servers, Fang Ning also no longer supported the companies that produced those games.

The game book had an attribute called “System Bind”, and it was obvious that the target of binding was Fang Ning himself.

After all, the System was essentially bound to him.

Then if he were the one that had beaten someone up, the System obtaining the experience points was normal.

Fang Ning finally understood everything. He was merely a body of blood and flesh, a natural human, so Maxim products like experience points were irrelevant to him since he could not use or store any experience points.

The most that could be done was that the System could expend experience points to demonstrate the skills to him within the confines of the System Space, so that he would be able to learn them quicker; it would be just like how he first mastered the Dragonization Ability. However, he would not be able to expend experience points himself.

Which also meant that he would not be able to flourish like how the System did, he had to do things like how normal people would do it; cultivating daily, consuming herbs and finally making a breakthrough.

Fortunately, Fang Ning was of Double S qualification, and he had all those pills to boot

The only thing that was lacking was that the “Dragonization Ability” did not automatically activate itself, and he had to spend eight hours every day personally cultivating it himself.

However, the game book was different. It already possessed the System’s Maxim, so it could of course obtain experience points. This also meant it would be able to flourish quickly, but the premise was that a certain Sir would be willing to expend the experience points to do so.

It was obvious from Sir System’s tone that that would be impossible.

Nevertheless, Fang Ning would not let things go so easily. The game book listened to him the best; whoever he wanted it to beat up, it would, and it did not need to adhere to any of the System’s restrictions

Fang Ning knew where the bottom line was; he would never use it to commit any bad deeds.

He then proceeded to bluff, “Actually, the upgrade of this game book would give you a great advantage.”

The System deadpanned, “Rich-man Host, you’re trying to trick me again I can’t afford to waste my experience points anymore; although my Morality regenerates automatically now, I still have to obtain experience points through hard work. Unless you change into the White Dragon and bring this book along with you for farming, I will not agree to anything else. You’re only at Bucket-level, you’ll be defeated easily/”

Hearing this, Fang Ning thought to himself, ‘Oh my oh my, this System has grown up so much. I have no choice but to use my tactical hoodwinking tool, but I’ve just used it recently so it’s in cooldown now.

Would this stop Fang Ning from planning things for the game book?

He then said, “Sir System, I remember that the game book is impossible to throw away, right?”

The System answered, “Yes, I said this the last time too; as long as it’s not bound by anything, it will return automatically. That snake had swallowed it the last time and if it hadn’t opened its mouth, the book wouldn’t have returned.”

Fang Ning replied, “Then why not add a GPS to it? That would make finding it if it gets lost much easier.”

“There’s no need to, all System equipment have their own GPS, and if they’re misplaced their indicators turn blue. Even if they were misplaced in a place on the map that is still unlocked, it will still show up on the map although its surroundings won’t. With that being said, what are you trying to do, Mr. Rich Boss?”

Fang Ning immediately opened the map. Just as what the System said, the location of the book coincided with the System’s location, which put his mind at ease.

His lips pulled into a pleased smile. “I want to put this book in the care of someone else and ask them for help with increasing its level”

The System was in awe as it said, “As expected of the brilliant Mr. Rich Boss. However, I don’t want it practicing in my territory or it’ll steal my kills.”

Fang Ning was speechless, “You’re always farming in human territories, so I’ll just send it to some place with no humans”

Within the System Space, the black game book flew into Fang Ning’s embrace right after his words fell as if it did not want to leave its owner.

Fang Ning gently stroked the cover of the game book and comforted, “My precious, you first have to leave home for you to grow up. I will visit you occasionally with the System, and we’ll pay your progress a lot of attention. After you’ve grown up, you’ll be an even bigger help to me. By then, you can come back.”

The game book flapped its black covers, as if expressing that it understood.

Although Fang Ning was reluctant on parting with the book, he had just said so himself that it only served as a companion for him in the System Space. Other than showing him the statistics of their enemies, there were no other ways for it to develop, since it was not like it could practice martial arts or consume pills and herbs.

The Maxim of the world was still limiting the power of a single person to Lake-level, so the System was still currently invincible. The safety of the game book was guaranteed, so the opportunity to let it grow and develop was perfect. Otherwise, they might not have an opportunity like this in the future, they might even lose it permanently if they sent it out in the future.

The System jibed, “There’s no need to act like you’re both never going to meet again It is indestructible, so why are you so worried about it? When you want it to return, it will. Whoever dares to claim that book as their own will be farmed by me.”

Fang Ning gave a thumbs up. “You really are something, Sir System. Let’s send it off with a parting gift”

“I don’t understand. Why can’t I just throw it into the ocean? Then it won’t need a parting gift.”

Fang Ning was speechless. “You heartless father, it’s so black in color, who would want to pick it up? You better make it look like a gold artifact and add two words to its coverHeavenly Book.

“Oh, and the most important thing is coming up Craft a titanium alloy protective case for it. Only I’m allowed to touch my precious game book, so I won’t have any outsiders laying a single finger on it unless they’re up to worship it. I wantSeal Script1carved on the case that reads the instructions for the book. They have to pay homage to it while chanting ‘May the precious one subdue the enemy’ before it can appear to the user’s aid.”

After hearing what Fang Ning had said, the game book flapped its covers as if saying “That’s precisely it, I have the best owner.”

The System groaned, “How troublesome, what shape would you like the protective case to be in?”

Fang Ning pondered for a minute before he said, “Make it into a backpack, and it should be an indestructible one too. I want them to carry my precious game book every day.”

The game was incredibly moved at Fang Ning’s words. It stayed in Fang Ning’s embrace for a while and refused to move, before it flew away and disappeared.

A System Notification appeared then, which read, [The System expended 300 thousand Experience Points, transformed the external appearance of the Advanced-level Game Book, and added a new title”Heavenly Book”.]

[The System expended 800 thousand Experience Points and consumed a large amount of reserve materials, forged a high-grade container for the Game Book, “Sacred Backpack”, added instructions written in Seal Script. RemarksIndestructible, unable to open, only Advanced-level Game Book is allowed to enter and leave at will.]

The System huffed, “Yet another million or so experience points used. I still felt like I was bluffed by you both If it doesn’t develop to be useful, I’ll definitely have it destroyed.

Fang Ning did not want to listen to the System anymore. His eyes glinted as it looked at the newly-transformed game book and its container.

All he could see was a thick book glimmering with golden light in front of him; it even had an aura of dominance which emitted from its body

Beside it, a black backpack could be seen. There was a stark contrast between both items.

It was easy to imagine that anyone who picked up the backpack would definitely worship the game book like an ancient artifact once it appeared from within its backpack.

The System berated, “Stop looking at it, I don’t want you to be even more unwilling to part with it. Name a place, where should we cast it away?”

Now that they were finally going to go about it, Fang Ning really was unwilling to part with the book. He instantly felt his heart waver. ‘Maybe there’s no need to cast it away, since having Sir System alone is still more than enough.’

He immediately reprimanded himself after, ‘I cannot be so careless. Life brings forth sorrow and calamity, death provides peace and happiness. Sir System may pack quite a punch now, but we’re much too high key. There must be rivals in the shadows plotting against us.’

He had also found out from the Dragon Carp that the Upper Realm had many ways to contact the Lower Realm.

If that were true, all the demons that have yet to descend might even have prepared their methods of dealing with the System in advance. For example, powerful treasures, magic, spells, formations, poisons, etc It would be impossible to defend against everything.

Therefore, the more backup methods they had, the better, lest they do not have the power to turn things around in the future.

He gritted his teeth and hugged the game book, before he comforted, “Not to worry, my precious, once you’ve reached Level 10, I will have you return to me. The System is only at Level 35 now, so a difference of 20 levels is no big deal.”

Just then, a couple of System Notifications appeared. [The System expended 300 million Experience Points, upgraded from Level 35 to Level 45. The System’s health and vital energy increased, Attribute Points increased by 10 and all added to Luck, Luck increased to 36 points.]

[11 points at Level 20, 36 points at Level 45. Skill “Good Luck” upgraded to “Great Luck”. EffectCrit rate increased, occurrence rate of mysterious effects increased.]

The System hummed, “Now it has to be at Level 20 before it can come back”

Fang Ning was speechless at the situation that had unfolded, “You’re like a one-year-old, Sir System. Why are you competing with the precious game book? Look at what you’ve done now. You have 4.7 billion experience points left, and the threshold of Level 100 is getting closer too.”

“Huh? How can that be?” The System’s tone was one of extreme dismay as it continued, “I knew I was tricked by the pair of you. With that being said, were your words intentional just now, Host?”

Fang Ning only smiled, it would be better if he said nothing at all.

Above the Pacific Ocean, the sun shone brightly. The octopus “Twelve Arms” was drifting along aimlessly.

Its mind kept replaying the memories of the past week.

When 500 thousand octopuses invaded a small town in Australia, 490 thousand and 9999 of them had been beaten up and flung into the ocean by Vigilante A. It was the only one that had decided to withdraw back into the ocean. It was not greedy for it did not want the jars of the humans, so it escaped unscathed.

However, it felt that it had not done the right thing. If it had the choice to redo things, it would have definitely stolen the biggest and the best jar, and it would have chosen to be beaten up the most seriously

It did not get beaten up nor did it suffer any injuries, but good things may not necessarily lead to good consequences, so it had soon suffered from the exclusion of its peers.

“This b*stard must’ve colluded with that flying person, otherwise why didn’t it get beat up?”

“That’s right, it has always been an eyesore. Turns out its a spy sent by the humans!”

“No wonder it has four extra limbs, those stupid humans must’ve made a mistake while creating it.”

With nobody supporting it, it could only try to explain itself, “I’m not a spy sent by the humans. After participating in the tug-of-war organized by twelve leaders, I was too tired and too lazy to go about stealing jars, which was why that flying fellow didn’t beat me up.”

“What? You’re too lazy to even steal a jar, are you even an octopus?”

“That’s right, an octopus that is unwilling to steal a jar is no good octopus. We can no longer keep this b*stard around.

“I agree, an extra four limbs is nothing much, but you behave so differently from everyone else too. You’re no octopus, so leave.”

Soon, “Twelve Arms” found itself shut out by twelve Giant Octopus communities. It was no longer allowed to access any of their abundant fish farms too. It could only wander in the desert of an ocean.

“A twelve-limbed octopus who doesn’t steal jars” soon spread like wildfire across the other Giant Octopus communities in the oceans and it became the laughing stock of the octopuses.

Without any octopus community to rely on, not a single female octopus set their sights on it despite the fact that it was quite strong.

All the effort he had contributed could not be returned, and even the oldest community did not accept it.

It could only float about in the vast ocean, wandering aimlessly and solitarily as it lived from one meal to the next.

Fortunately, it was an octopus, and octopuses were good at resisting hunger, so it was no major problem.

Up until one day, it realized the flying fellow that had beaten up his peers had just flown by above it.

It was beyond excited and extremely elated as it shouted towards the sky, “Come beat me up, come beat me up, quickly come and beat me to a pulp!! I’ve stolen a lot of jars!!”

Of course, then actual sounds it was making were all clicks like the Morse Code

As it sent its telegram, it waved around the twelve jars that it held with its twelve limbs.

After it was chased out of the octopus community, it had spent an entire night stealing these from a small village by the sea. Although it had caused quite a ruckus, the one person he wanted to appear sadly did not

Due to the lack of injuries caused by special forms of vital energy on its body, none of the octopuses believed it completely. Although it acted like an octopus, the suspicion that it was a spy sent by the humans did not disappear, so it could not return to the community.

After lots of hollering, it finally got its wishes answered.

With a loud splash, a black, heavy backpack wrapped in vital energy fell from the sky. It smashed a few of its jars to bits before it landed directly on its head.

The backpack was wrapped in vital energy because the System was afraid the impact without the vital energy would kill it immediately

“Twelve Arms” was knocked out by the backpack wrapped in vital energy.

Before it lost consciousness completely, it giddily thought, ‘That’s great, I’ve finally been beaten up by that strong human because I stole these jars. I can definitely return to the community now.’

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