Seized By The System Chapter 413

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After hearing the answer, Fang Ning nodded his head; it was honestly no surprise at all.

After all, the devils were emotionless and heartless creatures; the resentment the Upper Realm Devils had for Vigilante A was obviously because of the fact that a lot of their kin had been farmed.

However, to the devils that had survived, Vigilante A had actually helped them reduced their possible competitors, so there were no feelings of irreconcilable hatred between the two parties at all

As for the Wicked Lunar Devil, the resentment it felt was as if its own mother was killed

This was truly suspicious for it did not seem like something an Upper Realm Devil would do.

Fang Ning immediately continued, “It talked about the Heavenly Axiom’s ability to tether to the consciousness of others, and it also insulted Almighty Dragon God by saying it was nothing more than a lackey for the Heavenly Axiom. I think that it might be the mortal enemy of Earth’s Heavenly Axiom, it might even have been sent by the Moon. However”

“You’re right, Your Excellency. This humble devil thinks so as well,” flattered Anderson.

“There is one problem. When I made the sacrifice to the Dragon God the last time, I went to the Moon as well. The Dragon God had told me itself that there was no life nor a Heavenly Will there” This was what Fang Ning was entangled with currently.

Anderson’s expression shifted into an inexplicable one at this statement, as if the conversation had just steered towards a sore subject.

“There’s no need for you to be worried about taboo right now, but you can choose to speak only if you want to,” said Fang Ning.

“Alright, Your Excellency, if you say so. Actually, I might be able to guess the true origins of these local devils. They’re actually” revealed Anderson with care laced into every word.

“Sh*t Despicable! Shameless! Heartless! Inhumane!” At Anderson’s words, Fang Ning immediately grew furious!

How could a Devil like this exist?

Eating Earth’s rice and shattering the pot right after!

If it were not for Fang Ning’s ability to talk big, which gained themselves a hundred Heavenly Merit Points due to his wish for the Nets Above Snares Below to encompass their entire galaxy, the System would not have been able to subdue all their enemies once more and blood would have flown freely around the Divine Gate.

After all, a great number of his friends, acquaintances, and customers all gathered either before the Divine Gate or beyond it!

Which of course included the System’s predetermined experience point farms

These d*mned Devil b*stards!

In contrast, the bald donkey Zhi Nan was cuter by ten times! At least Zhi Nan did not owe the Earth anything!

Fang Ning just could not understand how the brains of these beings worked; maybe they were the best at being garbage.

Fang Ning had always been a person that valued the gratitude he owed others; even if he understood that the Heavenly Axiom of Earth had its endless flaws, was cold and calculative beyond compare, was often inhumane, and was narrow-minded, it was still protecting and nurturing Fang Ning, and it also used to be the root of all beings on Earth.

Based on this very fact alone, Fang Ning had an obligation to safeguard the Heavenly Axiom but these local devils ignored this completely. Not only were they worshipping a foreign object, but they were also harming the very place that had cared for them.

The Moon was a good place, but when compared to Earth and the future survival of all the beings on it, sacrificing the Moon was a possibility. After all, the Moon was not a living thing, and it was an object that has long been captured by Earth.

As Fang Ning’s anger simmered into nothing, he immediately understood why Anderson had a hard time revealing their thoughts.

Anderson was taking the fact that Fang Ning was from Earth into account, and was worried that Fang Ning may not be able to accept the truth.

However, Fang Ning would not have such a problem; humans are complex creatures after all.

The peace that he and the System had fought so hard for was never for trash like these devils anyway, but was rather for the true backbone of Earththe humans that silently contributed to productivity

At this, Fang Ning could not help but recount the blood that had been spilled previously. Reviving the black and white dolphins in the Draconic Arcane Realm was difficulty and even despite the fact that they both only possessed Bucket-level potential, Fang Ning still expended fifty million experience points to revive them both.

Every time he used Beginner-level Resurrection, he would have to expend ten million experience points.

If they could tolerate those trash leeching off the Earth’s resources to grow strong just to destroy all other beings that depended on the Earththen what else cannot be tolerated too!

“We have to completely annihilate them! Since they don’t want to continue living on Earth, they can just go to the Moon instead!” fumed Fang Ning.

Anderson sighed inwardly. It was just as they expected; Fang Ning really detested ingrates that not only showed ingratitude for kindness, but also turned their backs towards their origins.

They silently reminded themselves not to commit this taboo, otherwise they would definitely suffer the Venerable One’s wrath!

After all, the understanding they had towards Fang Ning was closest to reality. They knew that this warden, the Venerable White Dragon, was in fact the person that made all the decisions, the Venerable Dragon God himself.

The True Dragon Clan had merely integrated Earth’s technology to forge a custom combat AI system to assist him on Earth. Not only that, he was also gifted with a spatial treasure that had infinite potential, making it equivalent to the Gods themselves.

The only things Anderson did not know was the System’s background and the actual relationship it had with Fang Ning; other than that, all their other suspicions were practically resolved.

“Anderson, I’m ordering you now; from today onwards, the Draconic Penitentiary is officially entering combat mode! Stop all production and focus on gathering any relevant information regarding these local devils. We must stop at nothing until they’re completely dug out!

“Even if it means going to the ends of the world, I will not be giving them a single chance to hide at all!”

Fang Ning was a 30-year-old, and people at this age have had their fair share of absurd experiences. He was incapable of action before, but things were different now and Fang Ning would never let them continue having their own ways, be it in private or otherwise!

“Understood, Your Excellency. I will now initiate total mobilization of the Draconic Penitentiary. With our united wisdom and strength, we will concentrate our efforts into locating these devils. If we can’t complete this task within three days, we will willingly sacrifice ourselves as an apology!”

Fang Ning nodded his head in satisfaction. After a session of venting, Fang Ning’s anger had subsided quite a lot. He then said, “Very well, that kind of determination is good. There is no need for a deadline, since they won’t be able to run far.”

Anderson currently existed as a nothing more than a soul, so if they wanted to sacrifice themselves as an apology, they actually could.

With their order received, Anderson left, their footsteps firm and without hesitation. After all, this was the first time the warden of the Draconic Penitentiary had relayed a command of war.

The significance behind this was extraordinary.

This meant that from now onwards, the Draconic Penitentiary would become a powerful influence. It would no longer be just a place where criminals were sent to be punished for their sins.

From now onwards, these criminals would be just like those penal military units of olden times.

These penal military units might lack enthusiasm now, but Anderson was confident that they would be able to mobilize them.

Despite the fact that they may be merely souls locked away in a penitentiary, the Venerable White Dragon had long anticipated this as he had already planned everything the year before.

The spiritually-controlled game “Battle of the Beasts” had actually trained a large batch of souls that were proficient in controlling spiritually-controlled mechs in battle.

By depending on the effects of the Vitality Pill made by the Dragon Clan, these souls had actually improved rather quickly, even more so than their counterparts on the outside.

After all, all of them were locked away because they possessed talents, qualifications, and potential that made them one in a million.

Even if we only talked about those with unique abilities, there was already an abundance of them locked away in here. They were merely suppressed all this while, so they had no way of releasing their abilities.

However, the chance for them to show what they had was finally upon them

Perhaps in the near future, Anderson might even become a marshal and obtain power beyond their imagination!

This was truly a trick of the Heavens, for both misfortunes and blessings were happening at the same time

That night, the Draconic Penitentiary was abuzz with chaos. Feelings of fervent and fear filled the air as everyone was cast into confusion.

However, an excited voice sounded from within one of the single cells.

“Anderson, as long as I, Lei Tian, is able to grace a battlefield with my presence once more, I will kill whoever I am asked to. Even if the Great Devil Saint would not be spared from my wrath!”

“Haha, rare for you to have such awareness. It would seem that my teachings are finally working, since you seem to finally understand the true essence of love and justice. If that’s the case, I’ll send your name along. As to whether or not you’ll lead or be led, that would be up to the Venerable One to decide.”

Anderson would never demoralize Lei Tian at a time like this for that would be foolish of them.

Lei Tian’s strength had long been completely revealed; he was someone that even the Venerable Dragon God needed to rely on teamwork to subdue, after all

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