Seven Years Of Love Chapter 10

10 Meeting Under The Stars

It has been a full month now since we have been in New York. Our plan is to stay for three months, which left us with two more months to increase SOLE's fame. We were now all over television and magazine, and SOLE's security has been rising. All this, within a month, I was very impressed. The members say that is is because of me, but honestly they did more of the work, I just managed it. Though all was going good for SOLE, Rong You and I haven't been able to meet at all.

When we had planned this trip, Rong You and I had rented different hotels. We weren't living under the same roof like before. I would have visited Rong You too if I knew that he wasn't busy. I also see him on the news too. Since he was so busy, he always replied to my message late and replied to my calls in the middle of the night. It did bring some awareness to me that Rong You might not have been getting any sleep if he was replying and calling this late and so I stopped texting him hoping that if he did get a break, he would take that time to rest. I didn't want him to get sick like I did from overworking.

"Don't worry about it, I'll be fine, I'm used to it." was always his excuse. It was nice of him to create excuses so I wouldn't worry, but nothing can really keep a girl from worrying. Now that SOLE had the Americans attention, I was twice as busy as before. This also caused me to stray further away from Rong You. In the end, we would go back proud because we represented our country, but I didn't want it to end without even going on a date with my hubby. Especially since we haven't had a date ever since we got engaged.

In a week, SOLE will be having a concert. It would be their first concert and so I invited Rong You. I don't know if he will come, but I do hope so. If he does come though, I hope it doesn't affect his work. When we had announced the concert a few days ago, our tickets were sold out in 48 hours. I had to rush getting new tickets on sale for others who also wanted to attend. I was busy outside and inside of my job. In the end, the inside became the outside and everything I did was for SOLE.

Since Xue Huan was under Rong You's huge entertainment industry, everyone expected a good performance from us. This became somthing heavy for the members in SOLE. As the manger though, I couldn't have my idols stress out before their performance, and so I have decided to leave their schedule empty for a day. SOLE was an amazing group, this break would not do anything harmful for their big show. Not only was it good for SOLE, but it was good for me too so I could make arrangements to meet with famous American directors and photographer. I was planning to put Niu Xiang and Bohai Da in a movie or show because they had the potential of acting. Li Ai isn't the main singer, but she has the pontential to make a solo album. After I had taught her how to compose songs, she has been singing to me everyday. I was beginning to really see each individuals talent now that I have been working with them for over 2-3 months. SOLE really deserved this break, because they have already done so much, I didn't want to introduce them to something new in the middle of something that is already so stressful.

"You are now free to do what you like, today is your one-day vacation. Make sure to not expose yourself to the public eye. Now feel free to leave." I announced to them. They all jumped up in excitement and in seconds they ran out the hotel already in their disguse. They would be having fun, while I will be preparing for a reception party, where I will get to talk in more details with the directors and photographers. Though I was excited about that, I received a message from Rong You saying that he will also be attending the reception party. Finally we will see each other.

I spent my day easy going and then before the reception party, I dressed in a red lace, sequin dress with red killer heels. Despite how I looked in my outfit, the most empahsized object on me was my engagement ring. After examining how I looked I got into my private car and was driven to the reception party. I had arrived before Rong You did but all the others guest I had hoped to see were all here. I raised a toast for them, though I did not drink.

"That ring looks so beautiful, I didn't know that the manager of SOLE was engaged." asked Daniel. He was a famous photographer for the Lilac Magazine Inc. he seemed to have taken a liking to my ring. I smiled proudly, "Yes I am engaged, and to a wondeful man."

"That is great, a wonderful man for a wonderful lady." he complimented.

Being a girl who wasn't used to this type of party, I had dismissed myself from the crowd to take a breath of New York City's night air.

"Stuffy right? I also like to go out to the balcony at reception parties too. The stars are awfully beautiful tonight, it is shining just for us tonight." arms wrapped around my waist and I turned around to return the hug.

"Rong You." I smiled burying my head on his chest. I missed him so much, and finally seeing him made me realize just how much more I had missed him. After awhile, we broke off from our hug not letting go of each others hand. We watched tha stars, even though it was the city, the stars were visible and bright, just for us.

"I don't have any other plans for the evening, why don't we have dinner together?" Rong You suggested. I gladly said yes and we left the party early. After waiting for so long to see each other again, my heart was going to pop out of my chest just having dinner with him like before. We talked the rest of the evening. Rong You even escorted me to my hotel room.

"There is a chance that we may not be able to see each other another time, so I hope you had a wonderful evening because I did." he said putting his forehead agaisnt mine. I couldn't help but smile to myself.

"Then maybe you should leave something special for me before you leave." I suggested. He knew exactly what I meant. We stared into each other's eyes before I closed my eyes and our lips touch. So much feeling was put into the kiss despite it only last for a few seconds.

"Goodnight." he said before walking back to the elevator. I watch as he left with a red face. I put my fingers over my lips tracing the warmth from the kiss, it was my very first kiss.
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