Seven Years Of Love Chapter 15

15 A Day For Two

It was during my break when I received a call. I took the towel that was handed to me wiping the sweat off my face as I answer the call.

"Hello?" I replied through the phone, to my surprise Rong You was on the other side.

"How are you Lihua? When was the last time we ever saw each other anywhere?" he asked playfully. I smiled to myself and dismissed myself from the crowd of workers to the corner of the room near the exit doors.

"You can say, hm, I miss you?" I played along. I could hear his snicker from the other side and he later cleared his throat.

"I do too and so I was calling to ask if you had a day open sometime this week, if you do, I was thinking of maybe, going on a date?" When I heard him say that I went through my phone scanning my week and by chance, I was given a break on the weekend.

"Saturday I am open, so about the date?"

"Great!" he replied happily, "I can't wait to see you, I will send details on the date in text, though I do want to see you right now. Just photos of you are not enough, I need the real person to be here." he whined.

"If you come home earlier from work, then I guess you could see me before I sleep," before we could continue chatting we were both interrupted by outside matters.

"Lihua, we need you on set right now!" called my director.

"I'm sorry," we both apologized at the same time before we dropped the call. I walked back to the set and handed my manager my phone and towel. My makeup was redone and soon enough I was in front of the camera acting as a younger sister.

Recently, my manager had signed me up to be the main cast in an upcoming drama. I was to act as an adopted younger sister in a family full of horrible siblings. The show is more focused on one of the siblings, the eldest one. Although the other siblings treat their adopted sister with cruelty, the eldest sister treats her with kindness and care.

Soon the eldest sister is married off to a rich guy who keeps his face hidden with a mask, supposedly due to a car accident. Since she got wedded, the little sister was now alone, in a home full of devils and the screens shifts on and off between the adopted girl's torture and the elder sister's romance.

This setting was really different from what I went through because I am also adopted. I was the adopted child of the Xia family, but I was really young when I was adopted and so not many people know of my adoption. Unlike in the story, my family cared for me and never let me meet any misfortune. Even after having a son, they still loved me the same as their new baby not treating me any differently. Because of this, it was hard to act as an unwanted daughter.

(Saturday Morning)

When I woke up, I didn't see Rong You in his room. Maybe he was attending a small portion of his work. I just sigh as I entered the shower. When I did leave the bathroom I was dressed in an oversized t-shirt, the front was tucked in my high waisted shorts and I had put my hair in two loose braids. Since our date would be in public, I had a cap on and sunglasses to hide my looks.

"Good morning madam." greeted all the butlers and maids I walked past. As they greeted me, I too greeted them back. Clear enough, when I got to the dining table to have breakfast Rong You was there and he was the one setting up food on the table and wearing an apron. I smiled to myself as I sat in the seat he gestured to. After having set everything up, he gave his apron to the butler and joined the seat next to me.

"Here let me pour you some syrup," he said as he drizzled the bottle of syrup over the sausage, bacon, and pancake, "tell me if it tastes good." I turned to him with a huge smile and pecked a kiss on his cheek.

"I'm sure it tastes good since you are the one who made it." As I said this, I took a bite of the food laid out to me. My eyes widen as the pancake quickly fades away just like cotton candy.

"So soft, how were you able to cook it so fluffy and soft like this?" I turned around asking him.

"I like that you like it, here, why don't you have mine?" he said trying to give me his breakfast. I frowned, "Are you trying to make me fat?" I joked, "Have it, it is your breakfast, you have to eat if you faint because of hunger during our date I will scold you." He let out a sigh with a following smirk before taking back his plate. I never really noticed, but Rong You looked very good in casual clothes. Usually, I would always see him dressed proper and always in a suit, but seeing him dress more casual made him look even younger.

"So where are you taking me?" I asked him as I held his hands while we walked the streets of the city disguising ourselves so we wouldn't be recognized by public eyes.

"Well, I know that you don't get to see your family often since you have moved in with me. Your job is also holding you back even more. Your parents had invited us on a trip during our next break and so I was thinking we would go together with your parents unless you want to save this day just for us?" I leaned against his arms as he said this.

"It is okay, let's keep today just for the two of us."
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