Seven Years Of Love Chapter 3

3 For The Future Bride

I was told to move out of my family's home and was moved into Rong You's mansion.

Like any mansion it was huge. The place was surrounded by trees, their flowers in full bloom. Outside was a small courtyard overlooking the beautiful setup garden. There was a huge pond behind the mansion with carps swimming inside. A birdhouse, and another building, the greenhouse.

The inside was far more luxurious. In the middle was a fountain. Multiple angels were carved into the quartz. The kitchen was huge and beautifully decorated.

But my room, it was lovely. It was filled with all my favorite stuff. Plants, traditional Chinese art, and lots of books. It was painted my favorite color too, mint green. I had a flat screen tv in my room, a walking closet already completely filled, and two other doors leading to two different rooms.

"This is the master's bedroom, and this other door is the restroom. The Master's bedroom is never locked so if you need to ask him something, you can just go in." the butler said opening each door.

I bowed, "Thank you for introducing me to the place. Is Rong You here?" I asked.

"The master is busy and so he is not here. He will be back this evening to have dinner with you. Are you hungry by any chance Miss?"

"No, thank you. You may take your leave now." he nodded and bowed to me before leaving me alone in my room. I walked out to the balcony, the view from here was very beautiful. After a while, I became bored and left my room. I walked downstairs to where the music room was. I ran to the piano with music sheets in my hand.

The last time I remember playing the piano was before I went to America, now I could play the piano again.

I was so lost in the music I lost track of time and so he came to pick me up himself.

"That was a very nice melody."

I turned around meeting Rong You's eyes.

"Rong You, welcome back!" I said bowing. He walked up to me and laughed lifting up my head.

"Stop bowing, I'm your future husband you make me feel so old when you do that."

I smiled, "Sorry, it has become a habit."

"Now that you are done playing, why don't we go and have dinner in the dining room?" I nodded and we walked to the dining room together, holding hands.

"Did you like America?" he asked me. He seemed to know that I didn't drink wine or any sorts of alcohol.

"Yes, but I missed China more. I bet you often go to America, what do you think about it?"

He nodded, "I think the place is okay, I also prefer China more since it was where I was born, but since my dad is American I often go to America, but my trips are mostly for business."

I was never the type to question people and so no matter how much I want to ask why Rong You asked to marry me, I will never ask. I silently ate my dinner, only talking when he asked questions. It was really awkward because we barely knew each other and yet, we were already engaged.

We walked to our room together and separate ways when we got into our room. I walked to the bathroom to take a bath and brush my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom with my panda onesie to see Rong You looking down at the music sheet on my desk. He was also wearing his pajamas and his hair was wet. I walked over to him and put a towel over his head.

"The big boss shouldn't catch a cold," I said taking him to my bed. I dried his hair for him, it was very soft.

"What career path are you taking?" he asked, he had brought my music along with him.

"I don't know, I only make music and play music as a hobby. I went to Harvard so I can become a lawyer, but that was only to support my family. I don't really have any ambitions. I just go with the flow." I replied to his question honestly.

"Did you ever date someone before meeting me? If you did who? If you didn't why?" I laughed at his questions, but still answered them.

"I have never dated anyone before. I want to ride a solo life. Plus there has never been a single boy who has caught my eyes. Even if it was my idol who asked me out, I would say no. If I were to love someone, it would be someone who is kind, older than me and is caring. But I haven't been able to find anyone who fits that example. Since you ask me so much question I will ask you one too."

"Go ahead."

"It has always been on my mind and I have been so curious about it, but I'm the type that doesn't ask much questions but why did you ask to marry me?"

"I don't know. It would be rude to say because you were very respectful to me bowing when you saw me and that you are beautiful and smart, and that is all true. When you accepted the proposal though, I thought, maybe I could find something that will give me a reason to marry you, because my heart does beat for you."

I shyly blushed, but he couldn't tell because he wasn't looking at me.

"I came to give you a present, but you were taking a bath."

"What is it?" I asked. He turned around and our eyes met.

"This," he said as he took out a gorgeous blue diamond ring and placed it on my finger, "Now you have a ring to show that you are engaged." The diamonds twinkle reflected from my eyes, but it wasn't just because of my eyes. I was crying too.

"Thank you. It's beautiful." he got up and hug me.

It was this very moment that my heart started beating for him.
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