Seven Years Of Love Chapter 4

4 When Two Swans Mee

What was to be expected of a Ceo? He would always be busy. I wanted to help him, but he said that would be too much. I sigh as I put down the book. The weather looked perfect today. We could be on a date right now, my very first date, that is if he was here.

Well, if I can't have fun with him, I will have to have fun by myself like I usually would. I changed into a white floral dress, grabbed my white sandals and left the mansion. I told everyone I would be walking and I dismissed my bodyguard.

It was nice to take in the sweet breeze of spring. Soon it would be summer, and there will be more heat than a breeze. I walked to the mall and looked at outfits, tried on perfume, lipstick and even played a few games. Once I got bored, I left the mall and went to a Sushi restaurant. My last place to go was the park, I wanted to sit at the edge of the dock and stare at the swans and take pictures. My mom called though and so I went over to their house.

"I'm sorry to have you babysit Li Tao and his group of friends. I hope I didn't disturb anything." mom apologized.

Smiling, I said, "No problem mama, you go on that date with baba. I was just taking a stroll outside. Now get going before you start to age." I teased her.

Li Tao was happy to see me, so were his friends. They all came running up to me after seeing who their babysitter was.

"Jie Jie!" they yelled. I gave them all a hug before I started answering their questions.

"Hey Jie Jie, I heard that you just recently got engaged. Is that true?"

I took them over to the couch and I answered their questions there.

"Yes I just got engaged and he is a very busy but thoughtful guy. He bought me this ring." I showed off the ring on my finger. Everyone admired my ring as Li Tao whispered in my ear, "Have you fallen for him?"

He giggled, "You have! I can see it on your face!"

"Shh! It is not supposed to be that obvious." I told him. He continued smiling as he sat down to also admire my ring.

"Who wants to go to the park?" I asked after seeing that everyone had become bored.

They all jumped up and went to the front door, putting on their shoes. I took the signs as yes. Now I could finish what I started and also babysit.

The kids played on the playground and climbed trees. I sat back and took photos of the scene. What I was waiting to see I had not seen yet.

"Jie Jie, what are you looking for?" asked Li Tao.

I smiled and stared at the pond.

"I'm waiting for a swan to join that female swan. Swans are a symbol of love, maybe if a mate joins her, then maybe I might see Rong You." I sigh.

I looked at the time on my phone.

"It's time to take you and your friends home, will you be having a sleepover today?" I asked Li Tao. He replied with a single nod. I made them all line up behind me, as we stopped to get ice cream before I took them back to Li Tao's house.

"Jie Jie, if you can't meet me like today, just call me okay?" I kneeled down and hug the small boy.

"I'll call you every night just to tell you goodnight." I said kissing his forehead, "Bye-bye, be good to mom and dad okay?" we made a pinky promise before I left.

I wanted to check up on the female swan again, and so on my way back to the mansion, I stopped by the park. She wasn't alone, and just like I thought, there was Rong You.

"What are you doing here?" he asked walking up to me.

His tall figure over shadowed my shadow making us into one person.

"I was waiting for you." I said turning around and smiling to myself. He smirked.
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