Seven Years Of Love Chapter 5

5 Job Interview

I didn't like the idea of just sitting around doing whatever I wanted and so I decided to apply for a job, Rong You helped.

"You look prepared today." he complimented as I joined Rong You for breakfast.

"Well, because today is my interview. Out of the three choices, you helped me choose. Which one did you think I chose?" I asked him.

He raised his eyebrows thinking really hard, but I bet he already knew the answer.

"I don't know, maybe you should tell me." he joked.

I smiled, "Well, I'll tell you when I get it." I replied.

It has only been a week and I could feel us getting closer. I didn't want to get ahead of myself yet though, I wanted to confirm these feelings I had.

After breakfast, Rong You kissed me on the forehead before he left for work.

I got into my blue Toyota Corolla and drove off to have my interview. The building I was interviewing at was right next door to Rong You's 75 glass story building. I greeted his driver before I entered the building. Rong You must have already entered his office.

I calmed the butterflies in my stomach and then entered the building. I will finally have a job. My job pays good money, involves working with famous people, and my knowledge won't go to waste. The most exciting part about this job is, I will get to see Rong You working. That is...if I get the job.

"It was nice interviewing you, Ms. Xia. You interviewed at the right time too. We just got a new group who is need of a manager. You might be younger than two of the members, but I bet you will do fine. Let me bring them in for you." I smiled and nodded.

It seems I did get the job. Wahh! I'm so scared!

I was mentally freaking out, but I kept my calm image as I waited for the boss to come back. The boss came back and behind him were three females and three males. They all gathered up in a row and bowed to me.


I bowed too, "Hi."

"This is your new manager, why don't you guys introduce yourself?" suggested the boss.

I smiled at the new group I will be working with, "Hello, I am Xia Lihua. I will be your manager from now on. I have heard that two of you are older than me. I'm sorry for having to be young, but please treat me nicely and I will make sure to make you the top group of Xue Huan entertainment industry."

One by one, the ember of 6 gave me a short resume of themselves. It turns out the two boys who were older than me were the ones who both had on glasses. One was mixed with foreigner while one came from a poor family who supported his dream. The mixed foreigner was Bohai Da, and the other oldest one was Chao Jing. The remaining boys and the other three girls were all the same age and they were younger than me by a year. The last remaining boy was Huan Liwei. The three girls were Li Ai, Fan Hong, and Niu Xiang. From their portfolios and their image, I knew right away that we were going to work well together.

The boss dismissed us and so I took the group out to learn more about them, in the end, they learned more about me instead.

"Nay sister, why are you applying for the job of a manager when you could be a model?" asked Niu Xiang curiously.

"Because I don't want to," I replied plainly.

"You know? When we first debuted together, we heard a lot about you from models in the industry. They often talk about you and how they are jealous of you."

I nodded, "I know, but I don't think modeling will be something I want to work as. It doesn't take a lot of brain power just to change poses after every snap of the camera. It would be a waste of knowledge if I decided to take a job that doesn't show all my strengths, just like you guys. You guys may all be in the group, but you guys call all agree that you guys are better at one thing than the other right?"

They all replied with a nod. I smiled, "Good, now tell me who has a phone and who doesn't. Since we will be working together from now on, I think we should make a group chat on Facebook. Then we I can keep you guys in contacts with your schedule. I won't be able to make the group chat though if none of you guys have a phone."

I wrote down the names of those who had no cellular device.

"Okay, I will get you guys your phone by tomorrow. Now order whatever you want on the menu, today's food is on me. You don't have to worry about money because you didn't just get a normal manager, I'm here to help you guys make your dreams come true, I'm not here just to receive money."

They all thanked me and started ordering. I smiled as I watched them all share their food, laugh and talk despite being different because of their parents or family status and lifestyle.

"How was the interview?" asked Rong You that evening when we were having dinner.

"I got the job, and I made new friends. These are the six people I will be working with from now on." I said handing Rong You the profiles of the group member. "The first two are older than me, and the rest are younger than me by a year. There really isn't a big difference between our age which may be a problem in the future, but it is okay as long as it is not a problem right now."

He nodded looking through the paper, "What are you planning to name the group?"

"You'll hear soon," I replied, "It won't be long until you hear about us from where you stand."
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