Seven Years Of Love Chapter 6

6 Trouble Brewing Already

I have now manage my group for three days, and already they were getting requests from famous photographers and magazine writers. Today though, they were going to be taking photos for their first debut to the public. I was standing there watching and looking at their poses as the camera flashed. Slow here and slow there. They kept on using the same face and pose. The photographers didn't seem to like the result and neither did I.

"Manager, why don't you go and show us an example so we can get the hang of it," suggested Bohai Da.

"Will, that help you guys?" I asked everyone on the team. They all smiled and nodded.

I took off my jacket and walked to the screen. As soon as the photographer gave the sign I started my pose, each click and each flash I changed to another pose. I did not think of anything negative to make me mess up. I only thought of being confident, quick and efficient. I kept my eyes on the camera when needed, putting emotions in every picture. The theme was sexy and cold which meant no smiling. Even if you're someone who can't help but smile, just make your eyes sharper and make your lips smaller and it is that easy.

"Okay!" yelled the photographer.

"Do you get it now?" I asked everyone. They nodded. "I will be in the back if you need an idea for a pose, glance at me quick and then lock your eyes with the camera. You have to be confidence and efficient. You guys are just starters and so you don't have to move that quick, so you can take your time to find your own pose. Since your theme is sexy and cold, focus on that. You girls should part your lips a little, and don't curve your lips too much. You boys focus on trying to make the girls eyes pop, grab their attention with a sharp gaze and try to show off your masculine body."

They were quick learners and applied all the corrections I gave them, because of that, we managed to finish the shoot early. We moved onto the next thing on our list which was to meet other people working in Xue Huan with us. This was supposed to be like a welcome party. I hope it ends up being like one because I have heard that other groups and artists are very mean to those who are already successful in just a few days. What I mean to say is, they are very jealous people.

"Once we enter this room, there will be people who will be jealous of your quick success," I warned my group, "I will be with you the whole entire time, as a manager I will not let anyone degrade my idols. So whatever happens, I will handle it learn to keep your calm as I have taught before." they all nodded and we entered the group together.

Confetti was thrown and horns were blown. Everyone came up to greet us which almost tore us apart from each other, but I didn't let that happen. Managers who were gathered here came to speak with me.

"So you are the manager of SOLE?" asked the manager of Lily Han, the top solo artist of Xue Huan. Before I could reply to his question, Lily Han came up to me herself and commented on my job, "You're so young, even younger than two of the members in SOLE, I bet you manage them like any school president in a school would do." I laughed taking it as a joke.

"I'm glad that you think we are young because our songs, dances, and photos aren't draining teenagers life," I replied. Those who heard me started laughing. Everyone knows that Lily Han is famous, but not someone who can catch young teenagers attention, her songs were all old and were liked more among those who are older. Her manager took her away to calm her down, he apologized to me knowing that it was Lily Han who had started the mess. That was only the first drama though, and it wasn't that serious.

I heard that my favorite boy band was in Xue Huan and so when I met them, I couldn't help but fangirl. "It's nice to see that we have such a lovely lady who is our fan," Kim said giving me his autograph. While I was getting my shirt signed and getting their autographs signed, I noticed them eyeing SOLE.

"Are you sure you guys are not just a bunch of good-looking boys and girls? Maybe you really don't have talent and your manager is only helping you guys make it look like you are talented." I stopped in my track. Ripping up my autographs and t-shirts, I handed the rude leader of BXC, Lu Yue the trash. I firmly stood up with a fierce look and SOLE came up behind me boosting up my confidence.

"BXC may also be famous, but this is a welcome party. You better watch your mouth." I warned him. "I won't let you badmouth SOLE. This is also a warning for everyone else in this room too," I said stating my voice loud and clear, "SOLE will one day reach the top and you won't even notice it or believe it. You have crossed the wrong manager and group with your overbearing jealousy. And you." I turned back to BXC, "In a week, we will have a sing-off and dance off with SOLE to show you that they are talented, even more, talented than you are." Their manager wrote down the date and I left with my group, we were going to have a welcome party somewhere else.

Only a few days and already, we are reaching a barrier, others opinion. It seems that the other managers were scared to cross my path, but that is because they are weak. They can't even manage their idols jealousy and they know it.

As we were having dinner at the restaurant I brought up a topic that surprised SOLE, "I know it has only been three days, but I have signed you guys up for a photoshoot in America. It is because my fiance has a business job in a month, and I also want to go with him, so I hope you guys don't mind it."

"But-" I stopped Huan Liwei in his track.

"I know, most of you don't speak English or is not fluent in it. You won't have to worry about it because, after next week, I will be teaching you English. Did you know? I attended Harvard University for 6 years in Massachusetts? You don't have to worry about a single thing, not only because you have me, but you guys are talented and fast learners. Maybe after next week, I'll even introduce you to my fiance." Everyone seemed to be excited about the news. I had already contacted their parents and it seems they were happy too.

The next day we started our practice for the sing-off and dance-off. I was planning to spend a whole day on singing and a whole day on dancing, the third day we were going to practice everything they learned and boost their confidence against BXC.

"Fan Hong, when you harmonize on that part, make it softer and don't sing loud. Bohai Da, you're starting to crack, if you can't hit that high note, you can lower it a little, let those who are harmonizing take over." Like always, they took my advice improving quickly.

"Okay, you may now rest! You can come and eat your lunch now!" As SOLE was eating I went up to the music producer.

"When we actaully go up to do the sing off, on the piano part, please remove it, because I will be playing that part. Keep the rest. Can you do that?" he nodded. The first day went by fast because everyone applied the corrections. When I was driving each member home, they had all memorized their song and parts and sang in the car throughout the drive.

Since we would be spending a whole day on dancing, I made sure to check if the members have been physically active, because I didn't want their bodies to ache and hurt. I read their morning schedules and it seems they were always stretching and working out in the gym, that was great news to hear. In the studio of Xue Huan, there was only one room left and it was the smallest, but SOLE could work in any condition and so we took the room.

"Since you have a manager like me, you won't be needing a dance teacher. I will be choreogarphing all your dances from now on. For now just look as I show you the dance. Focus on the feet, face and arms." they nodded and as soon as the music played I was in popstar mode. Flips were flawless and my face showed every little emotion that came from the song. Quick steps as if photo was taken. Just like a professional, they said when I was done.

"Now your turn." I am really glad I was given the job to manage SOLE. They were the best group ever. I taught them part by part, when one messed up, all got down on their back and did sit ups. I didn't allow them to eat until they master the dance, so when they went back to their dancing they wouldn't throw up the food that hadn't been digested yet.

Others who were also practicing in the studio came and watch us dance. SOLE's sweat today will prove our tears of happiness on Monday next week.

"My love, I heard what is happening at Xue Huan, I know you will win the battle." Rong You encouraged me. I layed on his chest.

"Thank you, I needed the encouragement."

"I like that you got this job because I get gifts from it. I didn't know you were good at looking sexy, but I can't say I also didn't know since you have always put my top models to shame." as he said this, he was looking over pictures from the photoshoot a few days ago.

"How did you get them?" I asked trying to take them away. I was blushing with embarassment. This gave Rong You the chance to take over and pin me down onto his bed.

"You're my fiancee and you work in my company, of course I could get these pictures." he smirked.

My lips curved and he kissed me on my forehead.

"Before we fly off to Americ in two weeks, make sure to leave a day open, I have a present awaiting you."
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