Seven Years Of Love Chapter 9

9 A Break

Before we had made plans to meet up the following week Sole had won against BXC, in the end, we weren't able to meet at all. So, here we are on the plane on our way to America, specifically, New York. It was the worst time to be traveling. I was not in my best condition and it was already hard trying to hide it, now that I was on the plane, it was even harder.

"Are you okay?" asked the flight attendant.

I smiled and nodded, but right after she was gone, I ran to the restroom throwing up in the toilet. It was so hard to catch my breath, I felt like I was suffocating. I had asked for fans which didn't help, I asked for an ice pack, that also did not help. I even asked for extra blankets and a heating pack, but that also did not work.

"Manager, aren't you going to eat?" Li Ai asked. I didn't want her to notice that I wasn't feeling well and so I took a nibble of my food, just a nibble. Our trip to America wouldn't be that long and I wanted to get better before we landed so I could do my job as a manager. Not only that, when others in America heard about our visit to New York, I started receiving more requests for SOLE. I was stressed out and wanted to pull all my hair out!

"We have arrived in New York, you may now depart the plane. We hope you had a nice flight thank you!"

Crowded and hot, I hate summer and I hate being sick. I told all the members on SOLE to get into the private car to go and settle in the hotel and I would meet up with them later to announce their schedule for the following week. In honesty, I was trying to get them to leave before they saw me in my weakest moment.

Once I saw them off, I let out a relief of sigh. The sigh took out a lot of breath from me, and before I could fall onto the pavement of the airport, someone caught me. I looked up to see Rong You frowning at me.

"You shouldn't hide it when you are ill," he said. He picked me up and carried me to his car.

"You're hotter than the heat here in New York. Driver, take us to a nearby clinic please." I couldn't oppose his decision. At the clinic, it was very busy and so while we waited for our name to be called, I was able to rest on Rong You's shoulder for a few minutes. Just doing this, he could tell how bad my fever was. I didn't want him to stall for me though, because despite just getting here, his job has already started.

"Rong You, you can go. I can take care of everything else myself. You are busy and I don't want to disturb your job. I will quickly ask the doctor for prescriptions to help relieve the fever." He looked resistant to leave me, but he knew it would add up to my stress if I was the reason for holding him back from his job.

"Okay babe, promise me you will get better. I'll come and visit you at the hotel tomorrow." I nodded and waved at him before I entered the room to speak to my doctor.

(Later that day)

I have been checking my fever after I had taken the medicine that was prescribed to me, they were all effective and my fever has gone down a lot. All I had left to do was sleep the rest of the fever off. Before I go to sleep, I still had to announce SOLE's schedule. I called them out to the lobby of the hotel. When everyone settled in, I gave them a piece of paper with all the things they will be doing for the next day. After they looked over it, I gave them another paper, this had the schedule for the whole week.

"Since you don't have anything else to do today, you may go out and explore New York. If you do go out, stay in your groups and make sure not to get noticed by anyone. If you need me, I will be in my room." I dismissed them and rode the elevator back to my room, as soon as I got on the bed, I fell asleep.

It was nice to finally be able to rest my brain and my body. Sleep is always a remedy, especially when you're a manager like me. Today will only be my break day though, but tommorrow I will have to go back to action. For today though, I will stay inclosed in my room, on the bed, sleeping.
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