Shadow Hack Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Underworld Devil Killer Wasps
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After all, the oldest history recorded by humans was only around five thousand years old. Moreover, the humanity after the Dark Ages didn't even attach itself to that history much.

But that wasn't important. The most important line caught by Li Yunmu from the system's words was that no living creature had entered the cave for last eight thousand six hundred years.

Why was that?

This abnormality caused Li Yunmu to become concerned. There were countless unknown and mystical events happening all the time in the Origin World. It was a boundless world which possessed extremely ancient history.

Even a deity wouldn't dare to make claim that he could run amuck in the Origin World without any fear, let alone someone like Li Yunmu. One had to always remain cautious, or they wouldn't even know how they died.

After learning that the giant ants wouldn't dare to get close to the cave's entrance, Li Yunmu didn't continue watching the situation with his nerves stretched taut.

He decided to explore the unknown depths of the cave. It only had one passage which led deep inside. Li Yunmu didn't advance right away, but instead first observed what he could see. He noticed that the cave was extremely long and besides the echo of his own voice, there was no other sound.

He then took out a cocoon-shaped object.

He cut his finger and dripped a drop of blood on it. Before long, the sound of someone gnashing their teeth came from the cocoon, following which, a black wasp about the size of a fist pushed itself out.

It was a new plaything Li Yunmu had purchased in Whale City and was called pathfinder wasp. It possessed a keen intuition for danger and was most suitable to be used for exploration. What was even more important was that the pathfinder wasp also possessed an innate skill of being able to communicate with its master. Thus, flux experts in the Origin World placed seals on the cocoons.

If some explorer or adventurer came across difficulties, they could drop their blood on the wasp, which would lead to the pathfinder wasp seeing the person who had dropped their blood as its closest relative.

Under ordinary circumstances, it would be extremely obedient, though there were exceptions, like coming across a pathfinder wasp which didn't listen to one's instructions. However, these sort of occurrences were extremely rare. Furthermore, given his cautious nature, Li Yunmu had purchased ten of the wasps, but even he hadn't expected that he would need to use them so quickly.

Once the pathfinder wasp came out and saw Li Yunmu, it flapped its wings and flew to his side. Li Yunmu caught it in his hand.

He then gently caressed it and, after some thinking, took out an extreme grade power grain and fed it to the wasp. The power grain which was the size of the marble was quickly devoured by the hungry wasp. That was right, the little insect couldn't be looked down on because of its size or because humans had given it a harmless name like pathfinder wasp. In reality, it also had another name, which was underworld devil killer wasp.

It came from the fact that they only lived in one region - underworld devil abyss canyon. Moreover, they were extremely fond of nighttime and would only hunt its prey at that time of day.

Thus, its other name, underworld devil killer wasp, described its inherent characteristics much more accurately. As for being pathfinder wasp? It was the name given to it after humans had captured and placed seals on their cocoons.

In fact, the little guy which seemed almost harmless was actually included in the list of vicious beasts. However, an individual wasp wasn't considered such. It only mattered when they came in a swarm.

As long as at least thirty underworld devil killer wasps gathered, they could pose a threat to a vicious grade beast and could be considered even more savage in some aspects.

"Good, go there and tell me what's inside this cave."

After it had finished eating the power grain, it reluctantly left Li Yunmu's hand under his command and began flapping its small wings. The heavy buzzing shook the entire cave, creating echoes, while the wasp disappeared into the depths.

After settling the matter, Li Yunmu immediately sat down and began inspecting the condition of Li Yun and the others. The shadows didn't feel any pain, but after a careful analysis, he found that they were quite battered.

However, because shadows were unique creatures, it didn't have any influence on their combat strength. As long as their legs or arms weren't chopped off, their movement wouldn't be hindered.

Ten minutes time had passed long ago, so Li Yunmu congealed Li Ju once again.

After careful observation, he noticed that except for Li Yun and Li Lan, all the other shadows had died at least once during the battle. Li De and Li Mei had even died twice. They had died after their defense had been broken while fighting the ants.

Under ordinary circumstances, given Li Yunmu's superior defense, regardless of how many times he was attacked, it wouldn't be broken. But now that the shadows had died with their defenses had been broken, it confirmed to him that even the ordinary ants had sufficiently terrifying biting power.

This discovery caused Li Yunmu to secretly curse the abnormality of the Origin World. He had come to his first dimensional space with great expectation and the result was that he had run into giant ants who broke his defense of which he was so proud.

God only knew what sort of other terrifying insect monsters this island housed?

"Alright, half of you assist the devil kings in guarding the entrance and don't be careless. The other half light a fire and prepare a meal."

After the crisis subsided for the time being, Li Yunmu immediately gave the four female shadows new instructions. After all, there was nothing strange with asking his shadows to cook a meal.

Their group of eight had been constructed carefully, and they had also been alive for a long time, so something like that wasn't a problem for them.

In fact, the eight shadows, apart from not being able to speak and reproduce, weren't much different from humans.

On top of that, after staying by Li Yunmu's side for a long time, they had been influenced by him and had picked up some of his habits. For them, lighting a fire and cooking a meal was completely normal. They had even adapted to their master's habits. Even if they were in the dangerous wilderness, as long as they weren't facing any imminent danger, Li Yunmu wouldn't abandon his habits.

While waiting for the pathfinder wasp to return, Li Yunmu's mind entered his consciousness where the images of Wang Yan, Zheng Quan, Zhang Yuan, and their group appeared.

Although Li Yunmu had volunteered to enter the forest and find a path, how could he lose sight of Zheng Quan and the others?

The eleventh shadow which had been congealed recently had blended with Zheng Quan's shadow and was monitoring his every moment.

What could be a better way of trailing someone than using a shadow? There wasn't even need to do any unnecessary preparations, for it only needed to blend with the victim's shadow. This could be considered as the best method of trailing someone in the world.

As long as it didn't make any movements, probably even quasi deities and battle sages wouldn't be able to discover its existence. After all, it couldn't be classified as a living being.
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