She Became A Heartbreaker After Entering The Novel Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Lord Chen is Jealous Again

For a long time, Li Shiyao struggled between telling the truth to the good Ms. Ning Meng who had been acting as her caregiver and keeping the secret for her first crush.

Finally, suppressing the immense feeling of guilt, Li Shiyao said, "... he... he's a slow learner. Please do go easy on him, Ms. Ning."

Although he looked like a mean gangster, Fei Bai was a boy who would always get into a brawl to fight against injustice. Li Shiyao believed that Fei Bai was still the same good person that she knew, and that he would not harm Ms. Ning.

Then, Li Shiyao lowered her head to apologize. "Ms. Ning, I'm sorry I could not get the role. I've failed you and brought so much trouble to the company.

Ms. Ning had spent so many resources on her, hoping that she could win against Su Tiantian. However, after what happened today, the role of the female lead in "Love in Summer" would surely fall straight into Su Tiantian's hands.

Ning Meng, on the other hand, was not upset at all about it. "It's okay, don't worry about it."

Sure, "Love in Summer" would indeed become one of the hot TV dramas when it got released during the winter holiday season. Still, it did not contain many unique or refined plots. If Lemon Entertainment could produce another TV drama that had a better script than this, they could certainly beat "Love in Summer".

Coincidentally, Li Shiyao and Fei Bai's meeting earlier had reminded Ning Meng of another TV drama that she had watched in the "real world"a TV drama called "The Unforgettable First Crush". This drama had had a better plot. Not only that, but it was also about a story about E-sports.

If she could produce it in this world, given how E-sport's popularity was on the rise right now, this TV drama would surely be a hit!

Having thought about this, Ning Meng could feel a raging passion start to combust in her mind!

'Yes, let's do it! I'll start tonight!'


Upon returning to the villa, Huo Beichen immediately got into action and made the Stir-fried Beef as quick as he could. Then, after serving it on the dining table, Huo Beichen looked around and saw... no one in the house.

Sitting at the dining table, Huo Beichen stared at his perfectly done Stir-fried Beef that went cold as time ticked away. He stood up and warmed the dish in the kitchen before serving it on the table again. Then, it turned cold... and he warmed it again...

Huo Beichen's face turned black and furious each time he reheated and served the dish.

Raising his phone to glare at the time, the day was getting dark, and midnight was inching closer! Huo Beichen sent Ning Meng a message: [Where are you?]

Meanwhile, after returning to Yuxiu Garden, Ning Meng had completely forgotten about the date with her husband...

After parking her car, Ning Meng recorded a long voice message for Huo Beichen, explaining what had happened earlier: ".... oh, Fei Bai was so cool back then! He was like a knight in shining armor!"


Huo Beichen stared at his phone in confusion.

Knight? Shining armor? Fei Bai had saved her from some trouble earlier? The hell! He should have been the one who acted as the hero for his wife, not Fei Bai!!

Pulling a long face, Huo Beichen sent a message to Ning Meng's bodyguards: [Next time, whenever the missus gets into any trouble, report it to me immediately.]

Stephen: [Yes, Mr. Huo.]

Then, Huo Beichen switched to WeChat and noticed that someone had sent a message in the "Is Missus Coming Home Today?" Group.

Fei Bai: [Do I look like a killer?]

Qi Shan: [??]

Qi Shan: [Boss, is that you? Are you logging into Fei Bai's account again?]

Su Ye: [???]

Fei Bai: [No. It's me.]

Qi Shan: [I don't believe you. Boss, you're still trying to trick me into selling out my wife again, aren't you?]

Fei Bai: [What nonsense. Should I kill you?]

Qi Shan: [...]

Su Ye: [Naw, you don't look like a killer at all.]

As soon as Fei Bai let out a sigh of relief, he saw Su Ye's next message popping up in the chat.

Su Ye: [You look like the God of Killers.]

Fei Bai: [...]

Qi Shan: [LOL! That was a good one, mate!]

Su Ye: [?]

Fei Bai: [?]

Qi Shan: [What?]

Su Ye: [Look, I know you're desperate but I won't mate with you. Sorry, bruh.]


Qi Shan stared at his phone in confusion.

Fei Bai: [I met Li Shiyao today.]

Su Ye: [So?]

Fei Bai: [I want to quit being a killer and become a "do-gooder". Whoever that says I'm a killer, I'll kill him!]

Qi Shan: [...]

Su Ye: [...]-


At Yuxiu Garden.

After sending Huo Beichen the voice message, Ning Meng saw the password "1102" in the chat.

After giving it some thought, Ning Meng dialed Huo Beichen's number.

She wanted to ask him for the truth directly.

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