Shift The Side Character Heroine Chapter 421

"Child, what's your name?" Zhao Song simply asked. He only seemed to strike up a conversation to alleviate his fears.

"What's yours?"

"Zhao Song. Let me introduce myself. I'm freelance. I write thrillers and horror. I'm a little famous in the industry. I only came here to draw some inspiration. I originally thought that this place just harbored some strange rumors, based on what the internet said. I did not expect"

Zhao Youyue thought that this Zhao Song should actually be named - Coward Zhao. If he played games like "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds," he would definitely be one of those who shied from battle while hiding at various safe spots. Eventually, he might earn chicken dinner with 0 kills, thanks to sneaky, cowardly moves such as lying prone, or hiding in the bushes.

There was a saying; the more experienced you are, the timider you would be. Perhaps he had been through so many rough patches that he had acquired the habit of fleeing at the first sign of trouble. He had not expected to miss the window on this occasion. There was no way for him to leave the village by retracing his route.

Feng Men Village, Feng Men Village. The door has already been sealed, how could you possibly leave via a sealed door?

"I'm just a passerby. I lost my way. I have no idea how I got here," Zhao Youyue replied with a straight face.

Zhao Song was convinced that this girl was a true passerby. If not, how do you explain the fact that people basically glazed over her? At the same time, she seemed strangely mysterious

He turned around, preparing himself for a "Hello, passerby" joke. Invincible, onlooker passersby suited the role of narrators, better than anyone. Such passersby were abundant in fantasy novels. Even as the battles between the protagonist and the villain literally shattered the earth, the "onlooker" passersby could still boast and throw in some commentaries from the sidelines. Naturally, they would look down on the protagonist and say: he's doomed. But in the end, as the protagonist delivers the greatest beatdown ever on the villain, these "onlooker" passersby would get riled up all over again. They would be terrified. How could this be? This was impossible!

Therefore, let it be said that one must never underestimate the passerby. A powerful passerby could be called as Boss Passerby, and he would never lower his head.

But right at that moment, what did Zhao Song see?

He saw a human in a dark blue robe, that had attached itself to right rear window of his vehicle. She had long black hair and completely white eyes. There was something black flowing dripping from her mouth. It seemed to be blood

Then, he heard the sound of a woman singing. It was bloodcurdling, and raised his hair on ends!

Her face did not even vaguely resemble a human being. Words simply could not describe it!

This undoubtedly had to be some female ghost shit. Zhao Song saw her staring at him with a vicious glint in her eyes, as if she had spotted her prey. She was grinning hideously if you could call that a grin.

What the f*ck! Why is she stuck to the rear window? Why is she staring at him? Wasn't the girl just in front of her? Was she blind or something?

At that very moment, how Zhao Song hoped for the passerby aura!

Zhao Youyue saw Zhao Song turning back, as if he wanted to say something, only to palely gaze at the window behind her in sheer terror. Zhao Youyue raised in eyebrow in interest. What was he doing? Some new form of facial arts?

Zhao Youyue cocked her head and curiously gazed at the offending window, but only saw the ancient architecture outside. There was no ghost.

Only the mysterious Zhao Youyue would think of doing something directly opening the car window

"Don't! No!" Zhao Song screamed in despair. That hideous female thing was going to suck his blood. He hid his head behind his hands, and waited for his death. After a long while, nothing happened.

"What happened? Did you see a ghost? What did it look like?" asked Zhao Youyue, greatly curious.

Only then did Zhao Song reappear behind his hands. He turned back and looked again. There was no female, singing ghost. He saw only the beautiful girl who claimed herself to be a passerby, hugging the black cat, staring at him most curiously.

At the same time, the black cat was sleeping very soundly in the girl's arms. He heaved a sigh of relief. According to his vast experience with the supernatural, that ghost had not come in person. It was simply playing some sort of hallucinatory trick. The purpose was to increase his fear, and to absorb his fear, gradually decreasing his SAN value. Eventually, he would lose hope, and suffer from a mental breakdown. In his mind, the ghost would have taken his life. But in the eyes of unaffected people, he had commited suicide, and in a most odd manner too, at that.

How did he know this?

It was certainly because supernatural genre writers often used this theory. Even so, knowing it would not help. When it really came down to such a moment, it would be impossible to remain fearless!

In fact, when he realized that his car was unable to leave this strange village, he started feeding that fear. Such fear was an all-you-can-eat buffet for ghosts.

This was human nature. The more they thought about ghosts, the more they feared, and their bodies would shiver uncontrollably. What they believed as a strange figure standing outside their window would turn out to be nothing but laundry that have been hung outside. And they not be any relieved or braver after that

Mental projections were terrifying. It could endlessly magnify one's fear.

The "onlooker" Zhao Youyue was far more curious than anyone else. Ghosts were sources of entertainment for her. Of course, it was precisely because she was a mysterious observer, much like "Altair." She also had powers and abilities of her own. Of course she would not be afraid.

Zhao Song hastily opened all his car windows. It was then did he realize that the sunlight outside had vanished. The sky had turned overcast. He attempted to force the fear aside, and decided to strike up a conversation with the heartless, ignorant girl. Of course, the first thing in his mind was his theory about ghosts being able to absorb fear and then kill people

"Interesting...It would be nice if I'm able to absorb fear," Zhao Youyue drawled.

How's this interesting?! People will really die!

Are you actually a human or a ghost?!

Zhao Song cursed silently in his heart. If only Zhao Youyue had heard him, she would have played her "onlooker" passerby card.

Left with no choice, Zhao Song could only drive his car back to the campsite where the group of outdoor sports enthusiasts awaited. He found them already living in the ancient mansion where the throne sat

Zhao Song bit back the string of curses that almost flew out of his mouth at that moment. How could they possibly dig deeper into their figurative graves each time he left them to their devices for a moment?

Finally, night fell. Zhao Song could do nothing about it. He could only brace himself and join the others in the mansion. Safety in numbers was a thing. They could also serve as his scapegoats and meatshields.

Zhao Song's return came as a huge surprise. One after another, they bombarded him with questions. The entire time, Zhao Youyue slipped by their gazes, completely unheeded

Zhao Song certainly would not say that he could not leave the place via the original road anymore, and that he had even encountered a "ghost wall," and a female ghost that embraced his car window. What could he accomplish, other than add on to the fear that lingered in the air?

At the same time, this omission worked to his advantage. Since he had confirmed ghost activity here, he would certainly be prepared... at least moreso than the others.

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