Shift The Side Character Heroine Chapter 526

Zhao Youyue's roommates did not notice Xing Na's special treatment towards her. They were too naive to figure out the truth behind their relationship and simply thought that it was Zhao Youyue's charm and looks that earned Xing Na's favor at that moment.

If Zhao Youyue was to activate her Goddess Aura when in the dorm, she would never receive such favorable impressions from her roommates.

It would not be illogical - as goddesses were simply beyond approach. You could only envy them from afar, or spite them. Keeping a low profile and maintaining a positive, straightforward attitude made her far more approachable.

After all, you would never have to worry about being a side character when friends with such a simple woman.

He Weiwei was the complete opposite of Zhao Youyue. She had gone out of her way to apply exquisite makeup, don expensive clothes that she seldom wore, and got her hair done up just for this day.

Her actions had only created the opposite effect, she became relatively difficult to approach.

Very few students dressed up like that in their freshmen years. The same could not be said about upperclassmen, which was why people often did timelapse compilations that showed the transformation processes of "Evolution of Goddesses."

In this age, ugly females could "beautify" themselves with the power of makeup, giving birth to the saying, "There are no ugly girls, only lazy girls."

Lady Zhao's makeup skills were maxed out. But she had been a passerby for too long, and the refraction of light through the dust, paired with the image of her diligently mopping the floor had created a different level of charm.

There was no helping it, as Zhao Youyue was an extremely hypocritical person. She was used to wearing several different masks, adding to her socializing skills, allowing her to be a "flankey." Her sleek, suave social skills would eliminate chances of her making any enemies.

Everyone once ignored her. Now they all liked her?! Could this be the evolution of a side character into a main character?!

Under the guidance of counselor Xing Na, students of the Chinese Linguist Stream would first gather at the specialized "College of Literature." The form teacher carried out a brief class meeting, and later brought to tour the school grounds by the assistant teacher. Free time would come after that, and they could finally go enjoy dinner.

Zhao Youyue finally got to meet the other girls in her class. She tried to look out for more bishoujos, but was disappointed. No matter how she looked, Weiwei was still the most beautiful one she had encountered thus far. As expected, makeup was king.

Still, Zhao Youyue could spot some who had potential. After all, these were "gods of studying."

Female gods of studying were highly common, but beautiful study goddesses were as scarce as finding an oasis in a desert. As for Goddess study Goddesses, they took the internet by storm.

Everyone may think that beautiful study goddesses were practically impossible. Beautiful girls would be get chased around by suitors during high school, and the distraction would send them tumbling down the abyss of love.

Beautiful girls would be distracted as often as rich men got corrupted.

As Zhao Youyue expected, He Weiwei easily stood out, catching the eyes of all female classmates in no time. Multiple types of looks converged into one, ranging from looks of jealousy, disdain and outright scorn. They did not think that He Weiwei belonged there.

In reality, He Weiwei had gained entry with her brainpower alone, and this was already worth respect.

He Weiwei seemed to be no stranger to these glares. She completely ignored the gazes. As long as her friends liked her, that would be enough.

20 minutes of walking later, they arrived at Daven College building. The building looked antique from the outside, but was relatively modernized inside. The only downside was the lack of lifts, with the highest floor being the fourth floor.

The venue for the class meeting was located on the second floor. When Zhao Youyue and gang entered the classroom, they noticed that the boys of the Chinese Linguist Stream were already there, but they were very low in number. There were only 7 of them, whereas there were over 20 girls, about 3 times the amount of males.

Without question, Han Leng stood out among them. Compared to his high school days, he was now lean and fit, he looked far better, but one might be unsure whether to call him handsome or beautiful, as he had that feminine sort of beauty that made his cross-dressing such a success. He was perfection.

Han Leng was mingling with the males very well indeed. [1] Contrary to rumors, they had found him very fun to interact with. It might be too much to refer to their actions as bootlicking, let's just call them good friends.

However, one guy never showed a slither of interest in Han Leng. He sat alone in a corner, holding his chin in a hand while looking outside.

His eyes were devoid of any emotions, giving the impression that nothing would excite him. Even when the girls entered the classroom, he did not turn around.

On the other hand, the boys around Han Leng grew excited. They were already university students. Why can't they get involved in romance now?

Girls of the same age may not be suitable for romance because of the height difference. Their love would be an extremely awkward one, but these 3 years did not include first love experiences. Now that they were in university, they could finally create love stories.

"WTF?! Look at that golden-haired chick! That body and face! Who would have thought that such a chick exists in the Chinese Linguist Stream?!"

"You are right!!! But her BMI [2] does not seem favorable Wasn't there that rumor about Jiangnan University having the most bishoujos? Did that turn out to be a lie?"

"Maybe we drew the short straw in the Chinese Linguist Stream? Would the bishoujos all be at the Foreign Language Stream?"

"No, that is not right They must be in the Science and Engineering Stream The power of foils"

"Young Master Han, do any of them catch your eyes? Compared to your female fans, how is that person?" Zhang Xiang, one of Han Leng's new friends asked.

Han Leng almost immediately spotted the passerby mode Lady Zhao and blinked in surprise.

This blasted Lady Zhao was a bloody chameleon. She may not have succeeded in concealing her pretty face, but she was covered in cheap clothes, and had that deadly, flowing hair of silk hidden in a ponytail. She looked just like a typical freshman.

Han Leng was looking forward to Lady Zhao's upgrades, as one would expect when stepping into a university. He wanted her to step into a crowd and bedazzle the satellites of alien planets. That's what Han Leng had hoped for.

Translation Note:

[1] A pun regarding Han Leng: In the name "Han Leng" - "," Han is the last name while Leng is the first name. Leng () means cold.

[2] BMI: Body Mass Index, used to determine whether a person was growing healthily, based on their height and mass.
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