Shura's Wrath Chapter 333

Chapter 333


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Xie Yu, you!!

This sudden, unexpected action by Feng Xie Yu caused everyone great shock and fright. However, Feng Xie Yu was simply too fast, and everyone was too shocked to react in time. As such, she was able to escape without anyone even trying to stop her. By the time Long Zheng Yang and Xuanyuan Dao yelled out, Feng Xie Yu was already long gone.

Quickly stop her!! Dont let her take Ling Tian away, no matter what!! Thinking of the consequences if Ling Tian was saved, the Long family father and son yelled out madly. All of the people in the hall immediately rushed out, and only Xuanyuan Dao was left to protect them.

Xuanyuan! Whats going on could it be that Xie Yu and that Ling Tian have some sort of relationship? Long Zheng Yang asked as he stared at Xuanyuan Dao.

Impossible! Xuanyuan Dao shook his head, After she died thirteen years ago, she cut off all of her emotions, and dedicated herself to the way of the sword. Shes lived like a dead person, and has never even been outside- how could she know an outsider? I dont know whats going on either! After speaking, Xuanyuan Dao thought for a moment before gnashing his teeth, No I must go and personally stop her! Because she completely emptied out her heart, her progress with the sword has been incredibly fast. In fact, her skill with the sword, as well as her sword intent, is almost on par with mine. Now that she has the Azure Edge Sword, if she wants to leave, no one can stop her except for me! If Ling Tian is allowed to continue to live the consequences will be unthinkable!

But, your wounds

These wounds are nothing!! Xuanyuan Dao roared as he stretched out his right arm. The sword Feng Xie Yu had dropped spun into his hand. His heavily injured body sped off with a gust of wind, and disappeared from the Long family father and sons vision. Long Zheng Yang and Long Tian Yuns breathing were all ragged and irregular. Everything that had happened tonight had completely stunned them. They simply couldnt understand why Feng Xie Yu, who viewed herself as a dead person, would do such a thing.

If Ling Chen didnt die, he would be a catastrophe waiting to happen at any moment for the Long family.

Soldiers from the seven main forces all hurried over, and the Xuanyuan familys people also began to arrive. With more and more people arriving, the scene became even more chaotic. The 26 Reapers were like 26 Demon Gods, battling and slaughtering enemies on all sides. They expressionlessly took life after life with their terrifying skills, each one of them emanating incredible killing intent and the aura of death. Every single attack hit viral areas of their enemies and completely disregarded their attacks. They only had 26 people, but they were not suppressed by the Long familys forces at all, but rather caused them great fear.

They were like Ling Chen, a group of savages who did not even care about their own lives!

Feng Xie Yu was as fast as lightning, and streaked past crowds of people. Everyone in the Long family was familiar with her attire, and in the darkness and chaos, no one could see clearly just what she was carrying. As such, not a single person stopped her. However, the Reapers senses were just as sensitive in the darkness. Gui Yas eyes suddenly locked on to Ling Chens body, and all of the blood in his body boiled.

Ling Chens clothes were in tatters, and his entire body was dyed red with blood. Although Gui Ya couldnt see his face, not even any of the Reapers wouldnt be able to recognise Ling Chens aura!

Master!!! Ahh. Return master to us!!!

Gui Ya suddenly roared out as he saw Feng Xie Yu running. He completely ignored the enemies around him as he madly rushed towards Feng Xie Yu.

The crazy, murderous aura from Gui Ya caused Feng Xie Yu to hesitate. Under her cloak,  she revealed a complicated expression. She quickly thought, then pushed Ling Chen through the air to Gui Ya.

Gui Yas pupils contracted, and he sped faster to catch Ling Chen as Feng Xie Yu also came closer. Catching Ling Chen in his arms, he, unable to move, just stared at Feng Xie Yu. The blade in her hand shone with a green glow, and swept towards him, but it did not touch his body. Instead, cries of pain came from behind him, and three Xuanyuan family experts were sent flying. Blood was seeping out from all of their wrists - this attack had contained so much force that it not only severed the tendons in their wrists, but also blasted their entire bodies back.

Gui Ya could immediately tell that Ling Chen was still alive, albeit incredibly weak. He was so delirious with joy that he almost cried. They all knew that even if he suffered injuries that could kill normal humans a number of times, he wouldnt die, because he was Adam! If he had enough time, he would be able to fully recover!

Gui Ya looked up and stared at Feng Xie Yu. He said in a low voice, Words cannot express my gratitude for this great kindness! I will remember this for my entire life!

After speaking, he immediately took Ling Chen and fled towards the gates.

On the ground, the three Xuanyuan family experts screamed in agony. They simply couldnt understand why she hadnt helped them, but had instead attacked them - going so far as to cripple them.  Feng Xie Yu silently turned around, and looked at the people coming towards her, with the Azure Edge Sword pointing towards the ground. If it wasnt for Xuanyuan Dao, she definitely wouldnt have given Ling Chen to anyone else. However, she was the only one who could stop him.

You You Are you crazy! Do you know what youve done?!?! What youve done today could very well cause even greater catastrophe to the Long family and our Xuanyuan family in future! Our Xuanyuan family has never suffered such humiliation before! Xuanyuan Daos entire body was trembling. He had seen her save Ling Chen, deliver him to someone else, as well as cripple three other Xuanyuan family members. It was possible that they would never be able to wield a sword again. For Xuanyuan family members, not being able to wield a sword was equivalent to their lives being completely ruined.

Feng Xie Yu did not reply. Instead, she slowly raised her sword, pointing it towards Xuanyuan Dao.

You!! In his fury, the wound on his chest almost split open again. He forced down the blood in his throat, and also raised the sword in his hand, Alright, very well! Use the sword in your hand to give me a reason!!

Feng Xie Yu raised the Azure Edge Sword, and it overflowed with sword qi. She unhesitatingly pierced towards Xuanyuan Daos vitals despite the fact that he was her own father.

She thought that she had died years ago, but on this blood-filled night, she had once again found a reason for living.


More and more people from the seven main forces and the Xuanyuan family arrived, and the Reapers started to feel pressured. Gui Ya carried Ling Chen as he desperately yelled while he ran, Masters still alive! Cover me!! Cover me!!

The Long family definitely wouldnt allow Ling Tian to leave alive. A significant portion of their forces was now focused on Gui Ya. No matter how strong and fast Gui Ya was, his speed was still drastically reduced from having to carry someone on his back. All of the other Reapers were tied down from crowds of enemies as well. Seeing that he was about to be surrounded, Gui Yas eyes were filled with decisiveness. He suddenly saw Gui Dao, who was closest to the gates. Gui Ya roared out, and threw Ling Chen towards Gui Dao.

 Gui Dao!! Youre the fastest out of all of us! Well leave master to you!! If you run slowly, well blow your head off!! Well take care of everyone here!

Thirty metres away, Gui Dao caught Ling Chens body, and immediately sped towards the gates, as he yelled, I definitely wont let master die before me!! No, even if I die, I wont let master die!! Old bastard, dont you dare to die either!!

Die, my ass! I still havent gotten a wife yet; how can I die now? Hurry up and piss off!

Gui Daos speed was indeed impressive. Even with Ling Chen on his back, he was still incredibly fast. The main target was now switched to Gui Dao, and seeing that he had almost reached the gates, Long Zheng Yang roared out, Stop him!! Immediately stop him!!

Waves of people charged towards Gui Dao. It was impossible for him to attack while carrying Ling Chen, so he focused every fibre of his being into escaping. He was confident that his comrades would take care of these people for him.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

A cold light flashed by, and five peoples heads fell to the ground. Gui Ya stood behind Gui Dao, blocking all of the people. He carried a dagger in each hand, his eyes burning with madness.

Minions of Demons and Devils flourished in the night [TLN: Gui Ya means minion of demons/devils], and he was determined to bathe in blood tonight. If the gods blocked his way, he would slaughter gods. If buddhas blocked his way, he would slaughter buddhas.


Upon reaching the walls and gates, Gui Dao explosively roared. Relying on his sheer willpower, he was able to surpass his limits and jump over the 10 metre high walls with Ling Chen on his back

Leave master to me!! None of you are allowed to die!!

It was dark outside the walls, and Gui Dao soon disappeared. The dark night was the Reapers domain.

The news that Ling Chen wasnt dead caused the Reapers to feel exhilarated. Their blood boiled and their bloodlust exploded out. They roared, and released all of their power. Not a single one of them escaped- instead, they charged towards the people who were rushing after Gui Dao, using all of their strength to block and kill them

On the screen, the Long family father and son watched as Gui Dao escaped with Ling Chen. Long Zheng Yang swayed, and almost coughed up blood. He immediately picked up his communication device and said in a low voice, Broadcast my orders! Lock down every street within 30 kilometres and arrest all suspicious-looking people. If anyone resists, you have permission to kill them immediately!!

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