Shura's Wrath Chapter 405

Chapter 405

Entering the East Ocean Continent 

Translator: Mr Voltaire 

Editor: Chlocolatte 

World Boundaries separated different continents in order to keep players from different countries apart. This was to prevent both collaborations and conflicts. In the virtual world, World Boundaries were the strongest type of barrier. Unless the system removed the World Boundaries, it was impossible to destroy them. In all the years of virtual games, no player had ever forcefully broken past a World Barrier before. 

Furthermore, World Barriers were impossible to bypass. Normal transportation and teleportation means were nothing in the face of World Boundaries. Essentially, unless the system removed the World Boundaries, players simply couldnt reach another continent. Of course, no player would be happy to see a player from a different country intruding into their continent in the real world, a visitor from another country would be welcomed. However, in the virtual world, that would be counted as intruding, or even invading, causing every player in that continent to want to kill them.  

Items that allowed one to bypass World Boundaries were incredibly, incredibly rare. In fact, they didnt even exist in most games. The World Boundaries would usually be removed after the average player level hit LV80, when they had completed their third profession change. As such, although Ling Chen had a goal, wanting to cross a World Boundary would be difficult, even for him. 

However, he was fortunate that less than half a month ago, he had personally seen an item that allowed people to cross World Boundaries- the World Boundary Scroll!  

Good it seemed that he had to take a trip back to the Dwarves. If everything went well on Meng Xins side of things, it wouldnt be difficult to obtain the World Boundary Scroll.  

Thinking to go back there, Ling Chen took out a Spatial Orb and pictured the Dwarves palace in his mind, gently crushed the Spatial Orb.  

white light flashed, and the scene before his eyes rapidly changed. A system announcement sounded out, telling him that he had arrived at the Dwarves palace. 

That was just how magical and powerful the Spatial Orb was- no matter how far away he was, he could instantly arrive at any destination he had been to before.  

The Dwarves palace looked exactly the same as when he had left. It was quite peaceful, and Ling Chen immediately saw the scroll lying in the middle display shelf at the center of the palace. It looked exactly like an old teleport scroll. 

Ling Tian? Its little brother Ling Tian! 

A delighted yell broke the silence, and Ling Chen turned around to see an excited Elder Dita.  

Eider Dita, long time no see, Ling Chen said as he smiled. He wondered why Dita was still here- could it be that Meng Xin was unsuccessful? 

Elder Dita hurriedly jogged over, and looked at Ling Chen, Little brother Ling Tian, you must have come back using the Spatial Orbs, right? Who would have thought that I would meet you here? I came here to have one last look at the palace before leaving; it seems that I made the right choice. 

Before leaving? Have you already started to leave? Ling Chen asked. 

Elder Dita immediately nodded, his face filled with excitement, After preparing for a few days, with the teleportation channel, preparations have been completed. Today, our entire clan is leaving this place. Before leaving, we will take everything away. However, this palace was left behind by our ancestors, so we definitely cant move it. I spent a good half of my life guarding this place, so I wanted to say goodbye to it before leaving. Who would have thought that I would meet little brother Ling Tian here? My clan has received a new lease on life because of your kindness, and you are our clans benefactor. My entire clan hopes to thank you for what you have done for us. The Chief and other Elders are waiting for me outside; Im sure theyll be overjoyed to see you. 

It seemed that Ling Chen was unnecessarily worrying. Ling Chen smiled and shook his head, saying, I didnt really do much. If you really want to thank me, just help that girl called Yun Meng Xin as much as possible. Today, I wanted to request for something that is very important to me. 

 Request? Ai! What do you mean, request? Youre my clans benefactor, so giving you something would be our glory. No matter what it is, well give it to you. Even if we dont have it, well find a way to obtain it for you, Elder Dita confidently said. His gratitude towards Ling Chen was apparent. Moreover, the ancestors had said that they would need to follow the person who brought them out of this place, because he would bring them into a new age of glory! 

Ling Chen had no idea what sort of position he now occupied in every Dwarfs heart.  

Since Elder Dita had said such words, Ling Chen did not hold back and directly said, I need to go to the East Ocean Continent, so 

The World Boundary Scroll? No worries!! Elder Dita immediately knew what he wanted, and beat his own chest as he agreed, surprising Ling Chen. Before, he had told Ling Chen that no one could take the three items the ancestors left behind. However, it seemed that that did not apply to Ling Chen anymore. Not only did he give them their freedom, but he also gifted the Underworld God Cannon Blueprint and the Handsome Pan to them, which were worth far more than the World Boundary Scroll. Ling Chen guessed that even if he asked for everything in this palace, they would gladly give them to him.  

Thats right, I need the World Boundary Scroll. 

Elder Dita went up and unhesitatingly opened the many locks, then carefully took the World Boundary Scroll out and gave it to Ling Chen, saying, This World Boundary Scroll was created by our Progenitor. Only our clan can make such things. Weve kept it stored away safely, but it is useless to us. If it is of use to you, then thats simply wonderful. Although I made this decision on my own, Im sure that Dilo, the entire clan, as well as our ancestors would be happy to give it to you! 

Ling Chen received the World Boundary Scroll and carefully put it away, silently rejoicing if he hadnt found the Dwarf Clan and obtained this World Boundary Scroll, it would be impossible to reach the East Ocean Continent until the World Boundaries were removed who knew when that would have happened. 

Many thanks. Congratulations on your Dwarf Clan being able to leave here. Please greet Dwarf Chief Dilo and the other Dwarves for me. 

Having obtained what he needed, Ling Chen took out a Spatial Orb. 

Eh?! Wait 

Before Elder Dita could finish his sentence, Ling Chen had already disappeared in a white light. 

Ling Chen put all of his efforts into gathering the ingredients required to revive Shui Ruo. In order not to distract himself, he even said a formal farewell to Meng Xin and the other girls. As such, he naturally wouldnt meet Dilo and the others just yet. 

After arriving at the Azure Dragon City, he put some of the things he didnt immediately need into his storehouse, then went to the Item Shop and filled his bag up, leaving only 50 spaces empty. He didnt know if he would be able to buy potions and other items in the East Ocean Continent, so he had to make sufficient preparations. 

After doing this, he took out the World Boundary Scroll. Its description said that it could be used twice, which meant that he could use it to come back to the Forgotten Continent.  

Northern Region of the Fairy Forest 

With the teleportation channel, all 30,000 Dwarves, male and female, elderly and young, had been transported. The area around them was filled with things they had brought from their homes, as well as many delicious food. There was fruit, meat, desserts to them, these were all food of the legends. 

This food, which was countless times more delicious than flatbread, surrounded them like a small mountain. Even if they continuously ate, they wouldnt be able to finish all of it in days the Dwarves all hungrily devoured the food as tears poured out of their eyes this was like a dream come true. No, even dreams couldnt be so wonderful! 

The ancestors didnt lie to us! The ancestors three requirements were actually fulfilled by us; we are so blessed! As such, we get to see the rebirth of the Dwarf Clan! This is the first day of a new beginning for our clan! Look at this heavenly scenery, and smell this intoxicating air! This is a true heaven! And itll be our home from now on! And not only is this new home lovely, but we also have our Fairy friends who will be by our side and protect us! 

Dwarf Chief Dilos yells became louder and louder, and more and more emotional, Everyone! Do you want this to be your new home? Do you want to eat this heavenly food every day? Do you want to repay our benefactor? 

Yes!! Yes!! The Dwarves roared back. 

Then let us release all of our passion and power into this place. Let us use all of our talents and skills to create a new home for the Fairies and for us!! 


The Dwarves shouts rose into the sky, and fire burned in their eyes as their passions boiled over.  

Although I had high expectations, it looks like Ive underestimated you. 

In the distance, Li Xiao Xue sighed in awe as she listened to the shouts. 

Im glad that Xiao Xues at ease now, Yun Meng Xin said as she smiled. 

At ease doesnt even come close to how Im feeling, Li Xiao Xue said as she bit her lips, looked at the Dwarves and said with a conflicted expression, Meng Xin, if the Dwarves really are as the legends say, do you know how big this whole thing will be? 

Hmm? Yun Meng Xin blinked. 

In main cities, they only sell White grade equipment, and very occasionally, Steel grade equipment however, in the Dwarves city, theyll be selling Silver and Gold grade equipment! While other places only sell Elementary Crystals, the Dwarves will be selling Intermediate and Advanced Crystals, or even better! In fact, equipment that cant be bought elsewhere, such as rings, necklaces, scarves, belts and Lunar Chains can also be sold! Many of the things that hundreds of millions of players desire will only be found in this city! This is simply amazing and terrifying! The amount of money flowing into this city will be unbelievable! 

Moreover, this place is close to the Fairy Forest, and so the environment is beautiful and the air is clean and pure. If we build a Residential District inside the city, we can sell the residences for large sums of money, and therell be an incredibly high demand for them. Moreover, theres the Fairy Clan you said that a single drop of dew from the Fairy Clan, after being diluted 10 times, can create potions that recover 500 HP or MP per second! This sort of recovery would make any player go crazy! With this sort of potion, they can challenge powerful monsters and bosses, allowing them to become even stronger. A player with this sort of potion will become far more powerful than other players at the same level with the same sort of equipment. If we sell these potions inside the city well be able to reap massive profits with almost no costs! Even if we sell a drop for 100 gold coins, therell still be countless players who want to buy it.  

Li Xiao Xue became more and more excited as she spoke. After all, the possibilities were simply incredible. She slowly breathed out as she said, What I just said was just a small portion of what we could do. If the city is successfully built, well create a legend for ourselves! From how things seem, the construction of the city is going to go quite smoothly no wonder you only asked to borrow $70 billion. With these 30,000 Dwarves, you wont need to employ any Blacksmiths or Craftsmen. After all, with their talents and passion, no Blacksmith or Craftsman could compare to them! 

Li Xiao Xues words didnt cause any changes to Yun Meng Xins emotions. After all, she had already planned out everything for the new city, from its creation to its running. She smiled and replied, We need to thank Xiao Xue for all of this. Without Xiao Xues financial support, none of this would be possible. 

Meng Xins being too humble, Li Xiao Xue shook her head, Im just a beneficiary. You asking me for help with this is my honour. 

Li Xiao Xue knew just how much she would be able to earn back from this if everything went well. 

Our top priority is still keeping this all a secret though. If this is discovered by other players, then everything will go to waste. Although this place wont be discovered by players any time soon, but as the average level of players climbs higher, this place will be inevitably found as such, we need to follow through with this as soon as possible, Li Xiao Xue reminded. 

Mm, I understand., Yun Meng Xin replied as she slightly nodded. 

Come to think about it, the one behind all of this what about Chinas legend, Ling Tian? Why hasnt he appeared all this time? Ive admired him for a long time, Li Xiao Xue looked at Meng Xin with a faint smile.  

Ling Tian hes 

Yun Meng Xin wasnt quite sure how to reply when a loud system announcement sounded out in fact, it was a World Announcement! 

World Announcement! The player Ling Tian from the China Region has successfully passed through a World Boundary and entered into Japan Region, becoming the first player in the world to enter another countrys Region! Due to the special occasion, the player Ling Tian receives Fame+3,000, SP+3,000. All players in the China Region receive Fame+50 and receive 10% to their EXP bars. All players in the Japan region receive Fame-50 and lose 10% from their EXP bars. This event shall be recorded into the Mystic Moon Chronicles. 


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