Shura's Wrath Chapter 442

Chapter 442

The Fun Begins

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The Japanese players looked as if they had swallowed a pile of dung, and the employees of the Notary Office who had no idea what had happened all looked at Ling Chen with expressions of admiration and respect. They knew that this City Creation Token had fallen from a LV40 Celestial grade Boss. To be powerful enough to kill a monster like that and save so many players, and then leave without asking for any reward made him an absolute hero! Even the stiff-faced Kato Masa had an expression of approval.

Ling Chen completely ignored the countless Japanese players reactions and said, Within the pile of items dropped by that big eagle, I found a small token, which was the East Ocean Continents only City Creation Token! Although the items that big eagle dropped are my spoils of war, and should belong to me, I know that it is only useful in your hands. As a cultured, virtuous, intelligent and self-controlled Chinese person, I feel that I should selflessly deliver this City Creation Token back to you. Its just that ai, Im just a mortal, and cant be completely selfless. I have an 80 year old mother and a 3 year old child to take care of. My entire familys relying on me, and I spent so much effort killing that big eagle and paid a heavy price, and even came close to dying. As such, I cant just give this away for free. If I did, even that deceased eagle wouldnt forgive me after thinking for a long time, I finally made a difficult decision- to sell it to my Japanese friends in the presence of the respected Mr Kato Masa here.

The Japanese players faces darkened more and more, making them look like the bottom of a pot the City Creation Token should belong to you?! Thats the East Ocean Continents City Creation Token, it belongs to the East Ocean Continent! An 80 year old mother?! Itd be surprising if your grandmother was 80 years old!! You paid a heavy price and nearly died fighting the Boss? Go screw yourself! It was a single hit! Do you think were all blind?! 

Another ten thousand screw yous sounded out in the Japanese players minds. This was especially the case for Yamamoto Michio, who had been standing at the front and saw everything with his own eyes. He swallowed back the blood that was rising up in his anger.

Kato Masa slapped the table and said seriously, Well stop with the small talk. Let the transaction begin.

As he spoke, the screen behind him lit up. There were two boxes on the screen, both of which were empty.

The City Creation Token is with the Notary Office, and has been carefully examined. It was dropped at 12:15pm yesterday, and we have confirmed that it is the East Ocean Continents only City Creation Token, and has not been used yet! Kato Masa said. In the box on the left-hand side, a shiny golden token appeared with a large command engraved on it. At the same time, its description was displayed on the screen- it was the City Creation Token.


Being able to personally see the City Creation Token, the Japanese players were all sent into a frenzy. They all looked on with wide eyes as they took photos and recorded videos. Even the leaders of the big guilds looked incredibly excited, and gripped their fists in determination. The City Creation Token was right in front of them, and it was the real deal for only 500 million gold, it could be theirs. 500 million was an amount that an ordinary person would never be able to amass in their lifetime. However, to the large powers that had the ability to create a city, it was just small change. It was nothing compared to the right to create a city in the virtual world.

Please remain quiet, Kato Masa flicked his sleeve, silencing the people in the hall. He pointed at the screen and calmly said, The City Creation Token is here, and its price is 500 million gold; no more, no less! He then pointed at the trade seat, If any of you wish to trade with Ling Tian and obtain the City Creation Token, you can come up to the trade seats to complete the transaction.

As soon as Kato Masa finished talking, the leaders of the large guilds all immediately reacted and shot towards where Ling Chen was. Because of how dense the crowd was, the only path was a gap that only a single person could pass through at a time at the left-hand side the bosses of the big guilds threw away all of their pride and dignity, and tried to squeeze past each other, but all of them became stuck. What a joke, there was only 1 City Creation Token but there were many people who could afford it! Even if they were slower than the people in front of them, they would definitely drag and pull each other back.

This transaction had received worldwide attention, and this ugly scene was being displayed to the whole world. Anyone with the power and ambition to create a city wouldnt easily let this opportunity go. None of them gave way to each other, and although they refrained from physically fighting with each other, the scene was like a battlefield.

Under his mask, Ling Chen smirked and chuckled. Of course, he wanted to see these big bosses fight and claw away at each other. Seeing this scene, Kato Masa frowned. However, he had lived for over 100 years, and had seen much chaos in his life. He raised his head and hollered, Everyone calm down, no fighting is allowed!

Kato Masas words proved to be effective. The leaders of the guilds probably knew that their struggling would prove futile, so they all settled down. However, they all remained alert so as to grasp any opportunities that presented themselves. Kato Masa then turned to Ling Chen and said, Ling Tian, it seems that many friends wish to obtain this City Creation Token. If this continues, this hall will descend into chaos. How about this: since the City Creation Token belongs to you, why dont you pick someone from the ones who are willing to buy it?

Ling Chen immediately nodded, What a good idea! Mr Kato indeed deserves his reputation as the most experienced Notary. Mmm, Im sure this is the best option.

Even an idiot could tell that this was some low-level flattery. However, everyone likes to be praised. Even if one knew that it was flattery, it would still be nice to hear this was evident from Kato Masas expression. Ling Chen didnt wait for the bosses of the guilds to react and said loudly, My Japanese friends passion is quite shocking. However, its a pity that there is only 1 City Creation Token, so only 1 Japanese friend can obtain it ai, this is quite troubling. How about this since theres only 1 City Creation Token, we need to maximise its use. Only people with enough power will be able to maximise its use. I heard that the East Ocean Continent has a ranking for your guilds. Only powerful guilds are able to enter this ranking. The number 1 guild on that ranking will naturally be the most powerful guild in the East Ocean Continent. Since its like this, Ill give it to the guild in the number 1 position. Oh, but if the number 1 guild doesnt want it, or they cant pay the 500 million gold, itll be a pity, so Ill have to ask the number 2 guild, then the number 3 guild and so on and so forth Mr Kato, and my Japanese friends, what do you think?

Kato Masa nodded. This method was acceptable.

The leader of Japans number 1 guild, Unsetting Sun, Yamamoto Michio hated Ling Chen with every fibre of his being. However, hearing Ling Chens words, his eyes lit up and he felt willing to even kiss him. However, the faces of the leaders of all the other guilds darkened.

No way! This is unacceptable! I refuse! To Yamamoto Michios right stood a skinny and short man. He yelled, This sort of thing should be determined by a fair competition, not by rankings! Even though my Black Dragon Guild is ranked second, its no weaker no, its stronger than the Unsetting Sun! This is unfair! The name of the person speaking was Shoi Fuku, the leader of the second ranked guild, the Black Dragon Guild. As soon as he spoke, the bosses of the other guilds all started yelling as well.

However, Ling Chen simply didnt care about their opinion. He looked at them and earnestly nodded, saying, Hmm, thats true. Since its like that, lets go with that method. I remember that the number 1 guild is the Unsetting Sun. If the Unsetting Sun wishes to purchase this City Creation Token, please bring up the money remember, please bring enough money to the trade seat. Mr Kato, Ill have to trouble you to facilitate this trade.

The leaders of the big guilds were about to explode in fury. However, before they could react, a steady voice sounded out, Alright, the trade partner has been chosen. Can the friend from the Unsetting Sun please come up? Everyone else, please remain calm, otherwise youll be asked to leave.

The leaders of the big guilds all fell silent, but fire burned in their eyes. However, there was nothing they could do except watch the grinning Yamamoto Michio walk up to the trade seat.

 [TLN: This isnt actually part of the chapter, but the author decided to give an update on the Lunar Scourge since it was requested by some readers.]

Lunar Scourges current stats:

Lunar Scourge: The Lunar Scourge was an ancient evil item forged by the highest Moon God from the resentment, hatred, blood aura, death aura, and remnant power of gods, devils, humans, demons, beasts and spirits that died in the war of gods and devils, gathering countless sins, sanguinity, hatred and cruelty in one, the fusion of endless negativity. When it was forged, darkness covered the sky and land. The Lunar Scourges energy made it the evilest, most cursed item in existence, which then led the Moon God Clan determined to destroy at all costs. Its existence will receive the wrath of the heavens, until one day when its power disappears. After a long time, the Forgotten Continent forgot about its legend.

First Socket: [Heartless Orb] (Grade: Celestial, Attribute: Fire, Effect: Critical Chance+15%)

Second Socket: [Wind Chaser Stone] (Grade: Advanced, Attribute: Wind, Effect: Movement Speed+15)

Third Socket: [Gemini Orb] (Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: None, Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge, Effect:  Can simultaneously equip two weapons, and the effects of the two weapons stack (The two weapons include one-handed and two-handed weapons. When simultaneously equipping two weapons, two-handed weapons can be held singlehandedly, stats and control will not be affected, and the two weapons will not affect or interfere with each other)

Fourth Socket: [Cancer Orb] (Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: Lightning, Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge, Effects: All attacks ignore the targets Defence, Damage Reduction and Absolute Defence)

Fifth Socket: [Wild Sand Orb] (Grade: Heavens End, Attribute: Earth, Effect: Earth element Resistance+55%)

Sixth Socket: [Virgo Orb] (Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: None, Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge, Effects: HP+150%, MP+150%)

Seventh Socket: [Libra Orb] (Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: None, Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge, Effect: After using any skill (including equipment skills), there is a 50% chance of the cooldown time being immediately reset)

Eighth Socket: [Darkness Crystal] (Grade: Advanced, Attribute: Darkness, Effect: Immunity to Curse, Darkness and Instant Death effects)

Ninth Socket: [Sagittarius Orb] (Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: None, Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge, Effects: All attacks will have [Absolute Hit] (ignores [Absolute Evasion]), damage from arrow attacks+50%, 100% chance to activate [Full Damage Piercing]) Tenth Socket: [Intermediate Strength Crystal] (Grade: Intermediate, Attribute: Fire, Effect: Physical Attack Damage+9%)

Eleventh Socket: [Elementary Speed Crystal] (Grade: Elementary, Attribute: Wind, Effect: Movement Speed+6%)

Twelfth Socket: [Pisces Orb] (Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: None, Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge, Effect: Allows the user to have a bonus 2 professions)

Left Central Socket: Empty (Can only socket Star God Orb)

Central Socket: Empty (Can only socket Moon God Orb)

Right Central Socket: Empty (Can only socket Sun God Orb)

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