Shura's Wrath Chapter 443

Chapter 443

The Third Hand

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Before, Yamamoto Michio had completely and utterly despised Ling Chen from the bottom of his heart. However, looking at Ling Chen on the trade seat, he felt his impression towards him improve, and even smiled at him. Normally, City Creation Tokens would only be found 1 or 2 years into the game, and could fall into anyones hands. Although the Japanese players had furiously watched Ling Chen take away the City Creation Token, they all knew that the reason it had dropped so early was because Ling Chen had insta-killed that Celestial grade Boss. To kill a Celestial grade Boss that was higher level than him, the drop rate and quality of items was much higher than normal. If it was the Japanese players who had killed the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor after spending hours and hours and sacrificing thousands of people, it would have been impossible for the City Creation Token to drop.

This meant that Ling Tian had caused the City Creation Token to drop at least one year earlier than normal. And now, they could spend 500 million gold to have the right to use it in the early stages of the game Yamamoto Michio was so happy that he almost laughed out loud. The leaders of the other guilds could watch with fury and flames in their eyes, but there was nothing they could do.

Yamamoto Michio stood beside Ling Chen and smiled widely at him. The two trade seats were about a step away from each other. Being so close to each other and with the Notary standing right beside them, it was impossible for either of them to play any tricks.

As such, Ling Chen started to play tricks. He looked in front of him and stood still, with his hands on the trade table and cast a Lucky Hand towards Yamamoto Michio.

Although it was called Lucky Hand, it didnt require him to move his hands. This was because it gave him a third hand- a shapeless, formless, undetectable hand that would leave no traces. The only time Lucky Hand could be detected was when it succeeded or failed, if the target sensed that something was wrong. However, with Ling Chens 23 Luck, the success rate and chances of escaping detection were 100% against players with only 5 or so Luck.

The undetectable hand swept across Yamamoto Michios body.

Ding your skill [Lucky Hand] has succeeded, you have received 1,685,660,042 gold from Yamamoto Michio and were not detected.

Ling Chen remained calm on the surface. Underneath the mask, he was grinning like mad. He had casually stolen 1,685,660,042 gold from Yamamoto Michio! No less than expected from the leader of Japans most powerful guild. He carried around so much money on him! But then again, it wasnt strange that he had so much money- after all, the safest place to keep money was on oneself. Usually, it was impossible to steal money from a player. Even though it was possible to drop equipment or lose levels upon dying, it was impossible to drop money. In fact, it was even safer than keeping the money at the bank although they would receive no interest.

To be able to earn nearly 1.7 billion with a single skill, was there any easier way of earning money in the world?!

Kato Masa declared, The transaction shall begin. Mr Yamamoto, please transfer 500 million gold to the transfer table. The amount you transfer will appear on the screen, and the transaction will be complete.

Yamamoto Michio grinned and nodded, and opened his gold window 1 second passed, 2 seconds passed, 3 seconds passed but Yamamoto Michio didnt transfer the money onto the transaction table. The hall fell silent, and everyone could see Yamamoto Michios face stiffen until it became pig-liver coloured.

Mr Yamamoto, is there something wrong? Quickly transfer the 500 million gold. Oh could it be that Mr Yamamoto doesnt want the City Creation Token anymore? Or is it that Mr Yamamoto doesnt even have 500 million gold? Ling Chen earnestly asked.

Looking at the amount of gold he had, Yamamoto Michio started to sweat. He looked up and forced a smile onto his face, spluttering, No, no, no, Im determined to buy this City Creation Token. Only I can bring out its full value. Its just that that I was in a bit of a rush when I came out, and didnt bring enough money can you please wait a moment, Ill immediately bring the requested amount.

Countless players began whispering amongst themselves. He didnt bring enough gold? What the hell were you doing this whole time then? Everyone had known about this event since the previous day, and yet this guy hadnt brought enough money! Was he retarded? After all, he was the leader of Japans number one guild!

Yamamoto Michio felt so embarrassed that he wanted to die. In order to obtain this City Creation Token, he had made full preparations. In fact, in order to make sure that nothing could go wrong, he had exchanged two billion gold worth of money and yet, all that was left in his account was around 430 million gold he had come short of the 500 million gold!

Hearing this, Ling Chen said in a serious tone, Mr Yamamoto, wasting everyones time is unacceptable. Before, I already said that if anyone doesnt want it or didnt bring enough gold, it would be equivalent to them giving up this opportunity. The right to buy this City Creation Token will pass to the second ranked guild.

Before Yamamoto Michio could say anything, Kato Masa stood up and spoke, Indeed, that was what had been said. Yamamoto Michio, since you are unable to take out 500 million gold, you have lost the right to purchase this City Creation Token. It was in your own fault that you did not make sufficient preparations, and all of us here have no need to have our time wasted by you. Please leave the trade seat.

Yamamoto Michios forehead was covered with sweat, and he hurriedly said, Mr Kato Masa, and Mr Ling Tian, this City Creation Token is very important to me. Please give me another chance please give me one minute no! Just half a minute is enough Yamamoto Michio, perhaps you didnt understand my words. Kato Masas face darkened, No one has ever disobeyed the rules under my watch. You have lost the right to purchase the City Creation Token because of your own mistake, so you cannot blame anyone. Immediately leave the trade seat or I will expel you from this place.

Yamamoto Michios face was black and red in fury and humiliation. He opened his mouth, but was unable to say any words he had heard that this Kato Masa was incredibly strict when facilitating trades, and never went back on his words. He didnt dare to say anything else, and could only walk down with his face darkened.

When he returned to the crowd, he heavily slapped the person next to him, releasing all his anger onto him as he yelled, Didnt I tell you to exchange 2 billion golds worth for me?! Wheres the money?? Where did the gold go? You bloody bastard, you better give me a proper explanation or you wont live to see tomorrow!

That person had been slapped dizzy, and covered his face, feeling wronged, as he replied, Alliance Master, I definitely exchanged 2 billion gold for you, and and Alliance Master, you confirmed it yourself I really dont know what happened, I really dont.

Then where did the money go?! Why is there only 400 million gold?! Where the hell did it all go?!?!

A cooked duck that was waiting to be devoured by them had just flown out of the window because of an incredibly stupid mistake. The players around them all looked at Yamamoto Michio mockingly. In the virtual world, it was impossible for money to simply disappear. It was evident that Yamamoto Michio was to blame for this mistake. They all felt ashamed that the leader of Japans number 1 guild would make such a stupid mistake, resulting in the City Creation Token being given to someone else.

Now, the leader of the number 2 Black Dragon Guild, Shoi Fuku, was now beaming ecstatically. Before, he had thought that the City Creation Token would definitely fall into Yamamoto Michios hands, but now such a big gift had just fallen from the heavens. He rushed up to the trade seat and grinned, saying, Im the President of the Black Dragon Guild, Shoi Fuku. I want this City Creation Token.

Please transfer 500 million gold to the transfer table. After confirmation, the transaction will be complete, Kato Masa calmly said.

500 million gold was usually a large fortune, but for a City Creation Token, it was an incredibly cheap price. Under many gazes of admiration and envy, Shoi Fuku opened his gold window. Just as he was about to transfer the money, his expression stiffened and the pupils of his eyes shrunk to the size of needle points. He stared blankly for three seconds before starting to scream

My gold!! Where did my gold go?! Where did it go?!?

He remembered that he had prepared 1 billion gold however, his gold window only displayed 200 million gold!

Pfft players all over the world spluttered.

It was already unbelievable that the leader of Japans number 1 guild would go up without enough money. Looking at Shoi Fukus reaction, it was evident that he didnt have enough money as well! One retard was already quite shocking, but who would have thought that the leader of Japans number 2 guild would also make the same stupid mistake. They had lost all face in front of the whole world. Many players couldnt help but spit out the saliva in their mouths.

Shoi Fukus reaction was much more exaggerated than Yamamoto Michios reaction. He had gone from hell to heaven, and was then smashed down from heaven back to hell. It was an agonising feeling. The players all sympathised with him, but most of them were filled with a sense of schadenfreude with the humiliating precedent set by Yamamoto Michio, it served him right to go up without checking his money first.

His shouting immediately displeased Kato Masa, who once again rose up and coldly said, Since you dont have enough money, immediately leave the trade seat. If you continue to make a ruckus, then get the hell out of here.

He had gone up with great pride and jubilance, but now came down ashen-faced. Shoi Fuku gnashed his teeth he clearly remembered that he had 1 billion gold on him, and he had not spent a single gold coin today. How could he only be left with 200 million gold? Could it be that he had been mistaken when he confirmed the money?

The emotional Shoi Fuku was about to storm off in a huff, but then suddenly stopped he simply wasnt willing to give up on the City Creation Token. He wasnt willing to see someone else obtain this City Creation Token. He racked his brains, trying to think where the rest of his money went however, no one would have thought that Ling Chen had stolen Yamamoto Michio and Shoi Fukus money. In the virtual world, gold could only be transferred if the owner of the gold consented. Even Yamamoto Michio and Shoi Fuku first considered whether it was them who had been mistaken or had spent the money neither of them even suspected Ling Chen.

 This was especially so since Ling Chen had been standing there unmoving the whole time. Countless eyes had been staring at him, and the Chief Notary had been right by his side.

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